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  1. I agree, the pretext of an invisible threat is the perfect cover to forcibly transition the world into a "sustainable" future. I think deep down, we do crave a humbler, minimally technological existence. The things and places marketed as retreats and unplugged are just our preferred mode of existence. A trend that's been noticeable to me in the last 20 or more years is the things I took for granted in my youth are now marketed as premium products or services - another big clue to the downward trend in the quality and desirability of just about everything and an obsession with tech that consumes an ever increasing share of human attention.
  2. Indeed, the governments of the world are relishing their new found power, now that democracy has been dispensed with. It's been a thorn in their side ever since its inception and one whose downfall will hasten the switch to technocracy, run by AI and a raft of technology now being ushered in at an ever increasing pace. That innocuous looking droid that was showcased in Saudi Arabia is just the start.
  3. Yes, it seems awfully convenient given the state of the world's economies. The thing that is most galling for me is the robotic repetition of blatant untruths, pseudoscience and celebration of conformity and the glee with which the likes of the BBC announces the latest "covid measures", particularly when it's a foreign government imposing more draconian restrictions. The BBC seems keen on advocating this for the UK too and it's all turned into a sort of virtue signalling vanity contest among western "democracies" over who can appear to be imposing the most severe restrictions. Despite there being no credible science to back their outrageous imposition on freedom, the government's of the world seem mostly to be following directives from a central authority. This race towards Chinese style authoritarianism will no doubt be applauded by the "philanthropists" and those with big stakes in the producers of various potions.
  4. I agree, it was all too arbitrary from the beginning. The fact that they kept on making adjustments to policy that defied logic. The fact that for many, it was a bit too good to be true that they got paid to sit at home or potter around the garden, as if their support for a bizarre and unproven policy was being bought. Even the depiction of deadly pathogens in Hollywood is more convincing than the half hearted and Ill timed gestures of Western governments.
  5. I know. It literally is like one of those "once upon a time" stories in which the entire population falls under a spell. There would seem to be no hope, given the level of fear that's been used to do all of this.
  6. It's a miracle. The flu has practically vanished.
  7. It also fails to take into account the fact that if you died of being hit by a bus but had tested positive for C19, you'd be recorded as a C19 fatality. This is a level of statistical dishonesty that would make Stalin blush.
  8. I laughed out loud at Maersk offering to do "sustainable shipping". That's like BP saying we'll do "sustainable oil spills" .
  9. I think for cities to retain their appeal can be divided into two or more factors. The main one is employment, the second is lifestyle, the third, which is closely related to the second, is convenience. Given the fact that technology has rendered the first factor redundant, then logically, the only legitimate reason for cities to continue to retain their appeal is lifestyle. If you could work remotely AND live in the city, your needs have immediately changed since space and cost are a major consideration in the new work from home world. Why on earth would anybody in their right mind stay in city like London, assuming they worked from home and had to live in a tiny, overpriced apartment or HMO? Under those circumstances it's a no brainer to move away. However, if the amenities offered by city life outweigh the discomfort of poor accommodation, which undoubtedly for some, it does, then staying put might still seem acceptable. I would caveat the former by saying that given the rate at which theatres, restaurants, cafes and other public leisure venues are closing, then that marginal appeal might tip the balance. In summary, the only incentives one might have to stay in a city are: provision/retro fitting to transform or create from scratch Sci-Fi-like drone World smart cities or in legacy cities a reduction in population or an massive increase in housing infrastructure provision. Can't see that happening in London since the housing market is fubar'ed. We've also tried the rural satellite utopia thing with the likes of Milton Keynes or welwyn garden city, though technology wasn't as mature or far reaching back then, so maybe it could swing that way after all. Who knows?
  10. There's nothing quite like a good dose of sweeping generalisations to start your day, and boyo, doesn't housepricecrash provide them in abundance.
  11. Remember all the new ghost cities in China? Basically brand new, empty cities built from scratch. I think these would make ideal techno-gulags. The allure of the smart cities is sure to be irresistible for many. The tendency towards concentrating humans into small geographical areas is certain to continue.
  12. And there was me thinking "they" wanted to herd us all in to "smart cities". This exodus from cities seems to buck that trend.
  13. Conspiracy theory = anything that deviates from the "allowed" sources of "information" LOL
  14. Undoubtedly the UK would be better off with pre "big bang" regulations. Gordon Brown has a lot to answer for with his "light touch" (zero) regulations environment. But you could argue that Germany exporting its inflation to the PIIGS countries is just as damaging economically to the countries that previously had higher rates and were able adjust them if needed.
  15. Imagine what a state the UK would be in if it had been forced to adopt interest rates and monetary policy to suit Germany.
  16. Try telling that to Greece, Italy et al.
  17. Also, if it's just a club for capitalists, why are so many NGOs and the UN represented at Bilderberg
  18. She got her head on all ya money innit
  19. Nah, I think it's being used as justification to achieve the goals of the green lobby because the Queen doesn't like plastic in her lobster.
  20. Sometimes it really is as simple as business creating markets, exploring opportunities and using its influence through existing interests to do so. I fail to see how that's comic book stuff. It's just how shrewd business people operate. Did you know for example, that a D notice issued by the government (which itself is compromised of many multimillionaires with private business interests in banking, pharmaceuticals etc. ) can and do suppress anything that the government deems to be against its, oh I mean the national interests. The kind of in fighting of which you speak is far easier to suppress than you might think, given the level of consolidation we've seen in media in the last 30 years. It only takes a government minister to wave his hand to make a story either disappear or be so sparsely circulated as to be practically a non event. This is just the tip of the iceberg. The level of censorship made possible by the era of the Internet would make the Stasi drool.
  21. To the extent that it might achieve some other personal objective which takes precedence over financial interests, then yes. But that applies to everybody. To the ultra rich, everything and everyone has a price.
  22. No, it's self evident that big money and the ability to project the power associated with ownership can be and is used to constrain the flow of information. It's well known that this news source or that will prioritise, omit, spin etc. according to political and/or business interests. I don't understand why that is so hard for you to understand. It's like you're denying reality because it's too painful to accept that the world is run primarily as a business and money buys power and influence.
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