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  1. Hong Kong’s sky-high property prices have made it difficult for the younger generation to get on the housing ladder. Hilarious how they are still talking about this mythical housing ladder. Was the article written by a bot?
  2. Yes, it's definitely a casino in the purest sense. At least the stock market, with its apparent detachment from reality, is based, in most cases, on real businesses which generate revenue etc.
  3. I agree. I also think bitcoin was created as a means of quelling meaningful rebellion among millennials and those who missed the property boat. It's offering a canny few the opportunity of "money for nothing" , similar to the boomers and their bricks and mortar mantra. The almost scripted and unconditional recommendations of "buy buy buy" for crypto has a familiar ring to it and smacks of social engineering where the heroes are Satoshi and Musk instead of Kirsty and Phil, together with the same insane ramping and blatant price manipulation by whales etc. Real investing and financial sense is u
  4. Ironically, those heavily "invested" in bitcoin and gold spout about it being inflation proof but have they considered that if there is real hyperinflation or economic disruption that their assets will buy proportionately less in the real world as real prices escalate. There's also the threat of cyber attacks, loss of Internet and inability to swap assets for useable currency. On the economy in general, isn't it true that anything of any value has already been effectively price fixed to maintain its real world value - in other words, the confluence of wage levels, interest rates and sele
  5. It's a precarious situation and I have considered deflation as a possibility . Could be turning Japanese?
  6. The mechanism by which a lot of this printed money will spill over into the economy is not increasing the amount of money in circulation, except between borrowers and lenders. I therefore cannot see how we'll get severe inflation, at least not in the debt-busting sense. If anything, the inflation might be in food prices, supply shocks etc.
  7. So you can't back up your outrageous slander with evidence? But of course. There is none!
  8. So all those newspapers just made it up.
  9. Do you often quote nonsense from your favourite communist rag?
  10. How terribly inconvenient for you. Still, there's the remaining 50% who can. Better dumb down the education system a bit more eh?
  11. It's common knowledge. https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/12754482/sir-patrick-shares-vaccine-gsk/ One here that says it's fine (Matt Hancock says so, so I'm sure there's nothing to worry about) https://www.expressandstar.com/news/uk-news/2020/09/24/no-conflict-of-interest-in-vallance-holding-vaccine-company-shares-hancock/ https://metro.co.uk/2020/09/24/uks-chief-scientific-adviser-patrick-vallance-has-600000-of-shares-in-vaccine-maker-gsk-13321944/
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