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  1. you should see the sleezebag EA's on the show that's on now!! trying to push up the highest bidder at auction
  2. Or have I just noticed it now? channel 250
  3. I am so gutted I missed this!! Anyone know if it gets repeated on Home & Leisure channel?
  4. ABout two years ago I was considering buying an off the plan apartment in Manchester city for £200K (BTL), but didn't end up going through with it. Anyone got any predictions for what's happening there with buildings still being built?
  5. what does IMO stand for? or the other one i saw somewhere like IMVO?
  6. Posted on 07 Oct 04 - 12:03 PM By TrainWreck Those find gentlement from McGrah tried flogging a 1 bedroom apartment to me in Clovelly/Randwick for $410,000 in late 2001. They were selling off the plan. They weren't prepared to negotiate. The famous Adrian Bo argued that fools time the market and anytime is a good time to buy because property will always go up in value. The apartment has been listed for $360,000 for the last 6 months, so if an offer was made today, and we assume a discount price (something the McGrah boys werent going to do in 2001 - heck they need their porsches) of 12
  7. apologies i hadn't read this before i posted a new topic!
  8. i just feel sorry for those guys' mother... her lifetime 50K savings as the budget and now they have gone up to 80K!
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