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  1. Why is everyone so surprised at this? I expect the people are now "getting it" and are trying to get out at top dollar - 6 months too late my friends!
  2. Hypothetical question - If you were a builder, would you sell these at below cost just to get the liabilities off your balance sheet? From an accountants point of view, I can see the attraction in what can only be a worsening market i.e. reduced liabilities, reduced tax burden and increase in turnover to meet any forthcoming obligations. Sounds like a builder bailout to me.
  3. Does it matter if you've already used this years allowance?
  4. I've been bearish for ages to the point of ridicule from some people but a while back a friend asked me, "When do you think its gonna start to crash then?" Me "When people stop believing its a one way bet." This summer was that point, this bearish news just re-enforces that for a lot of people.
  5. Not balanced but look at the authors recent articles. Over a year, he's gone from bullish to neither to bearish. Sentiment changing perhaps?
  6. Look at the dates for the upcoming results.... after what happened to the markets last week. I think we can some major movements down next week too.
  7. This reminds me of something at the start of the last crash... Bridging Loans
  8. Did you know that in 1964 an American won a case against a bank about the fraudulent creation of money through loans... Web of Debt
  9. There's been plenty of nice cars, those mx5 eunos look cool, the guy I'm getting mine from had a gorgeous Red MR S for sale too. The GF would kill me if I got a two seater but I was so tempted to just feel the wrath
  10. Apologies if it looks like that. It wasn't intended. Decided to go Japaneses for a car and I actually think there are similarities with our bubble and the famous Japanese one. I doubt we'll be as fortunate, at least they provide something worth buying i.e. nice cars that are reliable
  11. My new car that is, nice Toyota Celica VVVTi T sport Is there an off-topic forum to move this too?
  12. You guys have got CPI all wrong, it's nothing to do with inflation its a work of beauty Chinese Pi
  13. We've had CPI between 2 & 3 % for how long? You think that as soon as it hits 2% in the next 9 months they will immediately take their foot of the pedal and reduce rates to 3% (for example)....I can see them keeping their foot on the pedal to remain "vigilant" and any easing off will be done very slowly.
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