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  1. I believe 'new paradigm' was the phrase talked about in 1999 when you could not fail to make money in tech stocks , just buy anything with a vague mention of internet and shares often doubled or tripled overnight. The strategy was simple just wait for something to double and move to a small unresearched company and wait for them to squeal 'internet'. I remember laughing at the cassandras warning it would all end in tears, but the human ego is a funny thing, it has you believe what your logic wants to reject. The second time around I was ready and got out close to the top, but having participated in one bubble it is far easier to recognise the warning signs. They are all there, but this time it is worse much worse, for I was probably in a minority in the UK putting much of my wealth into stocks and interest rate cuts and an accelerating housing boom repaired my balance sheet as it no doubt did for others. This time stocks are falling and housing effects a far larger group and the sums involved are infinately larger. I expect to buy again in the UK when the average price of a house is 50,000 such is the degree of bust we are facing.
  2. Well what would you do, up to your ears in debt, too old to plug the gap in your pension? I suspect I would be tempted to max out my credit cards get a new passport and head for Pattaya where the money would hopefully last until you died of natural/unnatural causes.
  3. Real champs are the disgusting fifth columnist press who deliberately distort an already volatile situation by falsifying pictures. This may have contributed to a ceasefire but by stopping Israel finishing Hizbollah the western world will pay the price of enboldened fanatics planting more bombs at our airports and train stations. I can't wait for auntie beebs discussion program when another terrorist attack happens in the UK which they struggle to pin on Israel. P.S If you want to see what the press are up to see below. http://www.aish.com/movies/JP/PhotoFraud.asp
  4. Don't look now fall of 20% predicted for the Dow http://www.telegraph.co.uk/money/main.jhtm...14/cnwall14.xml
  5. So predictable, however many fanciful conspiracy theories you trot out the fact remains 9/11 preceded U.S invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq. But of course I suppose you think 9/11 was dreamed up by the Zionists/neocons in order to shoot up a few Arabs. Well to quote the neocon doctrine as you have 'Islam has bloody borders' - and who can argue? Apart from the festering hotbeds of Islamic militancy I have already mentioned add Somalia and the Philippines and Chechnya - None of these have any connection with U.S foreign policy so by blaming Israel/U.S for all Islam's woes is just a magicians conjouring trick directing they eye away from what's really happening. I suppose the Philippinoes blow up their own ferries and the Russians shoot up a school full of their children in order to make Muslims look bad. The truth is that despite unimaginable oil wealth at their disposal the only contribution Islam has made to the world during the last century is adding the words Fatwa and Jihad to the dictionary. Blame it partly on U.S policy proping up venal despots as long as they are friendly, but the middle east has been ruled by whoremongering, Ferrari driving despots who jet out to their Gin palaces whilst leaving their populace to face a diet of strict liability Sharia law. A dose of democracy and accountable leadership would do wonders; Look what Mustafa Kemal Ataturk achieved for Turkey (who will hopefully be admitted to the E.U soon), or Anwar Sadat achieved for Egypt (before the Islamo-fascists murdered him).
  6. The neocons were part of a U.S administration which had turned towards a less interventionist foreign policy - before 9/11. The Muslim terror threat is an adaptive cancer that does not need the U.S, U.K or Israel for that matter to rattle it's cage. Did you know that 1500 people have been killed this year in Southern Thailand due to Islamic militants trying to impose sharia law in southern provinces of Thailand. Opening a shop on a Saturday was to risk being blown to kingdom come. Did you know that during the Miss World contest in Nigeria some journalist quipped Mohammad might have quite liked some of the girls had he been alive: Result over 100 deaths in the ensuing riots. Did you know that the multiple burning down of Danish embassies following cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad being printed in them was preceeded by the same cartoons being printed in an Egyptian newspaper? Except for a small difference, two far more insulting pictures were added by a Danish Iman during his rabble rousing tour of the middle east - that's just the sort of patriosm we are seeing from some of our citizens. Did you know that a Dutch film producer was murdered for making a film which was critical of the Muslim religion's treatment of women. FFS even the terminally liberal Dutch have now lost their patience. A large body of Muslims are angry militants who want to have their own society within other societies, but with sharia law superceding the law of the land for all it's citizens Muslim or infidel. It is high time we had an oath of allegiance to the state and invited those who hate secular democracies to leave them and live somewhere more suited to their sensibilities.
  7. Which part of the phrase small minority don't you understand? Your analogy is also a tadge flawed when you consider how many Jews were planting bombs on trains in 1930's Germany, or any other Country where they lived as a minority for that matter? And before you mention the Stern gang et al, they were a consequence of the anti Jewish pogroms instigated by the Mufti of Jerusalem. The question is how do you deal with a minority of ideologically brainwashed fanatics who plot to kill citizens in their host Countries? This is a world issue not just a British one by the way.
  8. "Mini bear market" Sounds kind of cute and furry, not at all like the hungry Grizzly which will get let loose if the Fiat banking system starts to unravel as I expect it will. Still if you have your frog in a pan of water best heat it up gradually in case the frog jumps out. I will start counting how many times the R word (recession) is mentioned in the press over the coming months.
