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  1. Not really - you know what I mean - pretty much any party with 'national' in their title. Extremist agendas that promote hatred, prejeudice, persecution and will likely set us back 50 years with considerable loss of life.
  2. That's true - I was gearing up for this and telling people a major asset price correction was coming back in 2004 - 7 years later................ It's not in my interest for this to happen, not at all, I am just trying to second guess what comes next as it's very difficult to foresee from here.
  3. There will be governments changing hands on a regular basis through this period. All it takes is a vote of no confidence in most democratic Parliaments and a general election is called. Politicians are not in safe jobs at the moment and I suspect they know that. What we need to avoid is replacing good governments with right wing replacements - that's a real danger - some new voices need to step forward and be heard.
  4. why not? innovation and evolution in an advanced society can still occur within an economic model that isn't reliant on constant expansion
  5. The only wishful thinking is for a positive outcome - we have an abundance of choice.
  6. It sounds like it's happy fluffy hippy world we need then ! All aboard the Sky Lark. Shrinkage and expansion are terms associated with growth. Achieving sustainability requires management of the startegy to maintain that sustainability and doesn't have to result in warfare. To make anything work requires will, common purpose and direction.
  7. I couldn't agree more. We need economies that are self sustainable and do not require growth to succeed. All we hear about is growth and how important it is. Bigger numbers are not better than smaller numbers - they are just numbers! We have economies that are led by Financials and driven by the Consumer - that approach has had it's day and now fails us. It is time for change.
  8. Interesting advice durhamborn - the flight into Treasuries and the dollar is definitely how the hedge funds and traders see this playing out. How do you buy T bills and what do you expect to happen to yields on these in 2012 / 13? I fear that gold may be vunerable to mass sell offs as govts, corporations and individuals try to liquidate cash to cover other losses - but I really don't know.
  9. Only if the intention is to buy time for an alternative system to be deployed. The current fiat monetary system is man made and there is no reason why it cannot be replaced by something better - that may require: - 1) A return to a gold starndard or to a standard based on a basket of precious metals 2) Global agreement on a mass debt writedown 3) A rebalance of wealth and prosperity across the planet 4) A complete review of how we live and work, what our collective goals are and what we aspire to for both ourselves and for furture generations There is definitely an opportunity here to do something Good. We can achive anything we put our minds to - I fervently believe that and I also believe that one day we will collectively share that vision. It can be now or it can be in 1000 years from now - I have little control over the timeline I'm afraid.
  10. Hi all, Looking back to when this all began in 2004 all I was expecting was a series of interest rate rises and the bursting of a house price bubble. How naieve that analysis turned out to be and how did it come to this ? Kicking the can down the street is clearly preferrable to a world wide economic collapse and depression but thus far I haven't seen an intelligent plan to get us out of this and the can is on the edge of the cliff. I take it there is a plan out there somewhere? A mix of debt, gold and cash is my each way hedge position but if any of you good people have a strategy you wish to share I'd be happy to read about it. Should be an interesting week, hopefully not one we will remember for the rest of our lives ! Regards, CB
  11. I bet - that's one life down - he will 'kin need the remaining 8 for sure. The euro nazis will be out for him - personal opinion of course.
  12. Check this one out: - Now I consider myself to be left wing yet agree with every sentence.
  13. Regardless of whether you like or dislike Nigel Farage you have to concede that the guy has balls the size of melons. His performances when laying into these European Commission clowns are truly outstanding.
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