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  1. Yes, I was there as I was in the area and the Australian Open final finished in time for me to check his protest out. Only 30 or so did turn up, some with video cameras, to listen to him. He spoke very eloquently about Darling not capping RBS bonuses despite having a veto and announced he's withholding his taxes as a protest. That, however, was about it...I enjoyed it but no great 'conspiracy' subtext to his speech (even though I'm not averse to it and believe a lot of it) and not a big call to action either. I will write to Darling, using a pro-forma letter on his website (no2RBSbonus I th
  2. Yes, indeed. Anytime. Again, good luck
  3. Well, you simply buy them like you would shares. You can set up a free trading account with a big bank, Barclays, lloyds etc or a specialist stockbroker like Selftrade. Once the account is open, fund it using your debit card or other such payment method and then purchase through your account your chosen financial product such as shares or etfs. You'll need the ticker/code and for the two I've invested in they are NGAS and LNGA (this latter one is leveraged and so, in theory, the movements should be more dramatic - high 87, low 1.43!). Good luck. I don't know about others but I like to invest
  4. I'm in heavily on both NGAS and LNGA (both exchange traded funds). All my SIPP pension, what little I have, is in LNGA at 2.00 dollars and I've got about 25% of my net worth in a mixture of the other two. Despite buying cheap the prices have continued to plummet - I bought NGAS at 1.50 dollars (previous low during its life was 1.78 - and only briefly at that price) and now its 0.55 today. Absolutely incredible how low its gone! Surely this has to turn around. Perhaps a thread like this shows its going to? Didn't Warren Buffet once say ' We simply attempt to be fearful when others are greed
  5. It would seem to me that revolution could well be destructive anarchy as seen in France in the late 18th century, as you described above. However, its very, very hard to see anything close to a revolution with, crucially I believe, the media being controlled to protect the world elites. So I would say your point is moot. Incidentally, once you know about the moneymasters/illuminati, its amazing how often they could be alluded to, or their plans challenged, in the media but IT NEVER HAPPENS! Does this frustrate you as much as me Bill?!
  6. How about a Natural Gas ETF? I bought NGAS ETF at 2.47 in 2007 and sold in June 2008 with the price at 3.05 - a 25% return. How much is NGAS now? 0.66 Incredibly cheap! I know there are concerns over there being too much gas in the market, which has caused such a marked contraction in the price, however if you're prepared to wait a few years (probably less) the upside is there for all to see. I would consider it a good punt with such a small downside and a recent market high (pre-peak gas remember, whenever that comes) of 4 times its current value.
  7. Yes, there is, however just think - there are many companies not run by good businessmen/women. I'm sure there must have been some estate agents in the latter years of the housing boom who didn't do very well. There's nothing common about common sense
  8. I work in insolvency and if I had a £ for everyone who then says 'Oh, you must be busy' then I'd be typing this in an Armani suit. However, its a small firm and my boss is not the best businessman in the world so we're not taking on huge amounts of new cases. And anyone thinking of insolvency as a career be warned - unless you like copious amounts of paperwork and like following extensive legislation to the letter then this job is not for you. Better than the dole though, I suppose
  9. You could be right - though mainstream media propoganda is a slow process in changing people's opinions. On a related note, don't you find it interesting that there's a lot of people online (this site, youtube etc) who know about the bankers' plans for a New World Order but how many do you know in real life? For example, my dad watched 'The Moneymasters' and only a few weeks later started to talk about Obama as if he had a different agenda to Bush
  10. The OR, and later an insolvency practitioner who becomes Trustee in bankruptcy, can generally only sell one asset that has a secured loan against it - the bankrupt's house. He also has to do this within 3 years or lose the chance to sell forever. Firms can and do buy mortgage debt - its secured and falls outside of the insolvency (bankruptcy) procedure until the trustee wants to realise the property for the benefits of creditors. You may be right about sudent loans and court fines though - to be honest my job is so boring I don't exactly want to read up on it at night
  11. I am an insolvency administrator and can say that secured debts always fall outside of all official insolvency procedures, ie bankruptcy, compulsory liquidation etc. The secured creditors rights continue regardless of how unsecured debts are being dealt with by the insolvency practitioner.
  12. OK, the guests were VIs and the host not asking too may searching questions. However, one thing that did stand out was that there were no outright bearish callers. The reason for this, I believe, is that sharply rising house prices are still fresh in the memory of every adult. Therefore this is NOT the time to buy. I remember the UK property market being dead in the water in '94/'95 when no-one I knew thought you could make money from property any longer - 5 years of falling prices had knocked the stuffing out of buyer sentiment. Of course that's the time to seriously consider buying. Most o
  13. I applaud you. You have an understanding of economic cycles and a good plan there - something similar to mine, in fact, although I'm luckily 'only' 39. I've had a couple of small discussions this week with people about the housing market and all I can say is I know more about 18th century Bulgarian poetry than they seem to know about economics. I kid you not!
  14. For those who don't know, Aaron Russo in America used to know Nick Rockefeller (one of the illuminati) and this man revealed a lot of secrets about what 'they' were planning for the world. He said they eventually want everyone chipped to have complete power over them....and surely ID cards are the next phase of that plan. Horrid stuff However, if this is true (and I believe it as Russo made the film when he was dying of cancer and had little to lose) then the politicians are perhaps more to blame for this horrendous purge on our liberties - they are doing the dirty work for the scum elite.
  15. Try searching youtube for 'cnnn' or 'stupid americans'. Some people in America are so ignorant its actually hard to believe!
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