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  1. There you go Dogbox, seeing as Saidia is such a great investment, why don't you snap up this bargain as well ?
  2. Oh dear, very low IQ. Seems I've touched a raw nerve there. What's up ?? Bricking it about your 'investment' ?? What type of Engineer are you ? Gas ? Plumbing ? Heating ?? Or Toilet. Such clever investor.
  3. Well Robster, I live in Morocco and I visited Saidia in 2005 and yes I visited the showroom where these buildings you so proudly show us are being built. Personally I have extensive experience in construction, both as an Engineer and as a 'real' investor in business in Morocco (Im in manufacturing in the construction industry). When I saw your photos it confirmed what I have always thought about Saidia and the Hype coming from Dogbox's keyboard. Having heard months and months of hype from Dogbox, I thought maybe he may be right and I may be wrong (all this talk about Spain's largest constru
  4. If you owned Morocco, would you give away your best bits (Marrakech, Fes, Agadir, Tangiers etc) or would you give away parts that you didn't really care less about, in the corner of nowhere, and say "there, have that, see what you can do make of this"....... Saidia is a nothingness made up to be something special by commission-paid hypers like you. You talk about Cyprus since you've been there (well done, you are getting out after all), but you have never set foot in Morocco ?? How do you know whether it will have all what you need ?? You've never been there, it hasn't been built..... you
  5. The King knows exactly what he's doing, it's muppets like you that haven't got a clue. You should take a very good look at a map of Morocco and see which little corner of nowhere you are buying into. What I can see is that you are a ramper, hyping a place you claim to be so interested in for Holidaying yet you've never even set foot in the country let alone the town you claim to know so well !!!! Spain, if you like that sort of thing, has tons of culture (it's the brits that lack in that department), same as Cyprus, steeped in culture, history, sun, good food, plenty to do and see, relax i
  6. I write this in Morocco dressed in WINTER clothes (wearing them indoors, it's that cold) ..... Let's interpret your first liner generalisation a bit shall we. Firstly, taking what you say as correct (and I personally don't), it would therefore mean that people would NOT come to Morocco as, first and foremost, Morocco is about Culture, History, Deserts, Camels, Oasis, Souks etc etc etc etc !!!! (so, own goal there by you I'm afraid). Morocco is NOT about CenterParcs, facilities, Beaches etc. It doesn't pretend to be. Whether it'll have that in the future I don't know, but then if I was in
  7. Can you provide a link Catara as I can't find anything in the Daily Mail to support Dogbox's claim ??
  8. They'll fly to Marrakesh or Fes........ Saidia, where's that ?? They'll say. 60 Gucci shops, Marina, Golf. No thanks they'll say, I want History and Culture (get that in Marrakesh and Fes). Besides, Saidia is miles away from anywhere, best be around where the action is........
  9. I'll find out for you Lina, funnily, being a man of my word, we're going to Marrakech after Christmas, so you're in luck !. Where did you hear about this man's credentials ?? I'm a bit wary of people saying that they are 'connected' or that they are 'high up' - usually turns out to be bs...... Especially the 'friend of the king' bit - but I may be proved wrong, let me find out and I'll let you know what I find out. BTW, I know people who are friends of the King - in fact, I'm convinced I'll get to meet him myself one day (I've already seen him in his car driving past at least 6 times, and
  10. Sales of land in Morocco isn't difficult, you just have to come out here. I'm sure there are loads of places I could search but as I'm not interested in Land at the moment, I'm not looking. Regarding Foreigners purchasing land, I must admit I'm not 100% sure, but I'm a foreigner (UK !), but I do have a national Id card over here as I live here. Never thought about it to be honest. I'll find out and let you know, but I really don't think it'd be a problem as logically, if you are allowed to buy property, then I don't see why land wouldn't be allowed (but I'm only guessing).
  11. Lina, Have you been to Marrakech ?? I personally like the place a lot and go there very often. So I commend you on your choice. Excuse me for perhaps teaching you to suck eggs, but why don't you come over and take a look at the place ?? And also, why not think about buying a plot of land and building your own property yourself ?? It doesn't take much. Cut the middleman out ? I took a quick look at the website you mention, not too keen on husband/wife service outfits personally. Radio's suggestion sounds good.
  12. Yes, shared by those who are banking on it......... wake up and get real.
  13. Why would I want to pay £80,000 for a 2 bed appt in Saidia (have you seen a two bed appartment in Morocco) ?? To knock a golf ball around in Saidia ?? Why would I want to do that ? I don't think hitting a golf ball in Saida will be much fun, the Moroccan sun if very unforgiving (can't show you that on a DVD sorry Dobbogx) - the season isn't what you think it is, so why as a golf fanatic (and you've already admitted you don't even play the game) would someone trek over to empty Saidia to hit some golf balls ?? To 'shop at any one of 60 Gucci shops' I await the reply....... Really ? If I r
  14. It's more than that - it's pure Armchair Pundit talk.
  15. I don't care what you think about me, you don't know - we do. I couldn't give a toss. My wife's from Oujda (know where that is ?) - she used to holiday in Saidia every year, knows the climate like the back of her hand. So if you want to believe something else, that's your perogative. And regarding 1+ve get's 3 negative remarks, I could easily say the same vice versa, one comment by me and Soup, Dog, and Euro retort back like a big band brass section. P.S. You're not Dogbox by any chance ??
  16. Why wouldn't you want to run into me, I'm a really nice person ! How long have you lived here ?
  17. 'Positive' as in agreeing to agree....... Morocco *is* as Tourist destination, who'd disagree with that ? Only last weekend were we in Marrakech - go there often in fact (Saidia? That's a totally different kettle of fish). Dogbox, you talk out of your backside, Morocco isn't and will never be Dubai but with Class yada yada...... and it isn't even trying to be. You show that you are nothing more than an armchair punter. And to morockin, don't answer or can't answer ?
  18. Really ?? You sound like a troll. Where exactly in Morocco are you ??
  19. Well, which one would you believe ?? A Ramper who hasn't set foot in the country and believes an Agent's say so ?? Or someone who lives here, doing business here day in day out (and no vested interest) ??
  20. What a complete load of bullsh*t. Of course, if I told you otherwise Dogbox, you'd not believe it - you only want to hear what you want to believe...... Dogbox is bricking it, needing to hype for all he's worth in order to get his money back, right eh Dogbox ?
  21. Yes, of which your posts on them, as Thorr, make up approximately 80% there of............... I said all along, and now others at long last are joining me - I detest ramping/flipping. You wouldn't like it done in your back yard, but are smug and selfish enough to play the part of exporting this great British pastime into a 3rd world country. One of my many customers (Moroccan) very recently told me she detests Speculation. I felt ashamed on behalf of the brit brigade that I know on here to be aware of their plans for Saidia. What a sad bunch of 'investors' you are. P.S. BTW, Andy Wellan
  22. Sorry, can you say that again in English ?
  23. I think you'll find the reason Saidia gets a disproportionate number of posts is that it boils down to one thing, Dogbox. As is often the case, he is talking out of his ar$e about a place he has NEVER even visited (yet claims it's brilliant!). Those in the know are just giving their experienced perspective (which Dogbox the flipper *has* to counter as he is bricking it) Dogbox is on one mission - to flip a place (after all, who buys a villa in a country they've never visited, claiming it's for their holidays ?)
  24. Please don't misquote me, I have NEVER said it's a dump. what I have said is that I fail to see the attraction of Saidia as there isn't anything there special. I would also concur that it appears overpriced and I'd question whether you will be getting anything of any quality (I live in Morocco and believe me, our idea of quality and theirs are poles apart). I'm with Scottishguy.
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