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  1. I'm sure RB could turn that into evidence the crash has started . . . .
  2. I see your typo was worth going back to fuss over after all . . Obviously you give a sh*t what others think of you, yes ? Well i don't care much for your opinion of my lifestyle and no, I don't suppose you'd want a taste of it either. I reckon most the time you took to post that poorly scribed diatribe was spent reading it over and over to ensure it made sense (in your addled mind, at least) and was flowery enough to somehow convince fellow posters that you're well-read. The post was made defending London and the lifestyle some aspire to whilst not making light of the crap that seems to go with it. I don't get mega bonuses and don't pull down more than £100K per annum so i hardly think my post was boastful in the least . . .
  3. . . and the tiny minority of bears on housepricecrash.co.uk just happen to be the most clued up as to what's going on, right ? It's a wonder that those bears who are old enough didn't pile into the property market 10 years ago. Oh, hang on . . . can anyone remember what the big excus- . . . sorry . . . scandal/moneyspinner was at that time ? Not sure on the BBC being a mouthpiece and agent of spin for the government, though. I think a certain Greg Dyke would have something to say about that . . .
  4. Right or wrong, London is the premier city in Europe. Ok, it's nowhere near as integrated as the "liberal" dipsticks at any number of quangos make out but ultimately it has diversity, something for everyone in terms of bars, clubs, music venues, food etc and people flock here from all over Britain and the rest of Europe. Life is f***ing hard here though but if you've got some bunce, it's a great place to live. Having said that, you sacrifice a helluva lot in terms of quality of life. the tube is appalling, rents and property prices - as we all know - are ridiculous. It's a place for the young and young-at-heart and long may it thrive. I work in recruitment in the City. I do ok. I drive a rare and iconic German car, wear nice gear, I go to fairly exclusive bars, regularly rub shoulders with A-listers that I can count as friends/acquaintances and I have a flat with 6-figure equity in it. London's been great to me and for that, I love it but it's not for everyone. there are kids as young as 10 nicking scooters and buzzing them around the Grove nigh on every night before setting them alight under the Westway, people are rude and uncaring on the tube, the family downstairs have screaming rows and sometimes the violent banging and swearing has had me calling the police for fear that the poor woman was going to die. I'm stopped by the police in my car routinely and after February next year, I'm gonna have to dish out 80p a day just to drive to Sainsburys thanks to the TFL's expansion of the congestion charge. Pros and cons - just depends what you consider to be a pro.
  5. But would most people live in council flats ? I think not. There is a stigma attached to them . . . even now in 2006 ans this sees them sell for around 30% less than their period counterparts of equal size. I think some on here would rather that social housing construction was increased so that the "peasants" would live in them leaving more "quality" housing stock for the "betters" to pass round among their own demographic.
  6. Hmm . . . and I suppose there's no crime outside London. be sure to tell that to the parents of the Soham murder victims, yeah ? I'm sorry but the generalisations some of you people make lead me to believe that you're so stupid as to actually deserve to be priced out. No group of people this dumb should ever be allowed to put down roots let alone belch their offspring into this already chaotic society. And that matters why . . . ? You mean because you worked in investment banking, you, therefore - by definition - simply cannot be an idiot ?
  7. er . . . I've lived in the area all my life . . . oh, and I bought an ex-local authority flat here in '97
  8. Well hang on a sec . . . Euan went to my old school, The London Oratory. I think I turned out with a sense of social justice. And yes, Notting Hill is the most sought-after postcode in the country but Alan Yentob's place is in North Kensington which is a slightly poorer relative - but only just. Notting Hill is one of the few areas where there appears to be harmony between fairly disparate races and, up until a few years ago, there was widespread integration across social boundaries too but the new arrivals are - as has been said on here - from Nowheresville and have little or no sense of community.
  9. I have no qualms about admitting my situation had nothing to do with canny foresight or shrewd investment. I needed somewhere to live and didn't want to rent so i bought. I do admit to - for a short time - toying with the idea of renting the flat out and buying somewhere else but it never materialised. I bought the place to live in not to make an investment. i'm nearly 40 years old and if I'm being honest, I wouldn't give a monkey's if I hadn't bought and couldn't afford to now. And, yes, I'd just get on with it. Admittedly, my lifestyle isn't conventional insofar as I'm not married (yet) and haven't got sprogs. Even if I did, I don't think my life would revolve around a f***in' house. People have come to see property as the cornerstone of their finances and - for the most part - people are wrong and one day, in the not-too-distant-future, they're going to find that out to their excruciatingly painful cost. If you can't or won't get involved in buying property, I think you should count yourself lucky. There will come a time when you whingers will be able to buy a property and I hope this forum is still in swing cos it'd be very interesting to see who does buy when prices come into their range and who waits for the bottom of the market. Is it really just home ownership that people crave so much or is it the desire to get in at the bottom and watch their notional wealth rocket inexorably ? Methinks it's the latter but you lot hide that behind the "injustice" of having it held beyond your grasp. If the equivalent of HPI today was, say, chocolate biscuits, I think you'd all be bemoaning the exploitation of the market in said commodity by those who bought choccy biccies when McVities were the number one producer. You'd come on BiscuitPriceCrash.com and berate the VIs for removing your inalienable right to own a sack of premium quality cookies. You're complaining because you missed the F**KING boat, NOT because you desperately want somewhere to call home.
