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  1. why? he was an inspiration to me and many like minded industrial design students back in the day who have gone on to create loads of wealth
  2. am from bedford originally (be gentle) so this is interesting news. no way that place in ampthill was ever worth 250k to start with!
  3. no that's not me who saves 80% of take home a month, read post 1 for the clue
  4. I am extremely jealous and happy for you at the same time. Nice one. This has been an inspiration to me. I thought I was saving at a good rate until now (80% of take home!?). Now I will further be "saving up with the Joneses" (keep and use that in future, I thank you!)
  5. just saw this image on the times website and love it! batten down ye hatches folks!
  6. got a mortgage related one from A&L only yesterday - spooky timing
  7. I got this too, thankfully my savings/ISA tied up elsewhere, is only my current account that is there Getting my cash tomorrow morning! Oh, and yesterday I got a letter through the post from A&L offering me a preferential mortgage rate for two years - they are trying to reel in the last few suckers left before it goes belly up?
  8. Yes you are right there are schoolboy economics in this thread. It all starts with a good idea. Only when there is a good idea will someone then invest in it.
  9. one step would be to make design education compulsory in the UK. not just 'design' in terms of the way that something looks as some idiots like to think design is, but from a more 'total design' standpoint like that taught on Brunel design degree courses and the GCSE Technology syllabus. even if students don't choose a design career later on, at least they stand a better chance at seeing the big picture when they enter work - which leads to a culture and economy more conducive toward making/designing/creating things that the smart people on here know is best for all of us.
  10. when to buy? when I can afford a decent detached house in my neck of the woods, on 3.5x salary mortgage. right now this price is about 350k when should be closer to 200k. i'll settle for 250k.
  11. Create a disaster to strike fear into the populace, then lower interest rates and watch the serfs become endebted to you almost overnight. Evil Genius.
  12. Today's Times has a really good article about intergenerational wealth transfer, property prices etc. Has the writer visited this fine virtual establishment I wonder? Because We're Worth It Discuss! I think the writer hits nails on heads in various places well - is good to see this kind of piece getting good presence on the Times' homepage.
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