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  1. Are IO mortgages still available if you prove you have a repayment vehicle in place? Was speaking to the CFO at my company the other day and he was saying that If you we're in a company pension and used AVC's as your repayment vehicle wouldn't this be quite a good way of repaying the capital as it would come from your gross salary and the compounded interest over the term would also be tax free, especially if you are a higher rate tax payer. When interest rates go up the interest payment would increase but then so would the interest on your AVC's. I'm not sure i would do this over a straight r
  2. Fukui has said they will not be making month on month rises so a .25% every quarter is probably a good bet.
  3. Eventually they will have to. We don't run worldwide monetary policy, we just follow it. Anyone remember what happened last time US rates hit 17%?
  4. Forget the ingredients! what we have is a ready made tv dinner in the microwave ready for Bernanke to press the start button Good job I didn't go ahead with that overpriced one bed flat just around the corner from Tulse Hill station huh
  5. Bernanke just made a speech saying inflation was increasing, consumer spending is slowing noticeably and the housing market is cooling. Basically he's saying IR's are going up again out there. It dropped quite quickly after that.
  6. Just watching the conference of American bankers in Washington with Bernanke, Trichet and the deputy of the BOJ. Bernanke was up first and said it is now clear the economy is moderating and it was in a period of transtion. The recent price rises are 'unwelcome' and he and the other members of the fed will remain 'vigilant' to these rises due mainly to rising energy prices. All in all a very hawkish speech and IR sensitive stocks fell. The Dow fell 131 points and the IR futures for the states rose from 50/50 for a rise to 70/30 on the back of his speech. Will let you know later what Triche
  7. Probably is seeing as he spends most of his days online maintaining his own website. If he had one repossesed surely he would have been given a CCJ or something of that nature yet he was still lent more funds to expand his empire. Oh well i'm sure we'll be reading about him in the years to come, Either he'll meet his target or he'll be a high profile bankrupt to add to the list.
  8. The article is actually a few pages long and deep within I found: Not keeping on top of his portfolio: “I bought a leasehold flat for £12,500 in cash, but never found a tenant and sort of forgot about it. I decided to sell and it was worth about £30,000 – but then my solicitor informed me that the property had been repossessed for non-payment of ground rent and service charges. They had sent the bills to the flat itself but because I did not live in it I did not receive them, so I was robbed of my £12,500.” Where do I sign up for his newsletter? Can you hook me up TTRTR?
  9. I am it's called the BTL Brigade and it's fronted by this guy. If people on here think you are highly leveraged imagine how highly geared he must be!
  10. If one of us started up a petition here like that we'd be labelled a terrorist organisation whose prime objective is to bring down the 'Miracle' economy!
  11. HPI should have been included in the CPI so as the bubble started to inflate the figures would have increased core inflation and rates would have gone up sooner thus keeping HPI to a sustainable level.
  12. I think you'll find I said the international community not the British army.
  13. We all complain about inflation picking up over here but just imagine inflation running at over 1000% and is predicted to increase to 1800% by year end. It is truly shocking that the international community hasn't stepped in and overthrown Mugabe given the turmoil he has inflicted on his country! http://www.mercurynews.com/mld/mercurynews...ss/14571730.htm
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