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  1. Sorry Fubra... a respectful and candid bit of feedback for you from a new member who is alarmed at your stealthily increasing advertising presence over these last few weeks. Losing space on the side of pages is just about fair do's if you need to line your pockets and justify your investment but the recent trend of posting-space being lost to google ads is taking things too far. Perhaps you are forgeting there are still a geat deal of us who use devices on networks that charge per mb or indeed ISP's at home that give capped useage stick to the sidelines and - get off the pitch. so in respons
  2. I'd imagine every "pooled" property poses its own individual pros and cons. my dear old folks bought their post family retirement spread a little over 5 years ago. It came with a smallish sized goggle-shaped outdoor pool which was always seen as a bonus rather than something they wanted or needed. The following summer the pump/heating packed up and mosaic tiles started falling off the inside. the following year it became evident that it was leaking and needed a considerable amount of work done to it. The cost to demolish it and fill with earth and lawn over was approx 60% of cost of getting
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