  9. You are dismissing Hizbollah's positioning of their missiles as purely incidental in their proximity to civilians, it is anything but. Mobile missile launchers are positioned next to hospitals, U.N shelters and the like in the hope of causing civilian casualties, their distribution is no more random than beggars round an ATM machine. The BBC mentions the majority of Lebanese casualties are civilian, whereas the majority of Israeli casualties are military - but do not explain this is because Hizbollah want Lebanese civilian casualties, whereas the Israeli's provide bomb shelters for thier own civilians to to shelter in. In my oppinion the BBC have been acting as a fifth column here and are failing to mention that Islamic extremism is a worldwide problem and you could hold a poll of muslims in any Country where they form a majority and the same angry militancy would be seen. So there is a security alert at British airports, some British Muslims are arrested, yet we end up discussing Israel as if the root problem is there ffs. We are fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq, Arab militias are carrying out genocide in the Sudan, Militants are blowing up trains in India, Spain and the UK, Murdering monks and teachers in Thailand, shooting churchgoers in Pakistan, blowing up disco's in Bali and various 'targets' from Argentina to Turkey to Egypt. The list is endless, when will the world wake up and realise a nihilistic death cult has taken root within Islam. It feeds on the envy and inadequacy of marginalised sociopaths and channels it to eat away at the core of every nation in the misguided hope that Islam will take root throughout the world. Of course these form a small minority of the Muslim population, but if Muslim M.P's and political figures want to make a speech they should condemn kidnapping, murder and condemn those plotting against their host Country before any act is committed rather than providing a cryptic justification for those inclined to take it as so.
  10. Of course the kneejerk reaction of European Liberals dismisses the current Middle east spat as a continuation of the turf dispute between Israel and the Palestinians - It is nothing of the sort. The crazed lunatic running Iran is so set on his messianic quest to wipe Israel off the map that he has stated this as his mission statement several times. The timing of the Hizbollah kidnapping and killing of Israeli soldiers was clearly a diversionary tactic to get the IAEA off their backs for a while, it also served the dual purpose of testing their future nuclear delivery systems. I note Israel have previously taken out Iraq's nuclear weapons program, but I think Iran probably learned some lessons from that and dispersed their nuclear program making it impractical to remove it using conventional means. I put the chances of a nuclear conflagration involving Iran is considerable as mutually assured desruction probably cuts little ice with Islamo-fascist death cults.
  11. For my stock market trading I use Elliott Wave analysis, this presumes progression in price followed by partial regression, this pattern exists over all timescales from matters of minutes to the grand super-cycle wave which started around 1700 with the coffee shops of London. Elliot wave theorists conclude that fundamental valuation does not determine stock prices, but social mood does. Bear markets start with a declining social mood and only finish when social mood can't get any worse. The world always has it's troubles but I'm sure it is not just my subjective oppinion that there seems to be one hell of a lot of confict in the world now, just after the markets started falling. Some Elliot wave theorists believe we are in the next leg lower of a grand-supercycle bear market which will see a larger % drop on Wall St than the 1929 crash. If we get peak oil, climate change and war then who knows? As a final thought supposing all social mood in homo sapiens runs on such cycles this could explain how the relative progression of ancient Greece and Rome was followed by the Dark and Middle ages. Islam at this time was going through a renaissance. Art, poetry, Mathematics and Astronomy, medecine, they exceeded anything Europe could offer during the middle ages, indeed they co-existed peacefully with the Jews for many centuries. Fast forward to today and even being dealt the oil card there is scarely a Muslim democracy to speak of. Sharia law has been enforced with the dogmatic inflexibility the Spanish inquisition would have been proud of. Then we have honour killings, female circumcision, death for homosexuals, adulterers, blasphemers and apostates, suicide bombers and missiles to rain death on those who oppose their views and so on. Of course neocon America is certainly not sweetness and light but it takes two to tango and I share your fears that things will end very badly indeed.
  12. Geneer, Thanks for the this is your life (or should it be death) expose of Ariel Sharon. I note the mention of the Sabra and Shatilla massacres. Did you know by the way that in 1982 President Assad Senior of Syria massacred between 20 and 40 thousand of his own citizens in a town called Hama? Not familiar? Try googling it and you will get there but I'll save you the bother. http://www.2la.org/lebanon/ee/terrorsy.htm Of course there are nowhere near the number of references to it than you will find for the Sabra and Shatilla massacres, which is in marked contrast to the number of victims. Funnily enough there were precious few pictures to doctor as Syria kept all press out of Hama whilst the town was levelled by Assad's army. I know that Arab murdering Arab is not newsworthy, neither is the plight of Arab minorities being oppressed by other Arabs for example the Kurds, however when it's the evil Zionists that makes good press in Guardian land. Have you ever stopped to wonder what would have happened had Syria, Jordan and Egypt won the 1967 war? Do you think for a minute the Palestinians would have ruled themselves? Fat chance, it would have been a carve up between the three invading Countries with the Palestinians being forcably subsumed into the victors territory. I wonder how many Free Palestine stickers would then have been seen in university common rooms throughout the land. Apropos, Prior to them being ruled under the British mandate it was the Ottaman Turks who ruled in Palestine,
  13. As I said, it's too late to police the borders, the enemy is within.
  14. The lip service recently paid by new Labour when they announced more immigration officers was simply windowdressing. The realpolitik is that it is too late - 'The enemy is well and truly within.' how many north Africans live in France and Spain too? Don't get me wrong the government is as disingenuous as they come, but in my oppinion the threat we are facing is real enough, as for how to get out of it my answer would be 'Well I wouldn't have started from here'.
  15. Is this the houseprice crash forum or political soapbox corner, in which case I'll reply in kind? I guess 9/11 and the Madrid and London bombings were all stage managed for domestic consumption. Just as monks in Thailand hack themselves to death or commuting Indians blow themselves up just to make Muslims look bad. It may not fit comfortably into your world view but the 'Clash of civilisations' view has been proven uncannily accurate, the phrase 'Islam has bloody borders' springs to mind. Of course it's easier to blame everything on the U.S and Israel but this does not explain the strife every other group is having when certain east facing neighbours from hell get mad.
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