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  1. Now I'll answer this question in a way that Dogbox perhaps would really prefer (as he is reluctant to visit his sandy investment as we already know). As an Expat, I've gotten used to the phenomenon of seeing UK tourists coming over to Morocco and marvelling at it's contrasts with the UK and other countries they know. Let me try and explain with one example that I see often. When it's freezing cold to me and the natives over here, I'll be wearing several layers and jeans (even though the sun is out etc) but the English tourist with his sandals, tee-shirt and shorts !! Same with the Sand and
  2. Can I say something really grown up ?? Say something really mature?? Yet something that's really quite simple ?? Don't go by what I say about the Sand/beach in Saidia. Don't go by what a 'friend' says about the Sand/beach Saidia. GO AND SEE THE SAND/BEACH IN SAIDIA FOR YOURSELF !
  3. Erm, you implied that your opinions be taken seriously since in this case (Germany) you were speaking with *actual* REAL experience (of having been there) - thereby implying that it *is* important to view firsthand rather than claiming expertise and insight to the quality and direction of a building site (Saidia) whilst constantly glued to that armchair. BTW, I note you are still having trouble getting your head around the correct spelling of 'their' (6 months later). Spelling and grammar (note spelling!) are unnecessary ?? If you can't be bothered communicating properly, why/how should a
  4. How could you claim to have spent quite a bit of time ?? You're on here 24/7 ! I cannot imagine that for one second So you're admitting now that you don't know anything about Saidia as you've NEVER spent ANY time there ?? And the endless elementary grammar/spelling mistakes makes one's mind boggle......
  5. I also would like to thank Steve C for giving his informed opinion having visited Saidia for himself (unlike the famous, you know who, ramper.....). Regarding Euroscooby's VI comment, sadly, due to the nature of posting anonymously on internet fora such as this, you are I'm afraid very much mistaken, as you are totally misjudging my intentions. May I ask, what VI do you suppose I have (never ONCE have I told anyone, don't buy in Saidia, buy in X instead) ??
  6. That's a fantastic question, but it needs just a tad more detail, like "Does anyone know why Dogbox keeps banging on about Saidia (especially as he's never ever been to Morocco) ??" Actually Dogbox, "Glad I Invested In Morocco", do you really mean "More relieved now I'm reading this (but still sh*tt*ng myself" ??
  7. Obviously everybody is entitled to their opinion so here's mine ! I moved abroad to North Africa in 2003, back then my accountant, and several others who were in to renting out property were certain that the housing market would get corrected. I certainly thought so too - so much so that I decided to sell and move abroad. I have NO regrets doing this - my rent over the last four years has been just £50 per month and £200 per month (the first flat was a relative's appartment so I got a decent place dead cheap to rent). When I was living in the UK my mortgage was around £500p.m. Recently, I
  8. What you also should wonder about our resident armchair investor, is that he hasn't been to Morocco (let alone Saidia, the site he has been ramping for the last year or so) - right Dogbox ??
  9. But Dogbox, "Hyper" and "Agent" are the two nouns most commonly used to describe YOU ! So isn't this a case of the Pot calling the Kettle Black ?? Ditto re your comment regarding Jack of all trades and their (note e before i in the word their, Dogbox ) dealing with more than one country.
  10. Hey, I'm really a nice guy, trust me !! I take *no* pleasure from hearing of people being suckered into a hyped up investment. If the Hypers however are the ones we are talking about getting burnt - then hey,
  11. So he was Jetskiing - was he actually inland ?? And you 'believe' he was 'in' Saidia (again, inland and not out at Sea) ?? Sorry, reading between your lines, it seems that maybe my contact's information seems plausible. Anyway, good luck with your investment.
