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  1. Are you serious? We would love to talk to her as we are looking for celebs to front the campaign. From her recent comments it would seem she is advocating a lot of the measures we think the housing market desperately needs...

    "Front the campaign" ??!! :lol:

    What the fekk are you talking about ? What do you think is going to happen . . . Sarah Beeny, a woman who's made an awful lot of money buy playing the upward surge in property prices in at least 2 cycles, is gonna be set up as HPC.co.uk's mascot, is she ? Even if she was stupid enough to allow that (she obviously isn't), what do you think she'd do ? Tour the country stirring up support from ordinary folk at rallies to lobby the BoE to induce a crash in house prices ?? For our benefit ? <_<

    You're an idiot !

  2. The whole point of a sentiment fuelled bubble is this: If enough people think there will be a crash, there will be one. If not enough people think there will be a crash there will not be one.

    I don't recall the last crash taking any cues from public sentiment. I do, however, remember cold, hard economics being spotted lurking in the vicinity . . .

  3. can you show me any papers that have run with that headline? <_<

    Hmmm . . . missing the point, eh ? Ok, I'll humour you . . . No I can't show you papers with that exact headline but i can show you plenty with the type of bearish headlines that no one calls "bold and sweeping" in a negative context . . . but the minute the Times says something the bears don't like, there's an uproar . . . <_<

  4. He's not particularly saying anything profound here, just that the conditions as they are aren't likely to precipitate a wider correction.

    erm . . well, yes he is. The bears on here have dedicated a hundred HPC threads to the US sub-prime issue and have held it up as some sort of mascot to their cause. "If it's happened in the US, it must happen here" they trilled even when it was clear to anyone in the real world that it was always unlikely that it would spill over into the wider economy in general or the Alt-A mortgage market in particular.

  5. Think about what you're saying!

    WB is often quoted here as an economic genius , the guy who gets it right when all the sheeple get it wrong. The king of the Bears, RB, quotes him a lot.

    But when he says something you don't like, suddenly he's a muppet?!

    Why not listen to what he's saying and consider that he may be right?


    It is puzzling, is n't it ? I mean RB's even got the guy's quotes in his signature. The bears rate Buffet unreservedly and yet, here he is, bold as you like, tellin' it like it is . . . "Sub prime ain't gonna be a wider economic problem". Suddenly he's an amateur, a chump, a bum no less. <_<

  6. interest rates only matter to my savings.

    Rate fixed for 5years, house price correction would have to be 75% to be in negative equity. And my husbands job is very secure.

    So if interest rates rise then thats great for my savings.

    I think interest rates should go to 9% to stop all the subprime lending and MEWing to get the economy stable this would leave house prices to get to what they should be.

    Have been reading this forum since 2005 lets face it you bears have left it too late to get onto the market even if house prices loose 50% of present price could you really afford a house at the old rates of 12-15%. On your salaries.

    And no I am only in 35 this year not 70. Alot of the bears on this forum are bitter because they have well and truly missed the boat.

    I will be mortgage free by 45 but my home is a home not an investment any equity is only there if you sell the house.Otherwise it is irrelevant and fictional like monopoly money and most of my friends feel the same.

    I think you bears must be in your 20s and single as houses are homes nothing else.

    You dismiss the notion of equity as irrelevant but I'd be surprised if it's had no hand in underpinning what is a fairly smug, self satisfied tone . . . despite alluding to the fact that your husband's job is very secure . . . what if he chucks you ? :lol:

  7. STR - makes me smile everytime I here of somebody doing it for financial gain rather than moving. Are STRs the new sheeple? They might drive the nation into a state of houce price stagnation and a rental boom.

    Just in the same way that BTL used to be a good idea when prices were low(er) and yields high(er), STR is a good idea . . . at the moment but sooner or later, a lot more people are going to hear the penny drop.

  8. Yes, and the man who made it all happen may soon be ascending as a reward for destroying the lives of millions and setting the economy's up for its biggest fall since 1929. But the majority of people still believe in the miracle if yesterdays voting is any indication.

