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  1. And with an invitation like that to leave the country and let the baby boomers take care of themselves, I plan on upping sticks and moving abroad where I can afford a decent place. I already own a flat but I'm genuinely angry at the situation that we've got ourselves into. Germany is looking increasingly attractive and whatsmore there's promise of a property boom.
  2. This says it all about the market. They know the yield is there if they buy 20% below market. It may drive prices down, but then again, they are presumably keeping the property out of circulation and thus keeping demand up. It's a win-win situation if you have access to a pool of cheap money. Is this the difference between now and the last boom?
  3. EAs seem to be going out of their way to dispose of properties that have been hanging around for months. Two bed flats in particular. I've viewed about six properties in the last week that have been hanging around for months and have seen price reductions. Two bedroom apartments, built to a high standard going for £150k in the southern home counties. EAs know it too. On interest rates - I suspect rates may well remain unchanged for some time to come. You just have to look at the number of 10 year fixed rates (5.5% on average) around to conclude that. If anything, it is affordability and the supply side increasing that will bring prices down. They've already started to fall. As somebody mentioned in another thread, the investment buyers have no intention of moving up the ladder. This in time, precipitates an over supply in the next rung up the ladder, meaning prices come down as supply increases in relation to demand.
  4. You know house prices are silly when... You realise the "new age travellers" actually had a point in 1989.
  5. IT salaries have fallen in real terms. The work probably went to Mumbai - they have six lane highways to build and apartment blocks at £200k +
  6. Death by firing squad - when evidence is irrefutable like this.
  7. The MPC is getting us ready to converge with the euro zone on interest rates IMHO. Euro rate going up, bank of england rate hovering where it is. The agenda is for convergence at any cost - including devaluation of sterling.
  8. I read this "diary", mouth agape with disbelief. This woman is complaining that she isn't being allowed payment holidays on account of her choosing to stop work and have a baby. She has a second property which earns her a small income. In the old days, a financial adviser would have advised her to liquidate some assets by selling her second property to pay the arrears with her multiple creditors. Is it just me or is she taking the p***? http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/5037736.stm
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