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  1. Thank you for the responses, didn't expect such swiftness! Any comment is constructive, no matter how tough it sounds (Beaker!) To put it in perspective, the house is worth £400k. My son and I have been putting money aside for years, so with deposit paid, the mortgage is about £280k. The same house sold in Summer 2003 for £360k. The KeyFacts shows that by the end of the term, £1.84 is paid for every £1.00 The house they're buying, (unfortunately!) is oh so perfect for them. It's in a nice little neighbourshood right next to a Chinese school (my future daughter-in-law being Chinese, they would like any kids to go there). Regarding the more-than-one comment about it would be worthing waiting till next year. Obviously the name of this forum shows that there is a bias as to house trends, but my son and I have been stalling forever - Surely the bullet has to be bitten at some stage otherwise where will it end... to me it's just a stress that has to be endured.
  2. Helping my son to buy a house for him and his fiancee, and during my research I have now subscribed to a forum called House Price Crash. My, do I feel confident about my money now... So my son and I got quoted on one offer which included an arrangement fee of over £4000!! It's a good offer but I have never come across an arrangement fee higher than £700. The broker justified the fee saying that it's a buy-to-let mortgage. This is is fine because my son is not getting married till Autumn 2007 and the house we've put an offer in has tenants till next summer. - Are arrangement fees non-negotiable? - Is the broker exploiting me? - Is there a legal cap on arrangement fees? Anyone have views or comments to share on this matter please, would be kindly appreciated. Sam
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