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  1. Seriously Dogbox, thanks for the beer, come to Casablanca and I may take you up on it. I've been to Saidia, and I'm in no rush to go back.
  2. A patch of sand........ yes, but surrounded by what ??
  3. According to your usual logic, they'd be better off watching it off the DVD player P.S. How much longer have you left on the Adult literacy classes ?
  4. Oh, so that's how Richard Branson and the like spend their time ?? Maybe you ought to spend some of it visiting that place that's about to empty your wallet ? P.S. I bet Richard Branson has been to Morocco !
  5. 2 things I'd say to this comment; 1/ Where have I said that Richard Branson doesn't know about Morocco ?? 2/ I'm beginning to see remnants of internet fantasists here (a near 3000 thread poster comparing himself to Branson, Soros and Buffett)...... P.S. Not in Saidia though is it ??
  6. adibrown, What you have to understand is that Dogbox prefers to do research from the comfort of his armchair, using DVD's supplied by friends. He doesn't have much time for people who've actually been to places they claim they know well. That way he can make an informed judgement and advise others to follow suit in his 'best investment ever'.
  7. Phatpawz, I have never said that Saidia is a dreadful place. I have simply asked on many an occasion, what is so special about Saidia. I have been there, we went there on Holiday as we had heard a fair bit about the place (August 2005). To us it was nothing special, really we couldn't see what the fuss was about. Ate lots of sardines, there isn't anything to do there, that really was about it ! Let me stress that again. There isn't anything to do there. That was our experience, based on a holiday there for 2 weeks (we stayed in Saidia all that time, using the car to venture out appro
  8. Euroscooby, I agree with you. That is what I find so annoying about Dogbox's posts about Morocco, he doesn't know, but he posts as though he knows Morocco intimately. That is dangerous. He posts as though Saidia is finished and the complex doesn't even exist yet. He posts like he's been here and yet he's only seen it on a DVD. He claims coming here he would have only seen a building site, yet, it he had come here, he'd get first hand what the weather is really like here. You can't leave that to a 3rd party website. I'll give you a personal example of me in the UK. When I was in the UK
  9. Sorry, don't seem to understand your point here ? Mugs ??
  10. Now let me see...... Soupi - been here once (rose tints permenantly on), Dogbox - permenantly glued to his armchair, does have a DVD player close by though. Biglog - lives here, wife from region, invested in morocco (manufacturing), employs people, speaks language/understands culture. Which one is most knowledgable ?? Oh, tricky one that ! Tops, Saidia is a 2-3month high season. P.S. Why would I rent from you guys when there'll be so many similar villas and I can go and stay at a Hotel ?? But then again, why go to Saidia at all ??!! BINGO !!
  11. Yee haa !!! Keep going Catara !! Saidia anyone ?
  12. Catara, you are beginning to impress me. I'm almost tempted to say you have hit the nail on the head. ASK YOURSELVES ONE QUESTION - WHO IS INVESTING IN SAIDIA ?? ANS: GULLIBLE, GREEDY WESTERNERS
  13. My wife's from Oujda, and she knows exactly what the temperature is at Saidia. Let's start telling it as it really is shall we ??
  14. The weather in Saidia is NOT nice all year - that is FACT. You also fail to mention the wind factor. Basically, ask anyone round here and they'll tell you SAIDIA is only nice around August.......
  15. Catara, you're getting warmer and warmer every time !! That's why Dogbox was very foolish to be 'saving' a few hundred pounds on an airline flight to just check out what he'd be getting before laying out his money. Yet, I guess the Trump/Buffet modelling got the better of him ! Still he knows best....... :
  16. Well spotted Catara (wondered how long it'd take till someone spotted yet more of Dogbox's ignorance/ramping of the place). Dogbox failed to pick that tiny detail out on his friend's DVD (still DB know's best, after all 60 Gucci shops can't be wrong, 10hotels, Olympic yada yada yada.......)
  17. Thanks Dogbox for the comparison. I take it you've been to the olympic complex. What's it like ?? And that marina, sounds lovely, any pictures ?? Finally, I never knew Morocco was reknowned for championship golf courses, please tell me more about the facilities........ Oh silly me, you're talking about something that is about 4+ years away............. Can't wait to see the quality
  18. Another inaccuracy from DVD based investment expert.
  19. 100% in agreement with you (and I'm the one whose in it !) Though, I actually think Dogbox is bricking it deep down.
  20. How come Lina quoted (I think) 120,000euro for appartment in Saida and you are saying you can get 50k appartments in Berlin ?? Berlin 50k or Saidia 120k ?? Tricky choice that ?? Is it because in Berlin they don't have 60gucci shops, 8 hotels, 3 golf courses, tea spoons included ?
  21. Erm, I've already asked you umpteen times what is the attraction of Saidia, so it is implied that you believe there is an attraction and I fail to see it. You then mention that it has 'all these features and a lot lot more' and again I ask you what they are. Now you are claiming that I know all the features So you are implying that I was right all along ?? That there aren't any ?? For months you've been ramping on this site about Saida, and I've challenged your knowledge of the place, which you have purely from a friend's rose-tinted DVD and an Agent's spiel. E.g. I know nothing about
  22. What exactly are 'all these features and a LOT LOT MORE" ?? I'm interested since you've been there But what I'm confused about is on the one hand you're saying it has all these features, and on the other you're saying it is'nt (sic) even built yet ! Make your mind up mate !
  23. I know that the most true insight into what Morocco could be like came from Lina (whose experiences where from Pakistan). Funnily she too was shot down as a neg-head. I don't deny Dogbox his method of using a trusted friend with a good business brain - that's his choice. Just fed up of him talking out his backside about a place he knows very little about.
  24. Well I'm not going to bring up *all* that I know, so you can't say that. I'm aware that you are taking a risk and that I'm not prepared to - if you pull it off, then good for you. The stance I'm now taking is - who am I ?? I only live here. You guys obviously know what you are doing from the comfort of your armchairs so why should I care ? As is often said, free advice is only worth what you paid for it.
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