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  1. Hi All, Completly off the subject but i havent been about for a while and i thougt that you all might like to know that a major investment has been made on Jardin de Fleur by England footballers. For more info please click on the following link. http://www.propertyshowrooms.com/Forum/Topic73-12-1.aspx Regards, Andy Welland
  2. Hi Soup, Magnate and Digs, Digs - The information that you have seen on our website is a rough guide and you should always get professional advice on tax issues. Soup and Magnate - I know that Soup is using CBA Law and we have started to recommend this company to our clients that are buying in Morocco. I spoke with Ross Coates last week and they have a new lawyer that is from the Tetouan area starting tomorrow who can also advise on Tax implications. You may have noticed that there are more apartments showing as available on the JDF website, this is due to Property Logic having a clean up
  3. Hi Soup I have just phoned Property Logic to see if i can find out for you. It shouldnt be to hard as they have started to move the earth and create the water hazards on that golf course, plus they have also put in markers as to where the holes are going to be. They said they will get back to me but failing that i will be there again on the 1st of september. Andy Hi Soup, This is even quicker. Take a look at the picture attached, i got this from the following link http://www.segalesgolf.net/disenyo.php?lang=eng&id=75 Andy
  4. Hi Everyone, Ok VAT in Morocco is a subject that I will be the first to admit is not my best subject, and I have seen lots of various postings on the subject saying that you have to pay it, you don't have to pay it and so on and so on. If you take Saidia as an example Fadesa and Tasa promoted their prices and then added 14% VAT where as JDF and Oasis prices were inclusive of 14% VAT. If VAT was something that didn't apply to off plan property in Morocco then I am sure that as Saidia is the Kings and the Governments main focus at the moment it would have been bought up by now. I have heard t
  5. Hi Gasman, If you email me on [email protected] i will send you some details on Fadesa´s Kabila development on the Med Coast. Andy
  6. Could you let me know what is said within the program......only because i live in Spain and channel 5 is impossible to get in the UK, let alone over here.
  7. No problem, if you need any further info then please feel free to contact me directly. Andy Welland Overseas Property Manager Property Showrooms [email protected] Website: www.propertyshowrooms.com Tel: +34 952 475 506 (Outside UK) Tel: 0871 734 1851 (Within UK) Fax: +34 952 917 461 E-Fax 0871 277 4725 (Within UK)
  8. Hi Soup Dragon, I noticed your posting on the C4 forum with regards to getting direct contact with developers so here goes. La Saidia. www.fadesa.co.uk - contact details available on their website. www.lejardindefleur.com - Property Logic - no contact details available on ewebsite but send me a pm and i will give it to you. www.oasismorocco.com - Superior - contactdetails available on their website www.grupotasa.com - Tasa - Good luck with this one as their website is in spanish but should be in English within the next 2 weeks. Other projects Emaar - http://www.emaar.com/morocco/ - No
  9. Hi Big Log, I know i said that things had gone a bit quite and then all of a sudden i come back from lunch and we have a full blown debate on our hands. At the end of the day everyone has there own view which is the whole idea behind having this forum. The world would be a boring place if we were all the same. Another point that nobody has mentioned yet is the 1200 affordable homes that Fadesa have to build over the next 5 years in the town of Saidia which will be for Key workers of the resort and will also be at a preset price of (please dont take this as an exact figure) 25,000€. I can
  10. Hi Big Log, First of all i am glad to see that yourself and others are still coming to the forum as it seemed to go quite for a little while, also unlike other chat sites this one seems to be keeping a level head about it and we are able to have an adult conversation with each other and post genuine views and opinions. I didnt mean to sound as though i agreed with what Dog Box asked. It is just that if someone asked me that question then it would suggest that their intention was to sell it on after a couple of years. I also think that it doesnt matter where in the World people buy, there w
  11. Hi Big Log, Why else would he ask the question hahahahaha
  12. Just a bit of a general update for everyone, I have just got the first artist impressions on the Kerzner project at Mazagan which i have attached to this posting. Also I was in La Saidia on Friday and was quite impressed as i have not been there for a few weeks. So here is a bit of an update....The King was visiting the site on the Saturday so there was lots of activity everywhere from Oujda airport all the way to Saidia. In the villages along the route they were painting everything from curbstones, walls and even the bottoms of the trees and generally having a really good tidy up. In the res
  13. Hi Dog Box, I got your pm and didnt notice that you had started another topic so i was i bit confussed. I have just spoken to Fadesa who have told me that the lease is for the 60 years but is split up into 3 x 20 year periods. What will happen is that you have the lease for the first 20 years and then get 1st refusal for the next 20 years. If you want to sell at any point then you will be selling the remainder of that 20 year period and the person who buys it will then get the option of first refusal on the next 20 year lease. Please however note that Fadesa will have to get 1st refusal on
  14. Hi Dog Box, I just got a personal message from you today regarding Marina births that we talked about some time ago at the time i posted the following reply. Both Jardin de Fleur and Oasis are getting their marina births from Fadesa so if you contact them directly you might have a better chance of geting one. It might be that the agent you have been dealing with is only contacting JDF who only have 10m births left. I dont know if this was an old message that has just come through but drop me a pm if you have any questions.
  15. You are so right, i am also glad that they are not just letting anyone take units there. This is just another factor in making La Saidia an exclusive resort.
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