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  1. its all starting to crumble and there still in the denial phase
  2. what has happened to mintedBTL? i can't remember what my username was at the time
  3. haha i used to live in manchester too i had many friends at uni studying and living in fallowfield the area mentioned in the article. Although I do also drive thru the area frequently. pretty run down houses, cheap rent, really filthy student houses. used to be prime btl area ........up untill recently and we all know which way the markets heading now.....well the sane people amongst us do
  4. its funny how things can change in a period of time i've been reading this forum for about 6 months and going from "prices are rising" to "prices are leveling out, but won't go down" to "prices are falling" simplistic i know i know many 1st time buyers who have bought a house in the last 2-4 months. I feel sorry for them, but then again did they bother to do any kind of research on the market? nope!
  5. i saw that this morning.... about 20 past 8 i think found it very amusing!! i think it made the headline worse for the fact that she was saying she didn't want to see or hear about that!! bring it on!
  6. i drink for the social interaction and to get out and have some fun but do admit i find it very difficult to go to a pub and not drink, usually get to the bar and theres a beer already waiting for me before i've requested one! drink beer aleast 3 times a week bottle of wine a week too red wine is too good to give up!!
  7. £30 quid is a bit much but you can see people being tempted by a pound, especially if you could do it with ease on the net whats a pound at the end of the day!? not even a pint of beer!
  8. this seems a bit like the old www.houseforapound.com which has drawn a winner dredful website tho
  9. i can't tell if Marketeer is being serious or not its hard to tell with the spelling errors whats is his view bull or bear?
  10. oh yeah its going up and up for ever and ever........of course it is its a well known trend in the history of economics... its gonna nose drive and you know it......its gonna take alot of greedy people with it.
  11. 1) Market view: Bear - the markets going fuzzy - 35% 2) Market postion: prospective FTB 3) Area of Country: north london 4) Occupation and Employer : senior software developer 5) Highest Level of Education: Bsc Computer Science and Management 6) Age (or age group): 25
  12. would have been interesting to know everyones age with this little survey too. wage 25k age 25 2.5 years working 7k pep £500 isa just starting out really! bit depressing reading how much money people are earning!
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