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  1. ZZ That's exactly what I am trying to find out! If anyone needs further info I have 30k savings at present. Is 30k considered a lot these days or is it a drop in the ocean?
  2. Useless post! I'll get me coat!!
  3. I suppose you are right zz, maybe I expect too much of people. I know I shouldn't expect too much from this person as she is also a fan of reality tv shows etc. I dunno maybe I should just lighten up and just join the rest of the hoi polloi down the fun pub.
  4. This post is designed to test the current mood of the regulars on the forum and also as a test to see where we are at in the obviously forthcoming crash. My question is- How much savings do you think you would need to have now to reasonably afford to put down say a 50% deposit on a two bed semi as an example? I will say you would be buying in two years time and we will take the price as 150k-200k. So basically I am saying how much should I have now if I want to buy in two years time. Your thoughts will be appreciated.
  5. It isn't just younger people though with little grasp of economics it is supposedly more sensible middle aged people. At work today one of the girls had bought yet another pair of shoes and the usual Imelda Marcos references were trotted out along with the usual banter and a few minutes later a new starter who is a woman in her mid forties looked puzzling at me and asked if Imelda Marcos was an ex employee. I thought she was joking at first but on realising she was serious I explained who Imelda Marcos was and her story but I still think she didn't understand. I had my suspicions that s
  6. I am quite interested in the Irish property market as my sister lives there and prices are out of control. In what way does mortgage regulation in Eire differ from UK?
  7. Thanks ZZ Just to clarify it you would be emigrating from the UK and could then very well be classed as an immigrant in Australia.
  8. ZZ I can't stand it any longer it's EMIGRATE
  9. Anybody remember the thread from a couple of months ago regarding frugalism.We were going to start a movement of anti consumerism in order to slow the economy and deny Corporations fat profits. I got bored after a week and treated myself to a new mobile phone. How did everybody else get on?
  10. It maybe that the people of Wals**l are worried about rising interest rates, the weakness of the Dollar and the economic uncertainty of the next few months but it is probably more likely that they are thinking of a Christmas sh*g.
  11. I work in a town in the West Midlands (Wal***l) and on my way to and from work usually spend the bus journey observing how many sales boards there are outside properties. Since September there has been at least a 30% increase in for sale signs but so far I have only noticed two sold signs(one of which has now reverted back to for sale). There are a block of apartments that had about four for sale signs outside since early Oct none of which have sold and on last count this morning there are now eleven boards outside. My hunch is that probably 35% of the for sale signs are for people w
  12. I'm going to get a wireless keyboard, sit 20 feet away from my monitor and arrange to see a good optician.
  13. A bit pedantic I know but I was under the impression the mortgagee is the lender and the mortgagor the borrower.
  14. What is wrong with the 30-something women of this land? Come to think of it I havn't gone near one in six months!
  15. The houses in derby may have been owned by one landlord and sold at auction as they were on the verge of being repossessed. Not a btl'er taking profits - more like a btl'er running for their life.
  16. I think we all knew it would take at least two years for a major correction. There is no reason for a sudden 20% fall. I do feel however that there will be an acceleration in the speed of falls come spring as the much talked about upturn will not happen in the Spring. Around April,May I think it will be time for all the bears to take stock and review things,there is plenty of life left in housepricecrash.co.uk Just sticking my neck out but on current soundings(industry,friendsetc.) I am going for 35% falls.
  17. I bought a flat in November 1991 near Dudley West Midlands for 28K. I then had to endure 10 years of negative equity as some of the flats were selling but at one stage they were down to 17k. I blame myself for buying as I was too young (20 years old) and was swayed by parents etc. I managed to sell 12 months ago for 31k as the flat is not in a great area. I rented it out from 1998 onwards and eventually everything turned out ok but on occasions it was a real nightmare. I am now building my savings and hope to buy again in about two years when I believe property prices may be more real
  18. Anyone heard the little known Morrissey single 'You're the one for me fatty' Could he have been referring to Kirsty Allsopp?
  19. Sorry zz I realise where you are coming from now. I will have to cut down on the Murphy's stout.
  20. zz usually you are very concise and articulate in your posts but your comment 'In the Eurozone money is virtually free in real terms' has real confused me.
  21. Does anybody know what the inflation rate is in France and Germany?
  22. Therefore you believe that in response to the slow down in the UK's housing market Mervyn King could lower interest rates and prices would start increasing especially with our 'robust economy.'
  23. Britain's exit from the ERM took place in September 1992 but I do not think that it was until this time that people really lost confidence in housing. Even with interest rates rising rapidly from late 1989 onwards prices only stalled and then fell slightly up to the exit from the ERM. The the falls became more rapid. But if the internet had been fully up and running throughout this period I believe the falls would have occurred much earlier,much faster and by a bigger percentage.
  24. I totally agree,the last crash spread through word of mouth and was not mentioned much in the press until it went pear shaped after the ERM debacle.
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