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  1. Now is the chance to buy the other half of the original ugly house. http://www.entwistlegreen.co.uk/properties...0798-1198165269 Only 180,000 compared to 250,000 asking price for the first half. Nice reduction
  2. I think what you want is a secured loan, but rather than secured on a house its secured on something else. I doubt they would let you secure it against cash unless you keep the cash with the same lender, otherwise it becomes an unsecured loan (since they dont trust you and think you may disappear with the cash!!). If you do this you will get screwed as you will struggle to find the interest on deposit, bonds etc higher than the loans. Unfortunately stocks can rarely be given as security to your average bank. If you have any valuable antiques, paintings, patents, wine, collectables etc which are insured then its possible to do this. I know some people who take loans and put boats as security. Please post back if you can find a way to have a large loan and invest it.
  3. New builds and BTL will do the damage IMHO. The actual cost of building a house hasn't changed that much over the last few years. To make a profit the builder have to keep building and may also get an incentive from the government. If they have already bought the land bank the builders can still make a good profit on each house sold but they need to get the volume and therefore be realistic by setting prices to achieve turnover. Now if they are cutting prices of new family homes then existing homes will also fall to have any chance of getting sold. Novice BTL will do the damage to the flats (sorry executive apartments).
  4. I think your right Pluto... its just an attempt to boost confidence in the dodgy system, but anyway DONT PANIC !!! DONT PANIC !!!
  5. Hes pasted this link before.... as always he doesnt read the whole article just selectively cuts and pastes what he likes. He can translate "House prices will continue to go up at 10% per year in all but a few areas of the north." into "House prices will crash." What im interested in knowing is if hes a priest. Hes avoided answering. Which bit of "Are you a priest?" dont you understand RB ? Come on dont desert your faith. Are you a priest RB ? (3 strikes before the cockerel crows and your out)
  6. Come on RB are you man of the cloth ? It would explain why you have posters of boys and not girls. All this religious devotion to a HPC and not letting facts get in the way of your blind faith.
  7. but looks gloomy ahead (or sunny depending on your perspective). http://www.thelocal.se/article.php?ID=4601&date=20060814 Combined with the latest news from Norway showing average declines last month of 2% it looks like the Scandinavian bubble has popped. http://e24.no/makro-og-politikk/article1915965.ece
  8. Sentiment does seem to be changing. However I think individual gloating should be reserved for when the house prices have fallen to below the level when the individual first called a crash or decided not to buy because they felt prices would fall. There are many bears on here who would have been financially better off buying even few years ago.
  9. Well if you were a politician, FED, BOE etc and had the chance to delay a recession to keep the punters happy or cause a recession what would you do ? Cause a recession and you wont get many votes... delay it and it wont be your problem !! I suppose it is but only China goes in for long term planning.
  10. Yes i read it and yet again those lines above are taken out of context. Some were not said by him but the author. He believes in the possibility of something we dont understand which is different to believing in ID. “I think it’ll be something wonderful and amazing and something difficult to understand. I think that all theological conceptions will be seen as parochial and petty by comparison.” He can even see how “design” by some gigantic intelligence might come into it. “But that gigantic intelligence itself would need an explanation. It’s not enough to call it God, it would need some sort of explanation such as evolution. Maybe it evolved in another universe and created some computer simulation that we are all a part of. These are all science-fiction suggestions but I am trying to overcome the limitations of the 21st-century mind. It’s going to be grander and bigger and more beautiful and more wonderful and it’s going to put theology to shame.” The number of people who believe something can in no way be taken as proof. There was a time when most humans believed in natural gods, that the earth was flat etc. Along your lines of twisted logic it is also interesting that many senior bishops question the bible and not ID religious cults are growing.
  11. Where does it say he has converted to ID ? I think (again) you have misquoted and taken a few sentences out of context....................
  12. I didnt realise persecution was mandatory training for layers. Does it involve being whipped by middle aged women by any chance? Since you like "persecution" would you also support CO being allowed back ? Id rather not start discussing 2000 year old storybooks again but the reason your quote is below is because it may help to give new members an more rounded impression of you and unlike many of your quotes it is not taken out of context or manipulated.
  13. Completely agree. After some of RBs comments on the religion thread (which he started by the way) i think his religion is fair game. Property Guru was much worse. If you throw out CO your left with an RB fan club.... or perhaps an new HPC cult.
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