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  1. An excellent message was posted a few days ago about the good old days of when interest rates used to go up by a half or sometimes one full percentage point and how this would cause chaos now. Is it that consumers are more clued up now (or the policymakers?) or is it that there is so much debt we are all now more sensitive to IR changes? Any thoughts?
  2. A quarter point rise would not surprise me to stop people splurging on their credit cards at Christmas. But do these people actually know what the MPC is?
  3. All visionaries are classed as eccentrics at first. I have been predicting price falls for 8 months and people were laughing at me. I do not want to hear the expression "You can't go wrong with property" again Suffice to say they are not laughing now. How do I join and what shall we call it?
  4. I hate it when people somehow imply that you are racist just because you pick up on a few spelling errors.
  5. you ARE FAR MORE ATTRACTIVE than M Blatt!
  6. Prices are falling but it has to br dressed up in terms that prices are still rising but not as fast! Prices are falling -Fact!!!! Believe it or lose a lot of money!
  7. I am far better looking and with a bigger deposit!!!
  8. I am from the Midlands and it is a fact that prices are falling and falling fast!!!
  9. I have just noticed that BB is in a long term relationship so I will have to spread my net further than house price obsessives.
  10. It seems that Bullish Bear is quite keen to buy a house so I suppose it will come down to how large our deposits are!!!!
  11. I would like to marry Bullish Bear so you will have to join the queue!
  12. I am more concerned about spelling etc. and if Gordon has improved standards to such an extent why is there no evidence of it!
  13. Properties above 200k are not selling at all! My next door neighbour has had his property up for sale for 6 months originally at 225k but now down to 200k but still no viewers let alone offers. I live in the Greater Birmingham area and I think this is typical of most of the areas around here suchas Sandwell,Wolverhampton etc.
  14. Economists are like Jazz Musicians they get a riff going and then follow it! But once the tune changes they follow a different riff so I would not believe an Economist as far as i could throw one but having read such a lot of very intelligent posts such as Bullish Bear etc. I know everybody here is of a like mind.
  15. Gordon Brown will not admit to the massive mismanagement of the economy until he is happily ensconsed in No. 10 and he is able to find scpegoats to blame for the mess! As Gordon himself has said the only successful Chancellors are those who have got out in time!
  16. I think Gordon Brown will engineer a house price crash just to annoy Tony Blair now! If Cherie feels she has lost out again in the property market I think she may try to do us all a favour and move to Tuscany!
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