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  1. You all forget one vital issue : the net number of working age peolpe is reducing as the net number of people in retirement increases ! therefore the economy can cope with these scales of net losses. The other aspect is competing with China : people want cheap goods in the shops : you can buy more expensive ones if you want (made in UK), but the masses want low cost. Our economy is one of the most strongest in europe in terms of re-balancing the change away from an old manufacturing economy to a more balanced hi-tec economy. We cant compete with China on cost alone, so why try. We are headin
  2. Hold on : your hubby earns 35K and you dont want to live with the CHAVS : guess what, the CHAVS can afford 100K (a chav couple) so you're just going to have to pay a realistic price for somewhere nice that CHAVS cant reach - thats free market for you. And you'll have to get a job - just like the rest of us hard working couples. Why should single earning family be 'entitled' to same house in nice area as dual earning family ? we BOTH have to work long hours to find somewhere nice away from CHAVS. Then sit back - who cares what the market does. Its your home. Enjoy it , savor it. As long as you
  3. Thats per person : so what about two people with say 1 full time 1 part time - income more like £35K+. With a bit of a deposit....... is 200K unrealistic ? issue is property has been historically cheap. Can all single people think they have a right to median 3 bed house ? not really. Your just distorting the basics here.
  4. I dont think you can generalise : it depends upon specifics. We've just brought a house (complete in March). We have been paying £650pcm for 3 bed appartment in Cheltenham. Cost to buy of the appartment would be about £220K-£240K. This has enabled us to save for good deposit. Would £650 cover mortgage ? no, but the landlord owns this for long time, so minimal if any mortgage. Depends how much mortgage you need also. So, renting is not dead money if you see it as a means to and end . Remember, you have to live and need a roof over your head.
  5. thats not really helping is it : the nethouses reflects land registry prices that are updated several weeks after completion. THe first thing new home owners do is remove the SOLD sign.
  6. Jake, I couldnt find it on Bensons : must be out of our price range. The vendor bounced our offer back on Friday. We had a chat over the weekend and offered 205K today - but this will be our final offer I think. this will allow us to eaily absorbe a 9-10% loss before it eats into our equity. At the end of the day, you still have to live somewhere. Thanks everyone for the comemnts : mixed bag - but generally positive.
  7. OK, so I'm going to catalog our house buying attempt in Cheltenham. I hope you find interestnig and useful if you are in same situation. We've found 3 houses we like : all in £200-£250K bracket. We have nr 100K deposit and nothign to sell - so FTB and can afford mortgage of £250K (but definitely not going there). Market : lots on offer in £200K-250K range (2-3 bed) - wide variation in size, condition, location but £225K+ gets you somethign old and nice. Still too much. Cheltenham is well located - hasn't had mega HPI but some areas have crept up 10-15% over last over year, rest of se
  8. I grew up in Stafford. Biggest issue with it now, with GEC virtually gone, you either work for the council, or in retail , or commute out. Council hiring : spending freezes this year as govt clamps rise in council tax Retail sales : low pay commuting : nightmare ! my parents are still there - but nothing would invite me back to live I'm afraid. Shame, nice town - but NO jobs. Even when I worked at GEC, was 5-6K people there - now its few hundred......
  9. Hello, I'm not going to insult you like some others, but I have a question. Is 200K for a flat in not good area value for money ? myself and other half have income of £70-80K and £100K in the bank. We would NEVER consider spending 200K on a small flat - such poor value for money. For £300K you get something nice and move out of central london .... tonnes to choose from with easy commuting. Secondly, the migrant workers : on < minimum wages doing dirty jobs - can they affor the rent ?? seems to be the pan is boiling, just waiting to spill over the side.
  10. The problem is you went too high in the first place : should have started at 85% OR given them a one time offer at 90% and indicate you were 100% NOT willing to negotiate after this point. Remember - the ball is favorably in your court now.
  11. BUT if you look at the figures, the NORTH posts a higher +3% gain whereas south posts a drop (Wales -6%). Halifax is more Northern based with traditionally larger Northern customer base, hence they tend to post higher figures at times like this.
  12. Yep, I tried it and it seems realistic. We were trying to buy a house earlier in year. The one next door on the market for 6 months at £170K (was sold twice and then back on market) was listed down at £133K that was reasonable (vs 170K). What you do see is massive variation for house prices on the same road : but that can be the difference say between having a small 2 bed terrace and then having a 3 bed terrace with converted cellar etc..... so even though many houses in the same street look the same from outside, they are often very differnet as we're finding out now as we look to buy (at
  13. The issure remains that the BOE did nothing about setting interest rates relative to housing when prices were going +ve : so why would this change when prices are now going -ve . The BOE sets rates I beleive on inflation and wider economic data, of which house prices are a small part. If the government set IR's, I'm sure Gordon would love to cut it right now in time for election.... oh what a shame !
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