  10. Nothing like "hear no evil", eh ? I'm hardly an "I'm alright, Jack" kinda guy. Back in, say, '85/86, I was totally unable to afford to buy a place cos prices were running away from me and many of my peers. Even if there'd been a forum like this one I know I wouldn't have been carping on about my inability to buy. Hell, I just rented a flat. It wasn't in the area I wanted to live but instead of whinging, I just had a f***ing great time. I partied like it was going out of fashion and I bided my time. Lo and behold just after prices hit rock bottom , I bought my 3 bed flat, in '97 in the area I'd grown up in. I did what many of the bleaters on here claim they're gonna do - wait for the bubble to burst then piling in but I didn't blame the rest of the world for my inability to buy.
  11. But they're not deliberately pricing you out and you've nailed it pretty much yourself . . . "won't stretch themselves and commit to suicidal mortgages" You had a choice, you've made it and although it may be galling to look at others buying with seemingly mad mortgages, soon enough it may become apparent that you made the right choice after all. Surely this is reason to feel fairly pleased with yourself, isn't it ?
  12. Guy should've found a better job then, non ?? I'm wide awake, mate. I work every blessed day. I cramp myself onto the Central Line in a suit, dodge suicide bombers and put up with a pretty sh*tty quality of life in the City but I don't blame anyone for that but myself. I earn decent corn but I'd bin it all if I was doing it just to pay a flaming mortgage . Which brings me to these couples you know. Who the F*KK forced them to get a mortgage ? Were they marched into an estate agent and then a lender's office and - at the duress end of an M-16 - made to sign the mortgage application ? I very much doubt it. They chose their course of action and now they're having to pay for it. They could just as easily remained renting in a flatshare or got a place renting together and then had a better quality of life.
  13. You can stick that analogy where the sun don't shine cos the pensioners I - and I suspect, most others know too - ain't sunning themselves. How can you say the older generation have pulled the ladder up ? Is investing in property the only way of making money ? What the fu*k did people do before ? Does the "nicer slice of life" start (or end) with a house ? Society is full of whingers just like you blaming others for their "misfortune". I obviously don't know your personal circumstances but you've sold your flat but you're bleating on cos you can't afford to buy a house ! Oh, poor you ! I've got a flat, I can't afford to move up to what i want but I'm f**ked if i'm gonna sit at my keyboard blaming anyone else for my situation. Life isn't fair, no but where I am - right now - is the result of decisions I've made up to this point in my life. Cause and effect.
  14. Oh for F**K's sake ! The whinging on here is unbelievable. Lemme get his sh*t straight . . . . The young are losing their work ethic because they can't afford to buy a f***ing HOUSE ??!! Oh, Boo hoo, tell it to the judge. That is the biggest load of drivel I've ever read on this forum. If you guys are to be believed, the only reason anyone works is so they can buy a pile of bricks with a slate roof. How f***ing sad is that ? If life ends with buying a house and knocking out a few brats to plague me in the Sainsbury's checkout queue, then fu*k it . . I'm livin' forever !! When I was 25 -27, the lick at the time was pyramid saving schemes. I never got involved cos I could see the barb and unless you were in at the beginning, you stood to get stung. The young see losers like that Chantelle bint gettin' rich off reality TV shows, property porn depicting even the most idiotic of people making easy money out of f lipping property and they're . . . simply . . . getting . . .sucked . . . IN ! From this I surmise that the young have lost their work ethic cos they want it EASY! Plain and simple ! They see people living on council estates and jump to the conclusion that they're all spongers but for every benefit cheat, there are hundreds on the same estate going out and working sh*tty jobs to make ends meet. You guys forever slate the system and those who have benefitted from it and yet, here you are, lamenting on the young's inability to get involved. You hate the game, you hate the players . . . but you also hate the fact you don't get to play to begin with.
  15. Here we go . . . another bear using his paws to wipe his **** . . . Can't speak for other "non-bears" but I'm nowhere near mortgaged to the hilt having bought a 3 bed in Ladbroke Grove for less and £60K in '97 . . . I'll leave it someone else to speculate as to what the f***er's worth now but suffice it to say I'm not that concerned about HPC. I log on here because I know a correction will come . . . . I just wanna know when. I'm far as I'm concerned, the bears and their little cult can post links until their fur falls out while real people, armed with the occasional snippet of useful and relevant information from the site, go out and make some bunce. Keep it up guys . . . one day you will be right
  16. For the simple reasont hat in amongst all the flannel and counter-spin, there are actually one or two people who make some real sense and offer informed comment and sensible debate on subjects which affect us all. If someone sincerely believes there's going to a crash then fine but the routine collective flaming and castigation of anyone who doesn't share the bear P.O.V. is the action of a bunch of sad losers who - as I've said a few times - are more bitter at having missed the HPI boat than they are at not having a "place to call home". One or two of them deserve sympathy cos they seem genuinely exasperated by their situation and, perhaps, have families they'd like to bring up in a home of their own but the majority, if their plights are to be believed, are beneath contempt if only for their oft stated desire for FTBs who have bought to be repossessed . . .
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