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  1. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-53944496.html must be a record
  2. umm ember lane buyers must be smoking crack to pay a million to live on a main road . yes the oldes bought the house in 2008 and been valued last week for 1.05 million not bad consider 630 was paid. still it does not help me much as i have been sitting on my house funds for 5 years now, what a tosser should of bought myself in 2008. 3 bed detached could be had in claygate for 250k albeit a very shabby one probly get 600 to 700k now with a bit of enlargement and refurb oh well may as well give up with these bastards keeping the rates down.
  3. right it was called hill top http://www.esherpeople.co.uk/property?page=6&listName=propertySearch&salerent=0&locationBuy=KT10&sortOrder=1 looks like it did not sell but it was on at 595
  4. this bloody house was 750 then 695 then 650 then 595 and then it went. i remember it well because i viewed it twice , naff 70`s decor in an art deco shell. i think it was savills who were selling it , well it is a small house compared to others on that estate hence the price and it really was in a state. oh well missed out on half a mill for doing feck all.
  5. No mistype i remember it very well it was shocking inside although the new owners have just done a very mild update 20k max. still 500k for 3 years bloddy hell. why do people consider hw as esher ? it is a poor subsitute with two main roads that have half decent houses but are busy and noisey. the family did buy in claygate and i know we have made a nice wedge in the past couple of years but that house from 595 is just crazy bob you lost out there myfriend.
  6. http://www.findaproperty.com/displayprop.aspx?edid=00&salerent=0&pid=9982827 this house was for sale at 595k back in 2008 i feel sick seeing the price as i viewed it with family and we thought it was overpriced then.
  7. lol london market is still good if you are not taking the piss
  8. lol well i did buy 80k worth of google shares back in 2004 , el gordo won`t be getting a penny in cgt either lol
  9. that`s just emotion without the benefit of intellect
  10. who`s wound up lol not me i can buy a house , surely you must be wound up as you have 68 posts lol
  11. "You go Girlfriend!" are you gay or a black american or both
  12. http://www.findaproperty.com/displayprop.a...p;agentid=03070 seller accepted 650k did i do well
  13. will this site still be banging on about house prices when or if a crash happens ?
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