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  1. No one has a right to own a home. You have the freedom to purchase a property on the open market if you can afford to do so. If you can't afford it, wait until you can or get more money.
  2. The examples that've been shown are isolated cases. There's no way London's tipping. I know, I'm selling . . .
  3. There isn't any "meat on the bone" with this deal so I don't think it's a flip.
  4. Q107 eh ?? You're a gimp pure and simple . . . . £3m, my ar5e Livin' with yer mum at 40 more like
  5. I beg to differ with you there, sir. If I'd followed that advice, there's no way I'd have got the asking price on my place. Believe it or not, if I'd sold it before Xmas, I'd have been lucky to get £280K. Waited 3 months and BANG ! . . . got £325K. Please don;t ask mw how that's possible but, as my buyer said after shaking hands on the deal, "If you'd asked for that kind of money in November or December last year, I'd've laughed you out of the office. Now, my competitors would tear your arm off just to get thru your door" . . .
  6. Yeah . . . in Nottingham . . . None of that nonsense (sadly) where I live. I'm not prepared to compromise on my location so I've got to pay the market rates . . .
  7. Because I'm not daft . . . or greedy. Foxton's may very well be able to find someone to offer a lot more, but the surveyor doing the valuation for their buyer's mortgage lender is unlikely to share the agent's opinion on my gaff's value. Cash buyer, no valuation probs . . . Even if I did think London property was going to continue to soar, I think the window for selling my type of property at the "top" of the cycle is far narrower than that for period conversions. I'm STRing because I don't want to be a slave to a debt anymore, not because I'm planning to profit from someone else's negative
  8. Ah, Mr Q107 . . . Ladies and Gentlemen, please . . . a round of applause for everyone's favourite BTLer. We were supposed to be impressed with his "£3m" and your "shrewdly-timed" exit from BTL-dom and his Q107 crash-call . . . Still lurking behind the popular kids are you . . . none of their lustre rubbed off on you yet ?? Mate, the gaff's under offer, housing association cash buyer, FULL market value, no estate agent fees. And if that wasn't enough, Foxton's are literally begging me to give 'em shot at getting me another 30 large . . .
  9. Nope . . . This is West London, mate . . .
  10. I don't care what you think . . . considering how much slagging off you do yourself.
  11. Shaddap . . . So what if most analysts are predicting rates'll go up by another quarter . . . is that really going to crash the market ?? Lots of you reckoned 5.5% would have everyone running for the exits but I've yet to be bowled over by bailin' BTLers . . . Fernando . . . if your bird's regular pilgramage to my gaff in Ladbroke Grove is anything to go by, my coming late is considered a very welcome and refreshing change . . .
  12. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/6656899.stm I await RB's trademark bo11ox tellin' anyone who'll listen that all is well. The crash is well underway . . .
  13. Hmm . . .dunno . . . if you bought 10 years ago, then yeah, you're damn straight it can. If you're priced out, then no, I guess it can't . .
  14. Nah, not quite ! Few debts made their way on to the mortgage but I'll still have 6 figures when I say goodbye to the millstone.
  15. Surely you don't measure your life achievements and status by where you live ?
  16. In a similar position myself. Bought ex-LA for £59,999 in '97 and just flogged it to housing association for £325K cash. At least they'll put it to good use housing people that type of property was created for.
  17. There's sub-prime and there's sub prime. The Northern Rock's criteria is fairly tame compared to the atrocities over the pond. Quick skim read showed nothing more onerous than 90% LTV, some expensive valuation and application fees and er . . . that's pretty much it. Their unlimited adverse product only goes up to 75% LTV. All told, some fairly prudent sub-prime lending . . . move on . . . nothing to see here
  18. Can't see this demonstration achieving much more than making a nation of smug homeowners feel even better about themselves and their illusory wealth.
  19. You speak the truth . . . to a point. I'm STRing but only because, for now, I'm sick to the back teeth of having to do a well-paid but soul-destroying job in order to service debt. I'm surrounded by self-important automotons in dark suits all using the same cliches like "meeting the interests of the company going forward" or "fit for purpose". Also I think now is a great time to pile out of ex-LA property. These properties fall first and farthest when crashes occur and IMO, there isn't much further for them to go. I won't deny that at some point in the future, I'll be looking to pile back in
  20. All these posts for a piddling .25% increase !! RB says interest rates don't matter . . . .
  21. Priced out ? Well that's far more worthy without a doubt but again, what on earth is she gonna do ? Screw 50% deposits outta the government for every FTB ? Perhaps organise a rally through central London culminating in Coldplay, The Rolling Stones and Craig David playing a free concert for FTBs in Hyde Park ?? Sorry but they're just going to have to wait for the correction . . . like everyone else
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