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  1. Happy to oblige. I bought in Infinity Tower in Dubai Marina. (Tallest twisting residential building in the world in the Word's tallest block). The building was delayed for a year as there was a force majeure ( a huge flood when the marina wall was breached), but so were the payments. The building is currently up to floor 45 out of 80 and completion is expected in March 2012. The building looks stunning already and I can't wait to holiday there. Despite all the talk of nonsensical 40% off 50% price drops, the price is more than holding up. I'm still very happy with the purchase. You onl
  2. Definitely the latter - except I would never use foul language like that!
  3. As one who's commented on this issue, I'm not saying it's not right for non-investors to say negative things. What I was saying was that it's an absolute nonsense to say things about flights not happening, rents not being achieved, stars not moving in etc. The place isn't built so how can such factors be seen as not happening? What I am condemning is the people who see Saidia as a failure because this or that "hasn't happened". Yes, orices haven't shot up but that's the only 'failure' so far - it doesn't mean that Saidia itself is a failure which is what the gloaters seem to be saying. It
  4. Of course there are no flights and nothing has happened etc there's nothing much there. it's a building site in its early stages. What's difficult to understand about that? Why keep posting if you know nothing about the place?
  5. Agree totally with Euroscooby. Most of us bought a holiday home not a sure-fire investment. Delays are disappointing, but it doesn't alter the quality of the finished product. Building something like Mediterranea Saidia from scratch is a huge undertaking. It was obviously going to take years. What's new? Why are the doomsayers still posting? Get a life!!!
  6. No, converted lurker. Ferrari is absolutely correct. There is no way that anyone who bought an apartment back in 2005 made a loss. If you're that convinced, post the details and let us see. Apartment, district, square footage, price paid and when, price sold and when. I know everyone on HPC wants to see Armageddon, but please give us the facts. I'll go first - bought a 607 sq ft studio in the Marina in FEB 2007, 3 downpayments of approx £8k each, ie £24k (each payment the currency exchange rate varied slightly), sold and had money in account April 2008 (£62k) If your friend really did
  7. Thanks but I can't seem to use the pm function on this forum.
  8. You'll be banned from this forum! You are only allowed here if you are spreading doom and gloom. Well done on what has been a great return and in getting your property rented so quickly. I too think Dubai and the UAE is definitely the place to be - both for returns and a good place to visit. Nice to hear from someone 'on the ground' that things are still moving quickly - but the doomsayers who have never been there won't like it!!!!!
  9. Yes we have a golf villa - happily planning on spending some of our time there in winter when it's all up and running.
  10. Well Rondy and Jesus, you've really shown your true colours and discredited yourselves totally. The punters haven't left the forum - it's just that we're not as full of verbal diarrhoea as some people. The latest photos of Saidia ( and I've seen over 400) look fantastic actually and I'm very pleased with the way things are progressing.
  11. You seem incredibly arrogant but as I presume you have been to Dubai and are familiar with the market out there, why is at a stunning example of denial? Please enlighten me. I am also curious as to why you assume the purchase of off-plan property is a futures contract. Having bought several off-plan properties over the last nine years, I know how off-plan purchasing works. However I am not familiar with gambling on the stock market which is what I had always assumed futures contracts to be.
  12. I also have properties in Dubai and, like Ferrari, I also check the prices regularly. Mine are off-plan and so have not experienced the hike which comes as soon as they are completed. I bought a studio in Dubai Marina last February for 567,000AED - the cheapest now is over 800,000 AED. Dubai prices are still increasing rapidly and are likely to continue to do so. Construction costs for everything from materials to shipping are increasing, land prices are increasing and because the dirham is tied to the dollar, inflation is being forced upwards. The doom-mongers are missing out here.
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