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  1. Oh I've tried being helpful alright. But it seems you guys only want to hear what you want to hear. You'll accept what I have to say about 'snakes', but any realy sage advice about the town/country, you no-it-alls kick it into touch ! Seriously, look it up on Dogbox's DVD. In any case, I thought you guys were hard-nosed investors who covered all the bases ?
  2. Sorry, I only live here. You're better off asking Dogbox, I'm sure from the comfort of his armchair, his DVD will provide the answer. Or, for a really impartial view, you could both try asking your agent
  3. I haven't stated that there is little to do in Saida - I've asked the question to you guys who seem to know it so well. I'm pleased to hear that you enjoy snake hunting - I think you'll find no shortage of snakes 'round here ! You're wrong about me wanting to see something man-made (sheesh, you've been orgasmic about your zillion villa, 60gucci shop, 8hotel, 850berth marina for months - natural creation is it ? Thanks for the insight into Saidia, you've obviously been there many times and keep going back....... Hi Jibber, I'd love to help, but don't feel I'm as qualified as Dogbox. You
  4. I was tired last night, what I meant about flights were that 'I wasn't aware of flights from Oujda to Marrakech' - not that there weren't any. I was 2 weeks in Saidia last August (2005). That's 2 weeks more than Dogbox
  5. I'm guessing, it's late I need to go home. From memory I'd say from Marrakech it's about 80km Took us about 1hr 20mins from Marrakech (again from memory). As I'm not a skier (snow skiing that is), it's pretty basic from what I saw. I liked exploring in and around that area though.
  6. That car run is not nice - and don't forget 160km in Morocco doesn't take 1 hour, or 2 - more like 4 (unless it's motorway, which it definitely isn't up there). So what your saying is, 'nothing to do in Saidia, lets go for a 4 hour drive' ? - nice. I am not aware of any flights from Oujda to Marrakech / Fes. So at the moment it's not very do-able. The drives would take around 5-7hours. I'd have MUCH rather thought that if anything, it'd be the other way around. i.e. those in Marrakech, would want to go to Saidia to stay a couple of days (maybe) to see what the fuss is (you really do ove
  7. Coastal road for going on run ?? Do you mean jogging ?? Are you serious ?? Are you nuts ?? When did you go to Saidia ?? Which month ?? Sorry Soup Dragon, 3) isn't a biggie, it's a bloody enormous littleie. Anyone wanting to go to Marrakech, or Fes, is NOT going to base themselves in Saidia. Fes and Marrakech have TONS of things to do there. Fes is one of my favorite cities, it is teeming with touristic attraction. Seriously Soup, I *really* think you guys know very little. I genuinely don't want to insult you, but I really could charge both of you a fair whack for giving you advice t
  8. Hi Soup Dragon, Because I believe it takes time to get to know a place. Now that our business is developing, I feel that we *can* take root here, so our decision will be based on location of business, school for children, nice area etc etc. I *have* considered buying property here, of course I have, but I am *very, very* glad I didn't because I am wiser and know what's out here. I've said it before, so please excuse me for sounding selfish, I'm not prepared to divulge my hard earned experience for free. I've extended an olive branch to Dogbox, merely advising him, as a cyber friend, to ju
  9. What will be the drawing power of Saidia ?? Okay, it'll have villas, erm, yes. It'll have shops, erm yippee. It'll have golf courses. Okay, I used to play golf a fair bit myself when I was less committed to family/business etc, and I really can think of many, many places I'd want to try first before going on a golf holiday to Morocco (not slagging it off, just saying, as a golfer, what I think), it'll have a marina - so ? it'll have x number of 5 star hotels - again, so what ?? So, I ask unless I'm being really blind, stupid or both, and I've been to Saidia and I know what is there, what
  10. Okay, maybe 'fed up' would have been more appropriate - I was just being polite ! I've been to all of those places, as well as Rabat, El-Jadida, Ouzoud, Mellila, Saidia, Oujda, Essauoara and loads of smaller places ! Over here on Business, invested a lot of money, so not quite sure why Dogbox would refer to me as a Pessimist when I've put my money where my mouth is (and am continuing to put). Renting out here at the moment, having been here a few years, only now do I feel I know enough about the place and it's laws and culture to start stepping into buying a place of my own in an area I kno
  11. Thanks Catara, I will take a look. BTW, can I ask, what experience do you have with Morocco - you are obviously quite passionate about this subject ?? Which places have you visited ?? Biglog
  12. As I said, practice what you preach, compare like with like. Is it finished ?? Do you know what you GOT for your £170,000 ?? And why do you say World Class Marina ?? Explain what is so World Class about this Marina that doesn't even exist yet ?? Answer those and then I'll ask you more questions. That way I'll get some answers rather than what you appear to sometimes be doing i.e. avoiding the issues.
  13. Has it ? I didn't know it was finished ?? Please show us some pics ?? Oh, sorry, you mean 'Saidia has an impressive world class marina planned' Interestingly, I visited the website suggested by someone here I think it's called holidaylettings.co.uk, very interesting. It got me thinking, as I was browsing the Turkish resorts for villas (I love Turkey), the villas there are of such good quality as are the beaches/hospitality etc. And it got me thinking about all the lovely fishing ports in Turkey. Very picturesque they are too. Not that many fishing ports in Morocco I can tell you. I wo
  14. I'm off too. Who give's a toss I hear you ask. I won't know as I'm never coming back - I've been way too addicted to this site. BYEEEEeeeeeee !!
  15. I can't agree more, I'm just the same, only today was I thinking 'I've been on this site for 3 years now'
  16. HOF Said; ".........telling us repeatedly that we will lose our money is unhelpful and frankly boring." Yes, I agree, and I have never predicted what will happen as I simply don't know. But then again; "60 Gucci shops, 850 berth Marina, Biggest Developers in our Solar System can't be wrong, they said the same about Northern Ireland, Bahamas I pulled out of, Manchester run-downs, no I'm not a Hyper, no I'm not a Flipper, you are a pessimist, people like you..... yada yada yada...." Is also slightly tedious don't you think ?
  17. Dogbox ? Who's Dogbox ?? Btw, general question open to anybody; Who are these faceless people that kept going on about Ireland not having a property boom ?? Name them ?? Also, who are these countless faceless people who went on about run down manchester terraced houses ?? I don't even know who these people are nor where these comments were made. Pessimists ¬= People with experience (now we're getting basic)
  18. That 'thing' (raincover, porch, lean-to) at the front door is impinging on the front window ffs !!!!! Surely that eyesore would need some sort of planning permission. Still think my compact and bijoux is the ugliest !
  19. Of course I agree and I have stopped posting to Dogbox's comments. How he spends his money is none of my business. Where it becomes my business is when it is being done, in my opinion, in a bad way though more importantly in my back garden so to speak.
  20. buyers = Hypers bottlers = those with experience I'm definitely happy being called someone with experience. So thanks guys for the compliment.
  21. Dogbox, I am serious. I don't feel in danger from terrorists that's all. Over here were all muslims, a few foreigners so why would they blow themselves and their brothers/sisters etc up here ?? Of course why I feel unsafe in the UK I fully understand (considered infidels, Iraq support, Bush/Blair relations with USA etc etc). Never been to Egypt, don't know and haven't read up on it to pose a viewpoint.
  22. When ?? That's a bit premature don't you think ? Like a lot of Expats, I actually feel a lot safer over here than when in the UK thank you.
  23. Really ?? Like I'm sure that with enough training some Eskimos would pamper you to the high degree your Gucci Marina Set will be expecting Stop it Dogbox, you're making me laugh now. Where are you from ?? Come on you're not real are you !
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