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  1. Absolutely. So, if you think that we're in a long-term low inflation and low interest rate environment, then you should fill your boots an gear up. Isn't that what makes it "different this time".
  2. Indeed... just like you have done there. Although I would aver that the picture described on this thread is quite "large". Where you look depends on your investment / family growth horizon, perhaps?
  3. Nice ad hominen start, DeM. So much for my adding self-deprecating wording in my posting. Could I just rebut by adding that you smell?
  4. Nope - we're valuing assets, it's all about the multiples (~yield via a comparison with rentals) if we're having a true "fundamentals" discussion. Unless you're suggesting that people in the better jobs bought better houses in the 70's... which is irrelevant because pay is a proxy for "better" and so we're back to multiples: people buy with on a higher multiple these days and those who don't pay the multiple get a "worse" property. All I can glean from your post is that your dad could buy a nice house in 73 at 21 whilst unqualified which is explained on credit terms alone: he could access sufficient money to buy his house because the multiple was much lower. Right now, your brother could have bought the same house a 70s junior doctor would have bought back then (ceteris paribus) if he had paid the same multiple as the average buyer is paying in 2007: that's the point.
  5. I imagine that these posts are intended to show that the current situation of prices paid of 4-5x income or whatever is somehow anomalous and a deviation from long term "fundamentals". However, going from these three anecdotes, 2007 is simply an extrapolation of how properties have become more expensive over a 30-odd year period: from ~2x income in 73, to ~3x in 84 to ~4.5x in 07. The type of work and type of properties is irrelevant. This doesn't sound like 07 is part of a bubble. Sounds more like the result of a very stable, long term trend of properties getting more expensive for whatever reason. So, unless 73 and 84 were the peaks of two booms (or I've made a booboo: quite possible), please exploin.
  6. Alas, with your second point you have strengthened his case: what you have described is pathognomic of all insurance and is called "moral hazard". You can also opt out of a lot of NI.
  7. Trust in Spline, for he has a pure objective view demonstrated over years. Whereas RB has the worst case of cognitive lock I have ever come across.
  8. Jesus - it's an anecdote avalanche. On this basis I could trash the army, the rail network, the university system, the school system, IT workers, sandwich makers and many others based on my experience. Add to this some evidence from Heat magazine and Leslie Ash, and that doesn't leave much. You're mixing up what you think is important with what actually is. One point: antiseptic wipes... my life, like they would work. Did you notice the alcohol hand disinfectant dispensers at the end of every bed, every nurses' station, every sluice room, every bathroom, etc etc. Guess what that's for,
  9. I think that rather simplifies the prescription and dispensing process. There are many checks and balances... including you, the patient, who is now an "expert" according to what we're told these days (or are expert patients on the way out?). However, it seems that we're having a quality discussion here rather than a perfect English discussion, no? BTW there's was plenty more in your posting... but it's late and I'm on earlies. I will however take issue with the dirty comment: wards are cleaned within an inch of their lives at the moment, but there's a reason why a "superbug" is called a superbug and why Clostridium difficile is called just that: it's very difficult to deal with. Unfortunately, unlike Holland etc, our proud history of public health means that we have historic buildings, which are a bitch to clean, hence our infection rates being so much worse that other countries'. Agree that we shouldn't have outsourced the cleaners, though... Back on topic tomorrow.
  10. Mmm... Sharia banking... there's always ways of charging interest and calling it something else.
  11. Famously part of the medical / nursing degree, that is. This thread smells a bit like last week's I Banking thread: anecdotes and political hobbyhorses from both the left and the right. Other than me, is there anyone here actually work / have worked in the NHS / DoH and fancy adding something of actual value to the debate? Someone who can look beyond a nurse's accent to understand the quality of care you will receive vs how little you pay for it?
  12. In a word, yes. I've met plenty of ex-London Danes in Denmark working in finance / law etc, but none in London over many years. They must keep themselves to themselves.
  13. Man flu I'll give you... but there's no way you'll convince me that "excess gassiness" is a proper illness. IBS is a funny one (should that be what you have - you may not). The women's lobby is so strong that the US FDA, not the world's most liberal organisation, have approved, and only for women, mind, a product that has been demonstrated to cause a significant numbers of sudden death. I'd love to hear the biological basis for that approval ("Here's the drug, now SHUT UP!") There's nothing like a lobby group comprised of educated, quite well-to-do and not very ill folk or relatives of sick folk for completely skewing the allocation of health resources... think HIV, MMR, breast cancer or anything to do with irritable anything syndromes. Fingers crossed for your test results, though.
  14. This should have been obvious from the outset: pretend diseases tend to affect women. Hence the endless adverts for yoghurts that "reduce gassiness" on afternoon TV featuring post-menopausal ladies. Men, particularly those of an Agnlo-Saxon or Celtin pursuasion tend to keep quiet about their problems until they die of them. Which is why although prostate cancer kills as many men as breast cancer kills women (or thereabouts), we won't be seeing any people shaking the tins and selling walnut-coloured ribbons any time soon. Back to the complaint: I'm guessing IBS.
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