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  1. Doesn't it just ? Many of them really are wannabe BTLers annoyed that they missed the boat and bitter that it makes no financial sense to buy now . . .
  2. Crash postponed . . . move on . . . no more rate hikes.
  3. So you finally earned your orange hair! Do come back, you're not far off 1,000 posts.

  4. Boohoo . . . you've done it now . . . I'm gonna run off now and get all introspective - question my life choices, face the fact I'm a troll . . . C'mon D23 . . . I think PG's now-legendary tale of how he came to be so fabulously wealthy is perfectly plausible . . . even if he did feel the need to ram it down the throat of anyone reading his posts by virtue of it being his signature for years . . . until he realised what an absolute tool it made him look
  5. Imagine that . . . being psycho-analysed by a bloke with a Doctor Who avatar . . .
  6. Well you go ahead and think what you like . . . Your credence is not required. Spend your lives ravaged by status anxiety if you like, I prefer to spend my life laughing . . . at you
  7. I never said I thought rates wouldn't go up but I've always rubbished the idiots calling the crash in Q107. Anyone with a shred of common sense would've known the market wasn't going to crash or start crashing early this year. There's a reason for being listed as "neither" . . . I don't think this ridiculous market will go on much longer but my opinions aren't tinged with the bitterness and anger of those who've let HPI and the lovely lolly pass them by while they were busy calling the top of the market in 2004.
  8. Oh sorry, no mate . . . that's your missus upstairs in my bedroom . . . she wants me off the PC and on her "mm-hmm"
  9. Why ??!! Well even you must realise that you'd probably have a lot more to crow about if you'd kept your place in London instead of buying a 3 bed on a f***ing flood plain somewhere in the ar5e-end of the country . . . As for my flat in Ladbroke Grove, rates never bothered me given the tiny mortgage and the 6 figure income . . .
  10. Good Lord, no . . . Why would I ? . . . I've just sold. More than quintupled in value . . . Don't really give a monkey's what happens to rates TBH
  11. Well you'd be feeling twice as glad if you had done and not spent how ever many years calling a crash that never came
  12. Or a balanced view from those who wish they'd bought property in London
  13. Shaddap ! Who the f**k are you and why should your "expectations" matter to anyone ? Are you on the MPC ?
  14. Or a balanced view from board members who've been calling a crash for the best part of 3 years
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