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  1. Quite ironic really - Al Qaeda blow up the twin towers because they think we are decadent. The upshot is we become even more decadent (at least in the short term). Not sure if 911 really made a big difference though. I think we were heading for a recession anyway, so the BOE would probably have followed the same path. The only real linkage is that our IRs seemed quite high relative to the rest of the world - so they looked justified. Either way, I'm not getting too het up about house prices. Taxes and unemployment are increasing, multinationals are heading offshore, pensions are heading for
  2. Will have to think about that... Anyway, must go to bed....
  3. It won't but I can't see a better alternative.
  4. Am not sure about foreign markets but this just seems like a shameless attempt to appeal to people who currently have properties but who currently can't afford trade up (i.e. the tory core vote). I'm not sure if this policy has anything to do with FTBs. Stamp duty is pretty incedental to the price of an FTB property but the net result will be an increase of 4X the difference of the saving on house prices. I can't work out whether the Tories are trying to lose the election or whether they are genuinely out of touch? I'd almost decided to voty Conservative. This announcement pretty much means
  5. "Good luck Kirsty and if theyre anything like the first lot tell them to p!ss off!"! Telling your customers to "p*ss off"? - Am sure this is how Tesco became so successful!
  6. Yep - am off to the pub to spend some of the money I have saved by staying out of the market
  7. Should have taken the original offer - no spend and a lot more money Hahaha
  8. Why is the agent wasting her time with these guys? She knows it won't sell for the price.
  9. Something to bear in mind with partnerships is that you would become liable for all the debts run up by any of the partners. It's not just your debts and there's unlimited liabiliy.. If a partner does something you don't know about, then it all goes wrong, all partners are equally liable. If you have more money than them, you would be responsible for their debts, too - irrespective of whether you even knew they had been taken out. You have to have 110% trust to even think about running a partnership scheme...
  10. Plus the tax I'm sure you paid on the profit
  11. I agree about our generation being spoilt and it's quite sad how many areas like this have been allowed to decline. I'm not sure if the prefab construction is a problem in itself (It's probably as solid as a newbuild!). I think the biggest problem is that many of the original families have moved out as the drugs culture has taken over, whhich leaves the question why borrow so much (relatively) today to live in an area with so many problems? It makes no sense.
  12. I have to drive through this estate occasionally. The agent has done very well to get such a flattering picture of this genuinely upgraded property Is this really the kind of cr*p that somebody on a 20K+ salary can expect to live in? I would want to be paid danger money to live here rather than pay a small fortune!
  13. Just saw a re-run and the best part was the Sky presenter saying "Prices are predicted to come down by 20% - but don't worry there's not going to be a crash!" Think I'm going to have to check my definition of the "c" word!
  14. Word from the streets says -13.33% Don't tell anyone
  15. Only Me, I agree. Manipulating your way out of recession with policies / decisions that encourage the current level of MEW can only store up serious long-term issues for the majority.
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