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  1. This forum is much better than it used to be. It is all thanks to the excellent changes that have happened n recent months. There is always room for improvement, though, consider the following: What this site needs is one of those flash ads that appear over the center of the screen and can only be closed by cllicking on them. Also: 'the main discussion forum on house prices' should be accessable to paid subscribers only. Audio adverts! Yeah, get some of those too, they are awsome. Crazy frog would be the best bet. And if one of the moderators could be a bit heavy handed, you know, delete/ed
  2. Couldn't find any. I was sure the dalek had some though.
  3. I read about radio 1 doing this, so I went to investigate. There are people in 'second life' who do live and work there. They actually make enough virtual money to exchange to real money and buy all the things they need in real life. They do this by either building houses, running nightcubs or casinos, or even being an escort (I assume all the female escorts are in fact blokes in real life). After being banned from a nightclub for being naked, I decided to put on some clothes before I set off for the radio 1 island. Obviously, being May and with summer on the way, I put on a snowman costume.
  4. It's what you do with it that counts.
  5. Hello fubra. I have a question: Every now and then I get this appear: Is it just me being offered access to your 'privates' or are you whoreing yourself to everyone? Edit: Never mind, spline beat me to it. Curse your fast typing...
  6. Yeah, ok, April fools! It was fun while it lasted. Thanks for letting it ride mods, I'm sure it breaks a truck load of copyright rules
  7. Down loads since october: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/4859648.stm
  8. If you are a bear you can have multiple user names (the monkey). If you are a bear you can be offensive (CrashIsUnderWay). If you are a bull and you do either of those things, or worse still, post bullish news, you are put in the troll usergroup. [Moderator: Multiple registrations are against the forum rules and, when discovered, will be banned irrespective of whether the poster is a bull, bear or neutral.]
  9. I was playing around with this last christmas, excellent fun. This one is a recording studio, it's black at the moment though. http://mail.mixthis.com:8080/ViewerFrame?Mode=Refresh You can rename the camera locations on some of them, the one COAB found is a good example.
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