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  1. This is a big question! & the answer is different for everybody dependent upon your individual circumstances, financial status & what you want from life. But as a starter, try this http://www.lonelyplanet.com/travelstories/...e/asuncion_0907 The cheapest major city on earth - apparently!
  2. Whatever happened to.... Time To Raise The Rents (TRTR) & BBB - has anyone heard from those guys? Van - he STR'd too early (like me) - did he buy again? Saving For A Spaceship - always a good guy ATM - did he move to Thailand I am curious. Gort
  3. Interesting....spent a lot of time in Bali when i lived in Indonesia. I can certainly remember seeing older European women with Balinese "boys", but in fact the Japanese women were most predominant. Too often money triumphs over love. Which is odd really given that any bloody fool can earn money!
  4. Fair point, but i still think the average middle-aged British male is slimmer than his female counterpart. We are really sliding off topic now!!
  5. Yes, you're quite right, that's the net amount after all deductions. As i was down the pub tonight i worked out what salary i would have to earn in the UK to take home the same amount. About £55k/yr i make it, which is quite daunting now that i think about it. I consider that a good salary!
  6. Having lived for 9yrs in (mainly) the third world, i'm saddened to say i think you are probably right. Sometimes i think i should leave my personality & sense of humour at home & just walk around with a T-shirt proclaiming "Have money, will pay"....what does this say for womankind though?....don't get me started! :angry:
  7. Thanks GE, i fell off my chair when i read this earlier!! Its true though...why are Brit gals always so overweight? I could cope with the credit addiction if they'd just learn to stay thin!
  8. Thanks. What were you doing in BA - just hanging out? Ok - the million dollar question - has to be asked - how did you find the local gals? Do they have any interest in foreigners? I'm not sure i could cope with any more unfriendly heart-breakers!
  9. Well half of it would be from the rental of my flat in Putney & the other half would be interest on savings (i have about £410k saved up & sitting offshore). In fact if i move overseas again i will not have to pay tax on interest, so my income should increase a little. Your last question is a very good one!- i wonder that myself! I work on the principle of "make hay whilst the sun shines" & i have been working hard because i really like the job & because i have been fortunate enough to earn pretty good money. Also i don't think i would want to give up work altogether.
  10. Thanks TB. Yes, you are quite right. In hindsight i should have sold up last year, but for various reasons that wasn't an option. But i have 100% equity eg. no mortgage, so i look at it in terms of return on my original investment, which is about 4.5%. Not great, but too shabby either. I am curious that you are the 2nd person to mention Colombia! Is it true that they like the Brits? G
  11. I'm a Chartered Surveyor & i worked for one of the international Property Consultants in SE Asia. I got lucky inasmuch as i was working in Jakarta during the currency crisis. All goods & services devalued by 75% in the space of 2 weeks, but i managed to hold on to my US$ salary. Consequently i had the time of my life & still saved a sizeable nest egg!"
  12. Thanks Noddage - this is interesting. I've heard good things about Colombia, but have not met anyone who's taught there. Is there anyway i can contact you direct? I've never used the PM here. & i can now see my last UK T-shirt "Bog off UK, I'm moving to Bogata!" - Love it!!! Gort
  13. Wise words indeed. Made me think of that famous quote "how many men lie on their deathbed & wish that they had spent more time in the office"!!?
  14. This is off topic - sorry - But there's such an eclectic bunch of people on HPC.com, i thought it would be interesting to get a range of opinions.... I moved back to the UK in early 2004 after many years working overseas. Hated coming back to London, horrified by cost of living (especially property prices) & unfriendly people (especially the women - sorry!). But i knuckled down, got a good consultancy job, saved like crazy & plotted for the day when i could move abroad again. Well, with people being credit crunched all around us, that day may finally be coming. If i rent out my little depreciating box & combine with interest on savings, i should have about £3k/mth after costs. So i'm thinking of giving up the desk job, taking a career break & going to teach English in South America for a few years. Might start in Argentina (probably Buenos Aires) first, then move on to Brazil/Chile/Peru if i get more adventurous. I've done it once before in Vietnam & have a TEFL qualification (for what it's worth). I've only mentioned this to a few friends & the reactions have ranged from enthusiasm through indifference to derisive laughter. So what do you good people think? Am i crazy, or would you think about doing the same? btw - i'm single (obviously) & concluded years ago that i was never going to scale the dizzy heights of the career ladder - i have better things to do with my time on earth. Regards Gort
  15. I cannot judge on the UK as a whole, but I am constantly appauled by the state of London!
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