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  1. London is by no means immune. It's potential resilience in the face of any price falls will be almost entirely down to its position as Europe's premier financial centre. If there is a bust on the world markets - I can see City people being laid off big times. Investment banks don't fukk about when it comes to cutting dead weight - you come in to find your personal effects in a box with security waiting to escort you outta the building . . . I've seen it happen many a time. London was hit hard last time and nowhere - Hornsey Rise to Holland Park, Plumstead to Primrose Hill - was spared. The Ci
  2. Whatever. One more straw for the fools to clutch on to. You've waffled on and on about BTLers selling up as soon as yields started to fall - it didn't happen. then you shuffled your ar5es a bit and changed tack. "Yeah. When the capital gains fail to materialise, then the BTL scum'll bail out an' head for the hills". It didn't happen. So the reports about instances of BTL mortgage arrears being significantly lower than OO arrears weren't fudged after all ? Oh dear. The bears need another straw. Oh, I know. Let's wheel this one out. "Right towards what many concur is the end of the bull run in
  3. No great shakes at grammar either, I see - the hyphens are supposed to separate the syl-la-bles . . . peasant. Your sister, by the way, had it coming . . . Word on the street is that she's had lots of others coming too
  4. As a little boy with your ar5e in the air, biting your pillow, you heard similar words from your father grunting excitedly behind you . . . That was your response . . .
  5. Resorting to the last-ditch, all-is-lost tactics of the modern day playground and wheelin' out the "mum" jokes . . . What an ab-sol-ute gimp !!! I don't need to be an expert to know, without any doubt whatsoever, that the bears in this "debate" have been 100% WRONG about HPC. If past performance is any guide to the future, I feel completely justified in slating them and the bull5hit they spout on what is clearly a far more complex subject and, frankly, having read some of your opinions, I wouldn't be calling anyone an amatuer . . . They're just trying to impress themselves and upon anyon
  6. You can assume whatever you like . . . my point is fairly valid when you factor in that most of the fools clamouring for something that would be as catastrophic for them as well as the so-called "sheeple" they despise have been proven wrong, wrong, wrong time and time again about HPC. If you can't see that, I suggest you put that DabHand to good use knockin' one out in the bog . . .
  7. Now watch the boards for the next day or two . . . I positively guarantee that RealistBore will hold this Nationwide report as reliable evidence to support his ramblings. However, if you have time and/or inclination, check out his comments on any other Nationwide report where they say the market's cooling . . . chances are he'll be slating it as a VI ploy to influence the MPC (as if they could, right ? ) to hold off rate hikes . . .
  8. I ain't smug. I'm STRing, bankin' the readies an' leggin' it for 6-12 months travelling I just get a bit miffed with the constant babbling on by some of the idiots on here who just want to appear like they know what they're talking about when it comes down to cold, hard economics. Nothing wrong with debate . . . when the participants actually know what they're talking about . . . I didn't claim to be an expert on economics . . . read the post
  9. You lot crease me up . . . Most of you are sitting behind a screen spouting pure bo11ox about deflation, gold, PMs, Bernanke, carry trade yadda-yadda but apart from one or two board members like Dr.Bubb etc, you're absolutely fukking clueless. If you were such great economists, you wouldn't be here bitching about HPI and being priced out cos you'd have seen the boom coming years ago and bought everything you could. You'd be flashin' yer cash on the French Riviera snortin' yeyo off a tanned bint's ar5e not spending the last few years callin' a crash that never came. Instead of gettin' wit' the
  10. **yawn** Can I suggest to the more easily-led among you, that you be certain in your own mind as to what RB deems to be sub prime. Essentially, any mortgage where the income multiples exceed 3 X income or 2.5 X joint incomes or any mortgage that is interest-only regardless of the borrower's ability to meet monthly payments. Before you berate the more flexible approach to mortgage lending, be aware that were the old criteria strictly adhered to, most of you wouldn't even qualify for mortgages . . . even if house prices were half of what they are now. Also bear in mind that although there are
  11. No he's not, Cletus . . . he's a fukking tool . . .
  12. Nope. I'm saying that lots of pople have come out of fixed rates taken in '05 but I've not heard any stories about any spike in arrears.
