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  1. With regards to Zaranna's post on page 1... Couldnt have put it better myself!! Thats exactly how I feel!! An no, Ritter, I will not plan to raise my children in rented property, I wish for something to pass on to my children when I am gone. I want to have more security than 'a months notice' and I want to know my wages are going somewhere rather than a Land Lords pocket... I fully plan to keep working, keep saving and hopefully one day get out of renting and be able to afford a property to raise a family in. I feel if I had a family now, I would be stuck in the 'renting rut' for many, many years to come!
  2. Welldone you!! Any plans for the extra money? I plan to pay mine off with the next 10-12 months...extra cash will go to the 'House Deposit Fund' ) x x x That was spose to be a smiley face -
  3. Oh, and one more thing ) Yeah I certainly realise it was hard for my folks (and I’m sure most of yours) at several stages of paying for the mortgage (it will be paid off in September). There were times when my folks barely had two coins to rub together…but they always had pensions, insurances for this, that and the other, severe rainy day savings, other savings accounts and my mother only worked 20 hours a week… Would be nice to be struggling and still have that back-up if its needed… ;o) Oh and Xurbia…the wedding was 2 years ago (nearly) and so the money is spent…but yeah, maybe I should have spent the money and travelled around the world heh…
  4. Blimey, people!! Some great posts here – thanks everyone, but its only my second post and I have you all arguing already heh!! It was only meant as a light-hearted post about peoples experiences, I wasn’t expecting all these facts and figures to be posted that would wind up in such an argument!! ;o) So, is it possible to have a poll on these forums? Be interesting to see how many people believe house prices will rise, say, more than 10% in the next 2 years How many think it will fall 10% How many think it will stay the same… Or something along those lines…just to see what the overall feeling is…
  5. My folks have been nagging my Husband and I for a good couple of years as to why we arent ploughing every spare penny into a deposit, working extra jobs and doing loads of overtime...generally not having a life until we save a deposit... I dont think they were thinking it would take that much effort cos of the 'what it was like in our day' speeches we had been getting and we were told that the £1300 they gave us for the wedding would have been a 'very good start...' I personally dont want more than a 80k or 90k mortgage on our current wages (I would like to live without the fear of rising interest rates, have a bit of spare cash and would like to know if 'bubs' came along, we would be ok if I didnt work for a year or two) so would therefore need atleast a 30k deposit for a pokey 2-up, 2-down...not exactly, er, wonderful... BUT NOW...my folks are looking to move into a bungalow, they felt rich because of house price increases, now they have reaslised that the increases are irrelavant, what really matters to them and what they failed to realise is that not only has their house price doubled, so has the bungalow of their dreams and therefore the gap of say 20k they would have had to pay is now in the region of 40k... I asked them, 'but surely if you expected us to have saved 30-40k in 3 years for a deposit, you should have easily saved the 40k to 'upgrade' in 30 the years you've been together, yeah...?' It was said rather sarcastically and was met with strange looks and then eventually they agreed... So yeah, from going from feeling 'rich' because their house was gaining £100 a day, they paid x ammount, now worth y ammount...they are now realising they are going to have to save longer, work longer and no early retirement as planned... Couple that with the fact my Brother cannot afford to move out, so even if they do get a bungalow, they are restrictd on location for my Brothers work. Also put in a daughter (me) who will probably be looking a considerable distance out of the area to be able to afford a house, they will hardly see me, and there will be no grandchildren for the foreseeable future... Great hey?
  6. Hi all, My situation - renting in South Nofolk rural EA, been watching house prices in UK (esp. EA) for about 3 years....cannot afford to buy... EA prices have gone through the roof in the last years (like everywhere else) but recently all seems pretty quiet... A friend of mine came into some money, sold her 1 bed place for 95k and got a 2 bed place for 123k in May 2005. She looked into selling this house a few weeks ago (bubs on the way) and wanted a 3 bed place...she had put in central heating, lovely kitchen (v. expensvie) redecorated the whole house (looked a bit shabby before) new carpets - the works...spent about 11k on it... Had it valued...one said 135k and aim for 130k One said 130k and aim to get 125k cos of stamp duty The other said dont count on getting more than 125k cos of stamp duty She can not afford to move... A house 2 doors away from myself was put on the market 19 months ago...didnt sell...now back on the market at only 5k more (160k) ...still hasnt sold...lovely 3 bed house, great location... A friend of ours bought a 2 bed place November 2004 (North Suffolk), did minimal work to it...18 months later has just sold it for exactly what he paid... Anyone else noticing anything like this in EA? Be interesting to hear what is going on rather that what we are fed by the press etc... x x x
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