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  1. F**k it! I give up. It's not going to happen. House prices will rise forever. The rich will get richer. Normal folk will be priced out forever. We'll all be renting from the gentry in 20 years time. My wife will have a break down or leave me. It's all f**ked! That is all.
  2. Bloody hell, I've just done some on-line mortgage calculations and for a 140k house, I need a 21k deposit. You're having a giraffe! That's not going to stimulate recovery!
  3. Well, I still can't afford to buy, and I earn decent money. As another poster has stated, unemployment is rising, interest rates will have to rise at some point, inflation is still present. Banks aren't going to suddenly start offering 125% mortgages again, and peoples savings/deposits are being eroded. Still some way off the bottom I think.
  4. Am I alone in wondering why the Halifax reported house price rises last month despite everyone else reporting drops? Anybody got an idea how that works?
  5. 12 hours later, still down. Blimey, this essential maintenance must be pretty bl***y essential!
  6. It's now the O2 arena and doing rather well as it goes. Maybe T-Mobile could take over Woolies and MFI!
  7. This is what I said months ago. The credit crunch (before it was even called so) would be delayed because the sheeple would put their heads in the sand and supplement their mortgages with CCs until they could switch to a cheaper mortgage. Guess what, no cheaper mortgages out there. Pretty soon the space for CC top ups will be gone and we'll start seeing some serious repossession.
  8. So are we still thinking that the media are underestimating the drop? If so, and they're saying 15-20% by the end of 2009, what do we think is realistic? 30%? Or is sanity returning to the media and we're all converging on 15-20%?
  9. WOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOO House prices fell for the sixth consecutive month in April • The price of a typical house is now 1% lower than this time last year • The Bank of England’s Special Liquidity Scheme should help to improve wholesale markets • More than 5 million borrowers have directly benefited from Bank of England rate cuts Headlines...................................April 2008....March 2008 Monthly index * Q1 '93 = 100.....355.5..........359.4 Monthly change*........................-1.1%..........-0.7% Annual change...........................-1.0%...........1.1% Average price............................£178,555......£179,110 Edited for formatting
  11. Spooky. In the thumbnail there's clearly a fluffy white cat behind Kirsty. In the fullsize version. NO cat!!!!
  12. Anyone notice this bit "Bloody hell, I think I'd have felt like running away and handing back the keys." Methinks she may be close to repo
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