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  1. I'm with barclays and cahoot, if I transfer money from barclay to cahoot. It takes 4 days easily. It's a right pain - I don't know if barclays or cahoot is the culprit, but it's your standard banking thievery at work. If you want to have same-day transfers, arrange a CHAPS transfer in your branch. This will cost you some money unless you have a bells-n-whistle account. Don't forget too keep your cash in the barclays e-savings account while you sort out your transfer. It gives you something like 4% compared to the near zero % you get from your current account.
  2. These numbers mean nothing, because the data is incomplete dec 04 onwards.
  3. She is already... "Why Rosie Millard is flat broke" http://www.thisismoney.com/credit-and-loan...5&in_page_id=62
  4. I've been looking at getting a 1979 SL (3xx-4xx) as a everything-except-commuting car. Being new to classics it looks too good to be true: cheap insurance, low purchase price and beautiful on top of that. What's the catch with owning a classic like this?
  5. Could the admin please delete this trash? (DrBubb?)
  6. You're referring to this ? http://www.londonstockexchange.com/en-gb/p...eckcalendar.htm
  7. Slaps forehead. I figured you could only invested in equities in a stock wrapper, didn't know you had bonds, gilt, etc available too.
  8. Total agreement there, even on the property bit. A house for living in, once paid off is a nice chunk of money you don't need to find during retirement and it's not subject to market madness.
  9. What do you mean by double cash/ triple inflatlion. Do you mean aim for 3x inflation as a return / 2x base Ir ? If you have an isa wrapper for your shares, how do you stay within the ISA while moving away from equities?
  10. Cataclysm for shares in general or do you recon certain sectors will be exempt. If all sectors, then where to put your money? Gold? Bonds (not likely)? Cash?
  11. Complete rubbish, you may get some consolidation and online might get some more attention as a screening tool, but you'll always want people on the ground to inspect properties with and to chat with people. You won't be able to mail-order a set of 5 keys for checking out some properties, like you mail-rent DVD's. Also, it's a sales job concerning a very emotional purchase. You want sales guys to massage people into buying.
  12. Woolies runs at a loss all year, except Xmas, where they make up for the loss. Awful place woolies.
  13. From the article: Richard Hair, president of the National Association of Estate Agents, says: “Sellers do not want to accept that the value of their home has fallen because they have got used to the idea that their property will be worth more tomorrow than it is today.†Brilliant or what?
  14. It was really odd for Warren Buffet to diss the .com's in the late 90's when the market has already priced in a xxx% rise.
  15. And it's already starting. "These days they just won't come unless the wages are really good, the living conditions are better, and they don't have to do anything dangerous. If they can't find work like that they'll just stay at home," he said. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/asia-pacific/4330333.stm
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