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  1. I think the fact that you are questioning your decision says it all................ As you stated How big a mistake do you guys think I'm making?
  2. Happy new year! I have just received my Which mag? this morning in the post. An interesting read (not that it applies to me). As they say ................. Over 60 and worried your pension won't be enough to get by on? before you sign up for an equity release scheme read this............ (the article covers 4 pages) "Equity release schemes should come with a warning" Which says "we think it's irresponsible to advertise these schemes like this (they give an example of one by Norwich Union - dream holiday, new car, conservatory even a face lift). They should be mainly as a last resort if you can't get by on your pension and savings and have no other options such as moving home.
  3. Happy New Year everyone! I am still here, lurking occassionally in the background! It was a gamble investing £60K, we have been getting between £50 to top £350 a month. Not a good investment for us, but it just takes a big one to make it all worth it!!!!!!!!!!
  4. I joined in about March/April 2004. The site was found either in the paper (most likely Sunday Times) or on the radio (Radio 2). It definately was not by surfing the web. It was the old style forum then, I was mentioned in an article written by Anne Spankymaam in the Sunday Times last year along with a few others from this site and other similar sites.
  5. Hello all, not posted for quite a while, still watching the property market up here though. Can't respond on Nottingham prices, but in rural area prices are dropping, not alot appears to be selling ie no evidence of sold signs. Have seen some nice price drops eg £50K off in one swoop from £395K.
  6. The EA who sold our house reckoned on about £5-7K would be all that you could get away with, that was about 3 years ago though and I don't think they had cottoned on to this at the time.
  7. In my experience of EA's all of them prefer you to use a sign, after all, it increases their exposure and further marketing of the property. IMO the reason for no for sale sign is down to the vendor not wanting other people to know their selling up.
  8. I slept next to a motorbike once overnight, not quite the same
  9. Back page of the Sunday Times business section "Schmoozing the bank governor" Prufrock: Schmoozing the Bank governor Edited by Louise Armitstead If you want to spend some time with Mervyn King, the current incumbent at the Old Lady of Threadneedle Street, then you need to get interested in tennis, opera and football. Here’s why. I have come by a list of all the entertainment King has accepted over the past couple of years — and it is fascinating reading. As well as tickets and lunch at the Wimbledon finals and at the Royal Albert Hall Masters tennis, King, who describes himself as a “die-hard” Aston Villa fan, has enjoyed pre-game lunch with “Deadly” Doug Ellis (pictured below), the 81-year-old chairman of the club. He has also spent time with Sir Roy Gardiner at Manchester United. Lord Browne, chief executive of BP, and Lord Marshall, former chairman of British Airways, have taken the governor to the Royal Opera House. I hear King is not yet going to the last night of the Proms. C’mon, now’s your chance. AAHHH, I can't find the link help me out peeps
  10. Page 11 of the Sunday Times Business Section Quote of the week From a report by 2 Canadian economists maps out the dangers to the global economy if there is a pandemic of avian influenza "Soaring death rates would puncture the housing bubble and create vast oversupply"
  11. Sold 3 years ago accidently ended up renting now for 3 years. Our house is big, enough toilets for one each more than enough bedrooms for everyone and a very large garage for all the diy, gardening and hobby stuff. Children happy at school, other half happy in job, just waiting for the right house to pop up at a figure I am happy to pay. If you are looking for somewhere to store stuff and your property doesn't have the space, we used a council lock up garage for a while in a very tiny rural village. It was safe enough and cost very little a month, it did the job whilst we were having a clear out and sorting things out.
  12. I too asked the question re why some houses do not show up that were definately sold? A reply came back was that they were bought by the Russians! I'm still none the wiser!
  13. Kirsty alert - Kirsty alert Sorry to but in and hijack the theme of this thread but have just been watching morning tv on ITV whilst ironing before going on holiday and OMG Krusty will be on in the next minute doing - CHEAP CHIC FASHION Will she be eating a hat at the end of it? Lets see....................
  14. http://news.independent.co.uk/uk/this_brit...ticle304653.ece
  15. Where do you plan to stop off on your world tour CIUW? Perhaps some of us on here who have done the same as you could pass on the names of some excellent beaches - I know I can in the Far East.
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