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  1. Wind power nice for the infrastructure suppliers making the turbines etc. Shame they barely make a dent with the power they're able to supply. Smells like a mixture of corruption, naivety and a lack of basic numerical skills. At least if we could store the energy they would be an order of magnitude more useful.
  2. As much as I retain a nostalgia in national achievement and pride (see Olympics) I see that the "keep it in the family" national pride over home grown businesses and innovation have long since bolted. Why would ARM be any different? Its market is not loyal to or dependent on the brain power that created it being from one particular geographic area and is increasingly likely to be sourced from anywhere that can muster the talent. Retaining the right talent to maintain and grow a business is key, irrespective of whether that talent resides in one particular geographic area or not. What's really more important is equal opportunity in education and training for youngsters in the UK to be in a position to contribute to such a business. Unfortunately I don't think this is the case any longer as the hard engineering and scientific subjects are no longer championed by schools and universities.
  3. I agree, without regulation to prevent abuses of position, we would be screwed even more. It's therefore vital that suppliers of products - be they pharmaceuticals or prosthetics - must be legally responsible for bad outcomes, irrespective of frequency. The consumer of any product must also be made fully aware about risks and adverse reactions. This should go without saying since informed consent is at the core of any treatment, phophylactic, procedure or appliance.
  4. I'm not sure how much more specific I can be. If a doctor wishes to practice medicine and practice in a jurisdiction, he had to have a license. He can then offer his services to anybody who wants to pay. In much of the world, this simple model has been smothered in regulation, systems of control and permitted actions and treatments. It's not enough that he passes exams and demonstrated he is competent, he must then proffer his skills in a way that satisfies existing bodies of agents who take their cut and have a say in what the doctor is and isn't allowed to offer, irrespective of efficacy and is highly contingent on how much profit there is for the pharmaceutical and other interests. This is not medicine and a committee such as NICE in the UK ought not be acting as a dispensary of the highest authority in prescribing medicines and treatments. That should be based on the case by case medical judgment of the doctor(s), acting purely out of medical efficacy. Instead, it seems that bodies such as NICE override clinical judgment in the sphere of medical practice in the same way as insurance companies do in the US and that these bodies are lobbied by big pharma interests to come to the "right" conclusions.
  5. Sorry but did I refer to the US system? I'm suggesting that the market can provide if it's free of incumbent vested interests and middle men. I'd hardly call the US system a good example of that.
  6. It's had its day and made sense in a world in which demographics and life expectancy meant that it was able to provide good care for those who needed it. With the aging population, wilful ignorance about diet and nutrition, alcohol, tobacco and other substance abuse, the NHS (the taxpayer) should not be expected to shoulder the burden. The only beneficiaries with state mandated and dogmatically prescriptive health care (i.e pills for everything) are big pharma and an army of bureaucrats and parasitical middle men. Real health care and choice can only come from a true free market in health. If this were allowed to happen it would mean competition, like there is for good dentists or other private health providers. Prices would come down to a level that the true free market could support. Insurance schemes would take into account all diet and lifestyle choices and the premiums adjusted accordingly. If you get to the age where you start needing procedures and treatment, your lifetime of premiums will have paid for themselves.
  7. Journalists could be jailed for embarrassing the government
  8. Completely agree. Segregation was also a thing in fascist regimes of the past.
  9. It's becoming ever more apparent that practically none of the people in key positions in the UK are actually loyal or serving the interests of the British people. Robert Maxwell, the disgraced former owner of the Daily Smearer was also suspected of being mossad and his daughter Ghislane is thought to be linked with Carrie Johnson. The more one digs the more one finds a spiders web of hidden power and influence.
  10. I'm not convinced that Cummings is what we're told he is. After all, he was all over the front page of the BBC "News" a few days ago and the BBC positively hated Cummings a few years ago because he was the chief advisor on Brexit. I suspect he's just being used as a nudge for Johnson.
  11. "Sir" Keir Smarmer makes a perfect fresh(er) faced replacement for Worzel and gang. He'd also be more loyal to his overlords.
  12. Major made a great spitting image puppet, I'm not sure the same can be said about his successors.
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