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  1. Morality in banking,dont make me laugh even Mervyn says that there is plenty of "moral hazard" in banking...
  2. My daughter cashed in her Banco Santander shares recently,she recieved the correct moneys £700 owed and the share account was closed.Two weeks later she recieved another cheque from the Abbey share dealers for £3300 made out in her name and all present and correct.We took a bit of a flyer and put it in her account where it was cleared and it has been sat in her account for last few weeks.There was a message on our phone last night asking my daughter to phone the share dealing people who I guess have worked out their mistake.Any one know how she stands as far as whether they can take their money back even though they had allowed the cheque to clear..........?
  3. Me i reckon shares are still going to be a good investement this year what do you think.........
  4. i took some wonderful photos all those years ago when they demolished the chimneys quite a spectacle that was i loved the profile the power station had on the hamworthy skyline,anyway i reminisce,the thought of them sticking that many flats and houses and bits on what is quite a small piece of land with only one road in and oh yes the same road back out well makes the taylor woodrow "prison" flats on the other side of the road look almost desirable!!
  5. I wonder if all the tuc members on the ground agree with their "masters" views especially those who have either lost their jobs or potential pay rises due to mass CHEAP LABOUR immigration.........
  6. i have been approached by her as well. hpc mainstream here we go.
  7. gonna lose their bottle led on by randy blamanceflower.a hold im afraid
  8. "UK HOUSING RENTAL" Tenant demand has cooled in the face of rising rents,slower employment growth and a bounce in home sales,figures indicated. The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors said in the last three months to April 16 percent more of its members reported a rise than a fall in tenant lettings-down from 28 percent in 2006.That is the biggest drop in rental demand for almost two years and is below the long-run average of 18 percent data showed. Times Buisness section wed May 30th
  9. Insurers_told_to_expect_severe_US_storm_season__Business__Money__Telegraph.htmInsurers_told_to_expect_severe_US_storm_season__Business__Money__Telegraph.htm
  10. Its not just these economists(and i use the word lightly cuz david smith thinks he is one and we know what a knob he is) but the man on the street that is starting to talk about the market crashing. I had a lorry driver in today who unprompted said that because littlejohn in the sun says houses are way overpriced that a crash is inevitable what with the sun readers and express and mail masses being fed such fodder it is sinking in and aiding the coming major sentiment change
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