    He hasn't exactly "ruined the lives of millions", has he ? Reading a little more into the tone of the article, it's clear that it is those who subscribe unwaveringly to the notion that a true Brit has to own his own home who are, effectively, the architects of their own "misery". A change in thinking and a general purge of the obvious superficiality tied up in status anxiety would be welcome. Nothing wrong with renting and so what if you're paying a landlord's mortgage - you do get shelter in return, do you not ? Why should what you pay for shelter double up as an investment fund ??

    Yes, the BoE made fertile the ground upon which an unprecedented boom has flourished but this boom hasn't been limited to house prices, has it ? With a little more research and a little less laziness, the secrets of the stock market, gold, silver and the equally notable rise in their values etc have been open to the amateur investor for just as long as HPI.

  9. I'm STRing and intend to hold fire and rent for for 6 months then bin the City recruitment job and piss off travelling for 3, 6, or 12 months depending on how things go. Really wanna go back to writing songs and, with the internet, I can collaborate with other songwriters, upload audio files and share ideas from anywhere in the world.

    Always knew my reluctance to settle down, get married and breed wasn't entirely based on just wanting to shag other birds ;)

  10. Friend of mine bought flat in mansion block in Bayswater. Service charge is £3600 a year :o I begged her not to go for it. I mean, another £300 a month on top of a large mortgage. She went into arrears with the service charge and had to make arrangements to settle the amount owing on a separate agreement PLUS paying the new demands as they come in.

    Still, the gaff's worth £70K more than she paid in '05 . . .

  11. Each to their own and all but doesn't anyone else think that it's kinda sad that these people are prepared to leave their home, get another job in a foreign country just so they can save a few shekels to come back and buy a pile of bricks ? There IS more to life than owning a feckin' house . . . but if you MUST own then why chase the prices up when you can chase 'em down ?

    A bit of patience is good

  12. I could understand if she was a stuner but she looks like death warmed up without make up.

    There must be more drugs in our society than we all realised if so many people are rushing out to look like her.

    Will she have clothing with hidden pockets to conceal drugs <_<

    Oh I dunno . . . when she's lookin' good, I swear to God I'd lock us both in a room for a month with nothing but a bed, some lube and a toolbox . . .

    She hasn't necessarily set out to become a role model. It's just the way she's presented to the world. I don't think she could have forseen how huge she would become when she first started because let's face it, for every supermodel, there are 10,000 mediocres that, whilst beautiful, will work for a while and then disappear without a trace. Ok she got caught doing a bit of chang . . . so bloody what ? Lots of people do it on a weekend and get on with their lives come Monday. She does what she likes but obviously knows the risks.

  13. Maybe it's all true and everyone's rushing to market with their properties but, I'm sorry, there's nothing like that going on in my manor. London is virtually immune . . .

    I must say though, how can the reporter expect readers to believe that anyone would be so f***in' donkey-stupid to put their home up for sale because an estate agent reckons they can save £400 by avoiding HIPS ?? :huh: I think any increase is more to do with the traditional Spring property selling season

  14. Normally I'd agree with you because of the well documented "stickiness" of house prices. However, surely we're in a different world now?

    There's roughly 500,000 BTL landlords in the UK who have bought in the last three years and are exclusively counting on house price increases, rather than rental income, to make their sums add up. If the market looks like being flat they'll head for the exit and dump a massive glut of property on the market.

    My guess is that flat nominal house pricing isn't a stable scenario at the moment, UK house prices either have to rise or they have to fall, there's just no middle way with that massive BTL overhang.

    I really don't think we're going to see as much of this as you think. You cannot sell if you're in negative-equity and i do think that many more BTLers than you care to admit will actually hang on in there especially as most of them only have the one BTL property. I think a lot more of them actually know what they've let themselves in for as regards long term property investment . . . and the bears don't appear to have much of a track record when it comes to predicting trends . . .

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