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  1. write to the land registry which covers your area. ask them to investigate if the house sold between 1985 and 2000 and what dates and what price. their records are paper based but they should help you. if you get no luck try the same on some neighbouring houses. do not put too many requests in one letter or they may refuse but usually they are pretty helpful. if they come up with sales you can apply for copies of the transfer deeds as proof of the sale for a charge of £10.

    i had a visit from the voa when we moved house and they admitted having records covering all property sales back to 1990. i was thinking that you may be able to force them to disclose this under data protection for your home or more possibly foi legislation for the street and maybe worth lodging a request. only a thought but they have the info and it should be available to all although it seems it is definately not in their interests to disclose it as the valuations were pretty rubbish.

    good luck

    Hi, i was wondering if anyone could help? I am challenging my council tax banding and have hit a brick wall. The council are trying to tell me that the house i live in was worth 75k to 80k in April 1991, the same price it was in April 2000. I find this hard to believe but cannot find any house prices to back this up.

    Does anyone know wher ei can find house prices for my area in April 1991?


  2. The Groves, Beverley Park and Coombeside seem to be selling although weeks not days as was previously the case. If you look at prices in Kingston and Wimbledon then New Malden is a relative bargain. As long as Kingston is OK then New Malden will be.

    The amount of developers refurbishing houses in the Groves is at record levels and will raise the average prices in the area further. New Malden is moving slowly upmarket and thus the attention of the developers.

    I have been waiting for house price to crash for 3 years, but it has yet happened. I don't belive it will crash but price won't go much higher from now on.

    - The extortionate house price increase over the past 5 years is due to the fact that lender willing to lend more money than before. It's now at a stage where house price is no longer possible to go any higher because no lender is willing to increase that lending limit i.e.3, 3.5.or 4 times salary. Where will first time buyer get extra money from to support an increase?

    - Inflation is not really a significant threat except oil. China, India and Eastern Europe have done a great job for the UK to keep this low. Therefore, interest rate won't be raised too much and house price as a result has no reason to fall significantly. If BOE Monetery committee are to target asset price then they will probably increase interest rate, but this doesn't seem to be the case.

    - The worldwise economic landscape has changed so much that crash like early 90s is no longer in the forseeable future.

    Therefore, I have started to look around for a place to buy, a place of my own that I can do anything to it as I wish.

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