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  1. I let "spectulative" go but need to stop you at "exhast"
  2. If you are then you should be the first to stop this nazi sh*te that is constantly being spouted on this forum.
  3. Incredible! no matter how you twist it, its still obvious who are the nazis are and who aren't. People aren't going to fall for that trick. Ever.
  4. Quick, you missed a few drops in the folds of his starfish. You shouldn't have time to reply!!!!!! Quick quick!!
  5. You are a bnp british nazi party member. With a picture of Nazi powell you so proudly display like he was some sort of genius visionary. That in itself makes your comments irrelevant. He was just like you, a bitter twisted impotent little man who no-one apart from a few thick impoverished nazi-trash binmen remember. You work and will only ever work for the chosen ones whether you like it or not.
  6. ip1, your replies do not have any backing of any sort, they are just as speculative as RB's. Surely you must have siphoned the last few drops out from RB's hole. You can stop now. you really can.
  7. "stuff thats right, init?" Genius(!)
  8. RB has been predicting so much for so long. He has always been flagging up proof that the world as we know it is going to be turned upside down and going to end. Its what fanatics like RB and ip1 cum over in their sleep. He, along with ip1 or whatever it calls itself are clearly the sort of impotent geeks you wouldn't want to be seen stood next to. Never mind listen to their endless right wing, abu-hamza esque logic and advice.
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