  12. Now this is what I like, plain stupidity. Who said the King considers Saidia as his world showcase ?? Erm....... you ? The King couldn't give a toss about Saida - that's why he's fed it to gullible, greedy foreigners you twerp. That's why (according to sources) he HASN'T been there (except on a yacht with the engines running). See, your logic fails because you sit on an armchair imagining things rather then coming over to this place and LIVING HERE AND SEEING, AND LEARNING FOR YOURSELF (you'd have to speak the language first though). The King's SHOWCASE (as you are too dumb to wake up to
  13. What dumb logic, why do you keep making these silly comparisons ? And why if you are SO certain of your winning investment, do you insist living on this forum (as well as numerous others) ? Why do you need to convince anybody ?? And who cares ? I guess, as an Agent, you need to keep the Hype stoked up otherwise your skewed, ill-thought mud-hut may end up slumping into a heap
  14. So I've invested in Morocco in REAL BUSINESS (not speculation) and I'm seen as a Neg head (because I'm telling you what Morocco is like, as it is as well as reporting what the natives think) - but if I'd agree with all your hype/ramping, that'd be conceived as good/okay would it ?? Don't be suckered by this Armchair Agent.
  15. Yes, yes, okay, yes you're right....... So........ let's look at the evidence (i.e. my claims). I said that I'd been informed that the King has never been to Saidia, and Dogbrain laughed this off as a conspiracy (well he would wouldn't he?), and then you followed up about me actually being pedantic and that he has been there but stayed on a yacht. I told you that I have it on very good source (if I told you who, I know you'd shut up in silence) but of course the sales agents on here made me even question my contact. i then contacted my contact and questioned this (i.e. has he been to Saidi
  16. Not nearly as many as the internet fantasists who post heavily (4000 on this website alone) on a multitude of fora claiming they are experts on countries they have never ever visited (and probably never will) .....
  17. Ever wondered why the King hasn't set foot on Saidia soil yet Dogbrain and prefers to stay on a yacht (most probably with the engines running ) ?
  18. Oh here we go again - why can't to$$ers like you accept a different viewpoint other than a ramped up hyped VI one ?? To be really honest, I can't be bothered answering all of your post........ Re being bitter, I'm not bitter about anything other than ramping/hyping - I've been consistent on that one in all my posts. I don't have any interest businesswise (yet) re Saidia - no contract sought nor lost there I'm afraid to tell you. Regarding talking out of my a r s e (didn't you mean Dogbox on that one there ??) - anyway I think I'd rather ignore you and wait for the next 'picnic' type poste
  19. Hi Marsdei, I'm in a bit of a rush so I may come back later to reply ! Unfortunately, I get to see the WHOLE build cycle, and it is not an impressive site. I did try to explain this about 6months ago, but the Sales Agents on here put me off from further posting. It's what goes on before that will shock you. A few examples and then I'm out of here for today ! : i) It is commonly accepted that the plumbing in Morocco simply doesn't work. ii) Electrical works: I recently learnt that electricians don't follow any colour coding, they use whatever bit of wire is handy (absolutely true) i
  20. Well, funny you *should* say that, because I *HAVE* seen faked pictures here actually (and when I pointed it out to the locals, they were shocked also) ! As I said, I had it on VERY good authority, I'll recheck and get back to you, but I wouldn't say something like that unless it's source was very credible (and my source can't be much more than). Okay ?
  21. Don't know where you are getting your feed of B$ but I have it on VERY strong word (I cannot say ) that in fact the King has NEVER set foot in Saidia.......
  22. Also, I will add, that people on here keep mentioning that the King has visited Saidia (saying this in order to ramp up the area's worth). I have it on strong word (I cannot say ) that in fact the King has NEVER set foot in Saidia.......
  23. If you bothered to look through my past comments, you'd know...... I had been giving more realistic, local, UK Expat views, in fact nearly all of the time, I was poking at Dogbox who as I quite rightly saw as a ramper/flipper who has never even set foot in a country he is so heavily promoting (and before anyone says you don't need to providing you do your research properly, don't bother me!). Of course I have been proved right (if you bothered to come out here and knew the place like I do you'd see). Has is/has been playing a part in reeling in people from a variety of websites (not just
  24. You wouldn't know 'helpful' if it hit you in the face. Or is it only Selling Agents that are allowed on here with their 'helpful' advice ??
  25. OMG I used to live in Preston many moons ago. Can't believe that anything with 4bedrooms (without a SEVERE amount of Bull$h*t) would be touching £450k.....
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