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  1. Did you not mean that the seller are time wasters asking to much? We just bought a house in Somerset and yes the asking prices are very optimistic...but we put very low offers in and got one house down from 375k to 355k and one house which needed a lot of upgrading was first on for 370k then 360k since last summer, we did offer 310k which was rejected but it got hinted that something in the 330k would be acceptable... Since the house was already empty for the last couple of month and we are in the best position ( northing to sell, 50% deposit, mortgage arranged) we did walked away. A coupl
  2. I agree, nice gardens and nice house from the outside, but cant say that I like the inside..that living room looks as inviting as train station in London.
  3. All this ******** about the wife's whining that they want a house and they don't care about the price... I'm a woman and a wife and every time we went through a house I found a lot of things to point out to the EA, never believe a thing a EA's tells me, because it never adds up when you question them more. I'm the one who wants to offer less then hubby and I'm the one who did all the negotiation with the EA's about the price. I got a house down from 360k to 320k and a other house from 375k down to 355k. So typical for you guys....
  4. If you like the kitchen bathroom and decoration in the Victorian, then defiantly that one. The house is always the cheap bit..its the land what cost...
  5. Ah well..its Somerton and it's a 4 bed detached and extended house with 180 square metres living and a 80 square metres garage and half an acre mature gardens with a massive greenhouse, veg pad, little orchard with fruit trees all backing on to farmland with horses grassing. 1 mile into the centre of Somerton. Somerton is a quit expensive spot and if you look at pictures you will know why. It's also in the catchment area of the best school around. I did'nt post this to ask for your approval, just to let you know what we are doing after all this time . We are very happy with our buy and loo
  6. Finally after 5 years waiting we bought a house, but not in greater London, we will move to Somerset. We found that houses really are 50% less over there then here. We had a very hard time to find something we liked because so little new stock comes on to the marked, with lots of old to expensive stock still on. Anyhow...the house we bought was on since last summer with an totally unrealistic price tack..(whats new)?? The asking was 360k but it needed lots doing, from windows, heating, kitchen and bathroom. Our first offer was 310k, but that was rejected and it was hinted that they would g
  7. Foxtons and the sweet smell of schadenfreude. If all whats coming out of all of this mess is that Foxtons goes under..I can die happy. http://www.guardian.co.uk/money/blog/2010/mar/08/foxtons
  8. I'm with the agent, why telling the vendor about your offer if they have rejected the higher offer? Unless this was last year
  9. We are one of those nice middle income people, but we are renting. We are in our late 30th and 40th came back to this country 3 years ago and unwilling to pay those property prices..so we rent. Hubby makes 60k, has a more then secure job in IT and we look after the rental like is our own. The way I see it landlords would be very lucky to get us as tenants and I would NOT provide all those references. I would pay the deposit, and proof of income and maybe Reference from previous landlord re rent payment, but that's it and I'm sure we could get any property we wanted..but then we are not ta
  10. We will have lived in the property 4 years and we kept it and the garden very well..we even did most of the minor repair our self, but I'm afraid that they charge us for stuff which should be wear and tear over 4 years... We didn't bother them at all, only for the yearly gas check...and they managed to do it once in 3 1/2 year
  11. Do you actually own him any rent and what was in you contract about cancelling your renting agreement ? Did you left any damage behind?
  12. The asking prices are back at 2007 levels over here Since we are going to move to Somerset in 2 years..we not viewing any more and after living in outer London..we will be able to buy our dream house in 2 years time in Somerset... All the EAs around here can get lost now
  13. Its not that I want to go for the 3 times deposit thing..I just would like to know what my rights are, in case the LL wants to pull a fast one with the deposit when we move out in a couple of months
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