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  1. opening the cornflakes at the bottom of the box to get the toy.(do they still put them in) the half pence. asking, are you on the phone? (meaning do you have a land line) being able to remember the number cos it only had four didgets. being told to leave the car windows down a bit when parking in town on a hot day plastic car seats that gave third degree burns if you didn't leave the windows down a bit hubba bubba applauding the pilot after landing standing in a que at the post office and feeling like you are in england, not lithuania pale ale calling your friends parents mr this or mrs that. people saying please moon dust moon dust and fizzy pop. instant rabies. half day closing on a thursday. when sundays were boring bob a job week when crisp packets were full when items on the antiqes roadshow were worth more than a terrace being able to sell a terrace being able to post a letter and know it will get there mods and rockers, skins and punks northern soul the yamaha FS1E. when endowments worked no vat on chips eeeh. them were the days
  2. Ram it. The people I work for and with are on a NATIONAL scale, and they are feeling prety shit at the moment. Everywhere. Yes I agree nottingham has dropped by quite a substantial percentage, bad press, crime etc etc, but I am not talking small scale here. Contractors are being screwed down to the last penny for new work. WHY.? Because the top brass at these places know very well that they will have to sell for less over the next few years. They aint thick.
  3. No hpc. ? mmmm. I'll let you into a little secret shall I. Last week, a national builder with a site in my town/city realised why they were not selling their houses. Its because another national is selling theirs 30K cheaper for the similar. I know, they say, we'll drop ours 35K, that'll sort it. ooops. The rival dropped theirs by another 5k this week....Jeronimo...............(dont know if i spelt that right)
  4. talking to a guy i know yesterday who is a director of a company who is heavily into new builds for several national house builders. To keep it short, the general theme was that several sites were almost at a standstill, and one of the builders ( a major one at that ) had let it be known to their sub contractors that nothing new will be started untill next year, and one new site which is at foundation level has been shut and covered over with top soil!!. Not even going to build the show house. He also said, that on good authority, they, being the builders, have run out of incentives to offer joe public to get them through the sales office door. No more we'll pay your mortgage for a year crap etc etc, theres only one option left, cut prices..
  5. Here it comes. Heard last week of two small/medium size builders (100 plots a year ish) battening down the hatches. All staff and sub contractors laid off. Another larger builder who a guy I know works for are only releasing one second fix (doors , skirtings, radiators, boiler. No kitchen or bathrooms) a month on certain sites and nothing new coming out of the ground. It can't be long now before the big boys start to feel the pinch and have to do the same. It happened last time. Sales teams are frantically checking out the rivals to see what the punter gets for his money from such and such builder compared to themselves. They are even employing 'Dolly birds' to hand out glossy leaflets in my town on a Saturday promoting a development some twenty miles away, in a much larger city. Dont think things are to rosy at the moment. Glad I got out of it a year ago..
  6. does anyone know when the sellers pack legislation comes into force. Also, if a house is for sale when the date passes does the vendor then have to conform with the rules or is it only properties that come onto the market after the said date.
  7. Hi all, just like to throw my two peneth in. NOT BE LONG NOW. Twenty odd years ago I completed my apprenticeship as a plumber/heating engineer on the'house bashing'circuit, and what I am seeing now is so similar to then. Fresh faced and ready to make my way with tools in van, it all seemed to go wrong. All of a sudden,(as it appeared to me then), after five years of non stop building and watching selling prices double things didn't seem so busy on site. The number of houses being released on new phases were reduced, plots being built to roof and windows were standing with no internal works, or at best taken to plaster stage. Hints being dropped that it may be a 'good time' to take your holidays, jobs that the previous year would have taken two days, can be stretched out to four, but there is still only two days money in it, site managers getting over picky about things because they are bored, or have the time to do their job properly, the list could go on but the signs are here again. Things are definately slowing down this year, and another rate rise should just about do it.
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