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  1. I am just going to vent for a while and then go away, what can you do faced with such stupidity. but I just think that some people on here, waving the 'land of hope and glory' banner should realise there are a lot of pissed off people that did not ask for this and definitely did not want to happen. this chasm wont heal very quickly if at all. I am just so ashamed of my countrymen/women for being so short sighted. I am not broke, far from it, but my retirement fund has taken a good kicking in the last few days, and the possibility of retiring to an EU country is now in doubt.
  2. Thank you for your input, you capture very nicely the articulatory skills of an above average brexter, a below average ones cant type and can barely speak.
  3. Well talk about well thought out, my wife's hairdresser, on the 23rd, when my wife asked her if she was going to vote, the reply was 'yeah I think so but I don't know who yet' FFS, I bet she had trouble spelling 'X'. I think many people, and probably rather more on the out side did not really think things through. Lets see how they feel when they are unemployed. There is a lot of 'fascist' behaviour, with 'outers' targeting 3rd generation descendants of immigrants telling them 'now you must leave' I fear many of the out oiks took the wrong meaning of leave and mistook leave the EU for immigr
  4. I am not Sorry but I have got to vent. A message to Brexiters. You are in the main and your whole sorry movement are a bunch of thick fascist racist short sighted uncultured OIKS. Yeah there is loads wrong with the EU, but if you want one reason it is worth while, go and look at the war graves in Northern France.
  5. What a fantastic deal, well thought out. HPC people should be prasing this. For some of the perma-losers on here, it would be worth 'getting on your bikes' and putting a bid in, stoke is not that bad, equally commutable to either Manchester or Birmingham.
  6. Interesting person from population matters just now. The UK can only support 17 million not 70 for gods sake. See http://populationmatters.org/documents/overshoot_country.pdf Too many people = house prices too high. Simple as that
  7. Not too old to start but dont leave it any later. If you are starting to pay tax at 40% now, I would imagine you will be paying more 40% tax in years to come. Look at it this way, get 40% tax relief now, tax free growth and only pay tax at basic rate in retirement. Personally I would not bother if you are a basic rate tax payer, probably ISA's are better, (if you can trust yourslef not to spend it) Find one that does, or better still start a business and skim off all the profits into pensions. I know some people that have beeing doing this for a few years and are projected to going over t
  8. My god, someone with some sense on HPC. Well said that man.
  9. Your first point is OK. Yes buildingis needed, just not on greenfield. But your second point, Ha ha LOL, if you cant expand probably your business is not viable, more than likely you are a one man band with perhaps a couple of low paid slaves, my company however has expanded by 15 employees this year alone. Rather than spending endless hours posting here I am doing something about my business, some of you should focus on using your hours more productively and maybe just maybe you might not be in the shit that you are in! If you want to leave, great good for you at least you will be doing some
  10. A line has to be drawn in the sand. It is simply unsustainable to dig up and destroy more and more land. I am not against more housing, there is plenty of brownfield sites and lots of older housing stock that needs replacing. And none of this affordable nomsense, all new houses should have minimum room sizes double that of what the arsehole builders pass off as liveable units now. You lot are so ####ing blinkered and in capable of seeing alternatives
  11. Undoubtedly the view from my window. Building more crappy houses will not fix a broken country
  12. Looks like those that care about the countryside are going to have to contribute more to compensate for the concrete lovers amongst you!
  13. I understand your frustration with politicians and bankers etc but you are so wrong about turning fields into houses, the planet or even the British isles cannot support the biodiversity necessary for a high quality and sustainable quality of life for all
  14. He is just trying to secure the vote of the rioting chav. Pity none of them will bother voting
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