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  1. I'm waiting for that list You may inspire me to come up with one. I don't dare post the #1 track again - has stayed with me for life. Nothing comes close. Oh, whatever. Someone might have missed it 1994.
  2. PWL came up trumps with this one. Oh, that summer. 20 years old.. Now, am I wrong for liking the pop single version more than the house 12" mix?
  3. While somewhat "incomplete" in some ways, there is something "magic" about this one.
  4. Someone's been on a minimalist house trip Back then I didn't comprehend how good this was and, now, still is.
  5. More seriously... back to 1990.. This was produced in England for this Italian artist. I managed to get the LP from Discogs recently. Very formative. I think this is outstanding. Has entered my "chart of all time" Such lovely keyboard work. My Italian is now good enough to get most of the words. Lucio Battisti - La Sposa Occidentale (The Western Bride)
  6. You'll have me digging out the Chic LPs next" I shall confess that I have the vinyl of this.
  7. If that has you in the mood for trance, another new discovery of something old and truly marvellous. I can feel the hairs standing up on the back of my neck when that vocal comes in Basic Connection - Hablame Luna
  8. I have the vinyl of those last two - from pretty early on in the collection I actually have Jellybean's LP - Steven Dante had a gorgeous voice, always liked that one. The problem with coming up with "charts of the year" is that you end up later discovering something that should have been in there. From last year.. Axwell and Shapov - Belong
  9. I know that I'm the one with that love of Latin-esque sounds, but there must surely be something wrong with you if you don't start tapping your feet to this one Probably where Rudenko got the riff from for "Destination".
  10. The main mix of this seems to have vanished from YouTube, so have uploaded it as "Unlisted".
  11. "Touch Me" came from Media Records which was the "stable" of both Gianfranco Bortolotti and Paola Peroni, my hero Continuing that theme.. I think this one of the all-time greats. Doesn't get much more "happy" than this.
  12. To my shame I don't have the !2" of that. That's such a good mix. Play that, and then move on seamlessly to a couple of other true greats from that era. (Cough: speed stability, eh? My audiophile side coming out) .. then this masterpiece.. They really don't make them like that any more Edit: pissed.
  13. No matter how long this thread runs, it still turns up wonderful things I'd never heard before Her music excites me
  14. I have that on vinyl from back in the day See your PMs.
  15. I still fall for the Eurodance and cheese, this one's a classic - very "Cappella"-esque (with good reason). There's a lovely less cheesy disco mix on Tidal. tidal.com/track/28423432
  16. Rounding up a few top dance tracks from 2016:
  17. Pretty much so. What really annoys me is receiving a letter on 9 December "suggesting" an increase in the rent with a slip to return, then phone calls and emails, and when I reply to say "We'll think about it but we're not going to pay the amount you have asked" to then get a somewhat stroppy email "this needs to be sorted out before Christmas" and "We've applied this and it's due from January 1st". AFAIK rent increases require: 1. One month's notice, and 2. Agreement This appears to ignore both of those. My email did not reject the idea of an increase. It rejected the proposed amount ("this would be at the top end of such properties and this is not in that category") and said that we'd discuss it and get back to them. I think someone needed to get this sorted for a bonus and believes that it is now sorted. I'm minded to leave it until they notice that we've paid the "old" amount in January and then ask if they would like to begin a discussion about a potential rent increase, having closed one down before. Mostly because I don't think we'll be here past March anyway. We've been "window shopping" for months, but there's so much on the market at little more than we pay now that this really has incentivised us to act.
  18. Rural, near Alton in Hampshire. This house is very small. For instance there is nowhere to put a dishwasher. The bathroom is so small you can't really get two people in it at the same time. It is suited to a couple with a cat but it isn't a family home. What they're asking is towards the top end for a two bed house. Small, and in the current condition with a knackered bathroom and some knackered mismatched kitchen units, plus knackered upstairs carpets and all the doors a buttercup faded yellow colour - nothing "damaged" just ancient - it is not "top end". They know this full-well, decoration is a "dirty word". The land and properties are owned by a Trust which is basically two women living off the proceeds occasionally selling a few of them off. Money is only spent in dire emergencies. From what I can see (since we've been 'window shopping' on Rightmove for a few months now) rents appear to be falling. There's plenty available. Indeed more so now than there has been before. Even taking into account the time of year. There are some 'kite-flyers' but those get reduced within a month or so. Indeed looking at the agent's website, I can see properties better than this not so far away for the same money, mostly refurbished and in good condition (tempted to ask for some viewings), and actually we're not tied to this area; we're looking at Micheldever near Winchester which is priced about the same, maybe more. We actually have more to spend and will do so but not on this. I know people probably say "We'll move" when talking about rent increases, but, we are going to move as we want somewhere bigger and in better condition.
  19. We rent a small two bed cottage from a high-end estate agent from whom I might have expected better. Generally, the policy appears to be to do no decorative work whatsoever until, for an actual example, mould begins to come through the paintwork in the bathroom and the bath begins to rust. Said bath was re-sprayed (believe the term for this is "re-enamelling") but now that's all peeling off so it looks worse than it did. The taps don't drip, they run, and so the enamel on the sink in the bathroom has actually worn away now and looks dreadful so needs replacing now. Policy is to review rent every two years and so was due around this time. Tenancy agreement just says "reviewed every two years". We've been here for about 7 years, so month-to-month tenancy. I understand this to mean that the landlord can propose an increase which has to be agreed and that we are not obliged to agree. In the past we've agreed subject to certain decorative work and so the increase has taken effect some months later. Neighbour has the same issue with them. So: on 9 December we get a letter dated 5 December asking for an 8% increase. On 16 December the calls begin. Actually I didn't know who it was, I was driving. Then an email chasing return of the "acceptance" part of said letter agreeing to the increase. I reply wishing festive cheer and making it clear that 1. We won't be paying the full increase largely because it would take the rental to more than we think the place is worth and 2. There doesn't seem to be any hurry since an increase wouldn't apply until February allowing for one month's notice. We will revert after the holidays. I get a reply the next day saying they think the rent is fair and that "this needs to be cleared up before Christmas". The following day another reply - "we haven't heard back so we've applied the increase and the new amount is due from 1 January". Now, actually, we're planning on moving and for just £50 more than they're asking we can have a lovely three bed detached. This is why what they're asking is simply more than it is worth. Plus: when we move - this place needs an all new bathroom and new upstairs carpets, plus paintwork - a legacy of spending little to nothing on it, so there's a bill of a few thousand coming their way. They'll probably just re-spray the bath again but some other things are dreadful. I can't believe it will fetch what they are asking from us without that work and maybe not even then. We plan on moving in February. I am minded to reply after Christmas making it clear that no rent increase has been agreed and we propose a 2% increase. I would also offer to go higher if the bathroom and carpets are replaced (which I know they won't do) except that we plan to move anyway. I wasn't going to mention that bit. How would you proceed and reply?
  20. If anyone not into dance music has stumbled across this thread this is not one to click on. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5FCWeQ_OQ1M
  21. One of those rare times when I think the 7" single mix was the best one. My #1 of 1998. Not on YouTube yet - nobody seems to have this. So have uploaded it. Paganini Traxx - Release Yourself
  22. Must have posted this before. Two of my all-time favourites mixed together.
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