  13. IIRC there was a popular consensus on this forum which swore blind that everyone who'd fixed their rate for a couple of years or so before '05 would be coming off them right about now. The reasoning was that they'd come out at far higher rates and signal the start of the crash as they all fell into arrears, got repossessed and had their stories sensationalised in the newspaper headlines . . . I'm waiting . . .
  14. North ??!! Lord, no . . . What's wrong with renting a room. I'm assuming that she's in a flatshare and socialises with them. That kind of arrangement can be great. I, for one, am glad to be single and childless judging by some of the tales I've read about on here. Can't think of a worse 1st world country to bring children up in. Imagine actually having to limit your purchase location to areas with "low crime" and "good schools". Imagine living in the knowledge that, even if you can afford to buy in that idyllic location, it could be just a matter of time before the feral youth discover y
  15. The ES is a serious lifestyle ramper. They aim their magazine squarely at folks earning over £40K. Always have smug couples consisting of yummy mummies and skinny, bespectacled blokes living in idyllic homes in Notting Hill or Hampstead. Must disagree with Cletus on one point though. The last time the property market boomed, the Standard had a Wednesday supplement which was entitled Homes and Money. Whent eh market crashed, it disappeared only to resurface a few years later once the market recovered. The ripple effect is alive and well in my area . . . ex LA 3 bed flat went for £350K. Buye
  16. More chance of seeing the Queen's ar5e than people piling into a falling market. Even those who really do want a house to shelter their family will find it galling knowing that anything they buy stands to lose x% within a year. Wouldn't you ?
  17. Spot on . . . FaP have properties on display that I know sold over 9 months ago.
  18. What revolution ? You're saying that other people going out and buying property are making you miserable and therefore you'd be happy if things went horribly wrong for them and that makes you a bit of a tool. Notwithstanding the fact that what other people have really oughtn't to make you miserable, if you can't have a fairly decent existence without owning a home, then you need to get a life . . .
  19. As much as I do pour scorn on much of the nonsense the bears point to as evidence of the crash starting, I feel duty-bound to berate the notion of the "soft landing" which the so-called "housing analysts" describe as a benign, gentle, cuddly slowdown in HPI followed by a stagnation in prices for a few years so that "wages might catch up to achieve some sort of parity with house prices" and then, just in time for the Olympics, start chugging along again at 10% p.a. So much bo11ox . . . . I think the biggest surprise of all will be London. The markets might be fearless at the moment but wh
  20. The banks won't do that - why would they ? They didn't last time. Sure, they made it harder but anyone with even a 5% deposit was welcomed with open arms cos no one was buying so no one needed mortgages. I tell ya . . . a clean credit reference/score is gonna be worth its weight in diamonds a few years hence
  21. Perhaps . . . by an oaf Comparing our market to US in terms of house price and salary levels is foolish. It's the sub-prime market that's hit the wall in the US, not the mainstream. The sub prime market was bankrolled by 125% loans with no proof of income and rampant HPI enabling those flying too close to the sun to re-finance to buy another 6-12 mortgage payments and a pick-up truck for Chantelica and Zaquisha. 4 X salary has been available for literally 10 years +. Dubbing all mortgages over 3 + 1 as sub-prime serves only to highlight your desperation for a crash, RB . . . not to ment
  22. No we don't !! If someone wants to sell their property, do you really think £400 is going to deter them ? Similarly, you should disregard the deluded folk who reckon everyone's going to sling their property on the market before the deadline to avoid having a HIP done . . . I mean, imagine it "Hmm I want to cash in the cool £150,000 of equity my shrewd decision to purchase in 2001 has netted me but I must hurry or I'll be f***ed cos I'll have to pay out £400 for one of those ghastly HIPs."
  23. I'm not married and I don't hit women (or anyone else for that matter).
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