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  1. I agree with the sentiment behind your post but the very fact that you evidently feel in the minority because of your disdain for celebrity culture and rampant consumerism serves only to demonstrate that for every individual "awakened" to the superficiality of daily life in this country there are 10,000 who are completely and irreversibly plugged into it . . . until, of course, they're dragged out kicking and screaming by a bailiff. Society has bred a nation of sponges all too willing to soak up whatever marketing departments tell them and whilst you may choose to have no more than the most basic of interaction with them, they are still human beings no matter how misguided and people shouldn't take pleasure from their tales of woe.
  2. "Concern" isn't the word I'd use to describe the sentiment expressed by bears on this forum in general and inthis thread and particular. They're hoping the guy gets repossessed.
  3. Certainly one who can spell truly . . .
  4. Well if all we've evolved into is a cynical, unfeeling bunch of disciplinarians with little or no sympathy for human fallibility or tragedies, then let me say the following . . . "F*KK first-time buyers. Let the gimps RENT of the new BTLers. If they didn't see the way the market was going and hadn't the gumption or the balls to get with the winning team, and get their asses into property they've got no one to blame for their situation other than themselves. My gaff's quintupled in value since I bought it with a crappy little mortgage under £60K and when I flog it to move in with my bird in her 400K Westbourne Grove flat , I'll have paid off what little debt I've got and have a decent 6 figure sum to chuck in the bank . . . or slap some toe-rag wannabe homeowner in the face with." Pleasant, huh ?
  5. Look no one's denying these people have been idiots for over-extending themselves in the way they have. Regardless of the temptations, everyone can still say "no" but now that they ARE in sh*t, does it mean you should derive pleasure from their situation ? If, for example, some of you smoke cigarettes and one day are disagnosed with terminal lung-cancer, would you want some self righteous w***er saying "Yeah ! He was a flamin' idiot. The warnings were there to be seen. He knew the risks. F**k 'im" ? Some folks are simply addicted to spending and can't help themselves and although they shouldn't be given any state assistance or allowed to IVA it, neither should their plight be taken as some sort of perverse pleasure for those of us who can afford to pay a mortgage AND live the high life or those who would like to own a property and blame people like these for keeping the dream beyond their reach especially when there is no mention of when any of these people bought their homes. For all you scumballs know, they might have bought pre-HPI Tossers . . .
  6. What a f***ing peasant you are ! You actually want to read stories about people having difficulty.
  7. Oh dear. Perhaps there's more mileage in the market than people thought. I reckon RB's been busy strappin' himself up with a 5 X income interest-only mortgage . . .
  8. Fair play to the guy. he wanted to buy a place, found one cheap and bought it. Congratulations firstimebuyer and welcome to the club.
  9. Will it mean a cut over here, though ?
  10. Ah well . . if you put it like that, we'll ignore the words of the seasoned and learned economist and listen to you instead, shall we ? "AJ for the MPC" If the economy had been as badly managed over the last few years as some of you guys make out, then by now, surely we should all be dishin' a fiver for a loaf of Hovis, a tenner for a gallon of petrol, have 5 million unemployed and a two bed penthouse flat in Notting Hill going for £50K. If the BoE had remained a political tool of the goverment, some of that sh*t might actually have been the case.
  11. I see a terrorist attack of calamitous proportions in Israel involving toxins. I see an Israeli retaliation with nuclear ordnance. I see oil at $150 a barrel, economic meltdown and property as the last thing on anyone's mind.
  12. Wouldn't say the market had recovered by then, Cletus, but I go as fas as to say that most of the blood had been mopped up off the streets. Many who were going to be repossessed had already been bounced out by the bailiffs and the lenders were still licking their wounds.
  13. Property in London is not immune by any stretch of the imagination. I've seen it happen and no area is spared - even the strongholds of Chelsea, Kensington, Notting Hill, Belgravia and Hampstead.
  14. That seems built in to many a bear's DNA . . .
  15. Well put. The bear argument is beginning to look more flawed than ever. No one's saying it's gonna be HPI forever but without a significant change in the fundamentals underpinning our economy, I don't think sentiment on its lonesome is going to tip us over.
  16. Well hang on a sec . . . Why have the BoE lost control ? They're not responsible for the housing market, are they ? Their remit is to keep inflation at or near the figure of 2%. No one forces anyone to go out and borrow silly sums to buy a house !
  17. Really ??!! C&G always seemed quite responsible with their lending but now they're in bed with LloydsTSB . . . .
  18. Nope. Not round here (Ladbroke Grove, W.London) anyway.
  19. Don't know what's happened over the weekend . . . I mean, there's been some "good" news for the bears over the last couple of weeks. If anything, I thought their resolve would be strengthened. Having said that, the spin machine does seem remarkably resilient. News everywhere talking about the doubling of house prices by 2012 etc. Elephant & Castle isn't THAT bad . . . compared to the rest of South London Just a bit grey and seems almost entirely built from concrete with that grotesque shopping centre and more bus stops than you can shake a stick at.
  20. My word . . . some very bullish comments from bears Finally getting with the "winning" team, I see.
  21. 80,000 properties worth over a million is quite a lot. Some of these places are simply breathtaking, though . . .
  22. Although I confess to not having very much time for many graduates - mainly owing tot he fact that there are an awful lot of them working at my firm and they are SERIOUSLY illiterate and clueless - I do think it's sad that education in its own right isn't held in as high regard as it once was and that - for the most part - people are held in high esteem for what they can earn with minimal schooling. Having said that, when I occasionally meet a graduate who's done a degree in physics or biology etc and who's making a real contribution to humanity's lot for what can often be distinctly average compensation, I must admit to being somewhat in awe of them. Education is the means by which the human race can better itself, increase its understanding of life and focus on its more inconspicuous benefits rather than those that come with a price tag. Although I earn decent corn, I sometimes wonder what it be like to devote oneself to study. As we all know, most of the suffering in life stems ultimately from thinking of oneself and all the true happiness in life comes from thinking of others. Sorry about that little rant [sort of] . . . just a little melancholy today . . . ps . . . and before anyone fields it, it's nothing to do with being worried about a HPC
  23. Sure I read sonewhere this week that Blanchflower or whatever his name is was joined by someone called Lomax in voting against an interest rate increase earlier this month. Cited her concerns as the spectre of growing unemployment. Not so sure that the February rise the bears are expecting is going to materialise.
  24. Well this was my point before. Where I live is literally next door to Notting Hill. Foxtons have an absolute field day around here hence I couldn't get why you thought the concept was so ridiculous. I was deadly serious when I said a 2 bed flat in a 20 storey council block had gone for £250 grand so, no, it hasn't happened around here. On the ground around here you'll find that there are no properties for sale, there is no stagnation, no lull, no let up at all. You will however, find plenty of spent shell-casings
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