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  1. So a couple on average wages take home 46,000. That's enough for a substantial property.
  2. Show me, then, where these arguments have been discussed before and been properly answered. I've noticed some threads but the points of the 'bulls' just get ignored and slagged off in an immature way. I think many are getting the gut feeling they've been wrong and are pissed off.
  3. I see. I'm new to this and believed it to be a discussion forum. I obviously have some valid points that you do not wish to challenge. Still, I'm not going anywhere, so AWOOGA away!
  4. It isn't. That's why you've been so wrong for so long in predicting a house price crash. If oil prices can treble and inflation barely moves then the economy is better insulated from shocks than you think, so low interest rates for the forseeable future is a good guess. You seem to think there was a golden age where every tom, dick, harry, shiela, shirley and ellen could all afford a house. Houses and mortgages have always been expensive things.
  5. But with low interest rates for the forseeable future the graph line can move upwards quite a bit.
  6. So average house prices are seven times average wages. But has it not occured to you that someone buying an 'average house' is likely to have equity from their starter home or flat, which is only four times average income? I've yet to see evidence that house prices are unsustainable at this level. Interest rates are low, you see.
  7. Hmm, we'll see about house prices. There is just not the feeling that prices are going to fall. Fact is, outside London, houses are affordable.
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