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  1. Hi Michael, This video isn't about unlicensed building though - and I wasn't trying to say that it'd happen to someone in Saidia. What I was trying to illustrate was the lack of law / corruption in that country - therefore who'd want to buy a property there. In case people are wondering what the video is about, it's about a guy (who's got CCTV installed at his holiday home), he goes back to his country (France I think) leaving the video cameras rolling. Whilst abroad, his NEXT DOOR NEIGHBOUR, who is tired of walking a few minutes around this guys house, decides to build a ROAD THROUGH IT !
  2. Have a look at this for the sorts of things that CAN happen in Morocco and IT'S VERY HARD TO PUT RIGHT / GET JUSTICE. http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=QEAEBLZxnvA
  3. Hi there Michael, What I find funny (though not very unusual) is that when Dogbox was on this site, he'd talk endlessly about how, with Fadesa's backing and might, Saidia would be a resounding success, it'll be brilliant, yada yada..... And now we have you (no offence) telling us that Fadesa construction quality was admittedly poor !! You then have people like me, expats, who'd lived in the country commenting truthfully about the reality and you'd then get a scam artist like Dogbox, in on here roughly every 5 minutes hyping up the place though he'd never been there. The 'real' investors (E
  4. As some of you may already know, remember, don't care etc etc I was that sad person telling people how much Saidia was a big mistake. Remember me ?? Remember the constant arguments I used to have with Dogbox, that friendly Housepricecrash permanent resident who posted around 4000+ posts about Saidia yet had never stepped foot in the place ?? Do you remember how often I'd talk about poor build quality ?? My pet subject, because I was in Construction (importing materials) and because I'd seen so much of it and was surrounded by it ?? Do you remember the number of people who'd 'shut me up' w
  5. I say count yourself lucky also (I lived there for 5 years, very hard way of living). Check out this on YouTube (do a search on the text between the quotes)- I know that this sort of thing happens and is nothing out of the ordinary; "TRUE STORY/Corruption/Morocco/DemolitionHouseHoliday (English Version)"
  6. Glad to see that EuroScooby is still plugging away where Dogbox left off............ Euro, look mate, even Dogbox has done a runner, doesn't that tell you something ?? Hasn't the penny dropped yet ?? Let me help you take off those Rosy Spectacles, look up on YouTube; "Who is terrorizing my country ?!! Morocco corruption" and "TRUE STORY/Corruption/Morocco/DemolitionHouseHoliday (English Version)" to see what you're letting yourself into.......
  7. with £149,950.00 for all the furniture, fixtures and some other household goods Yeah sure. More like £4,995......
  8. I seriously believe that its worth between £5000 and £13,000, IMHO. And he's described the condition as new !
  9. No it isn't !! When I saw this I genuinely hope NO ONE buys this 'house'. Maybe an 'investor' so that he can get his fingers burnt but certainly not a small family just starting out. I wasn't even aware that such awful places as this even existed !! I mean, just look at it, there isn't anything right about it !! And how can they say that it's recently been totally refurbished
  10. Snap up this beautiful bargain quick before someone else does !!
  11. Hi Paddy, Just sent you an email. Regards.
  12. At last, someone who says it like it is. I lived in Casablanca myself for 5 years (yes I did EuroScoobysceptic) - I lived in Oasis (Rue de la Mecque). Came back to UK in June, not intending to go back (though still have some business interests there). Be glad to communicate via PM, Paddy. Regards, Biglog. P.S. Still waiting for your telephone number Euro....
  13. Hi Jesus of nazereth, Actually I did have a problem with Dogbox ramping. I didn't and don't see the difference between ramping property or ramping shares. Back in Dot.com boom, there were a lot of rampers in shares and, correct me if I'm wrong but it was actually deemed to be criminal behaviour, with legal action certainly a possibility. A lot of people got burnt thanks to that ramping (including me, though I did come out even at the end of the day, so I was lucky). Though I would agree that the lack of knowledge he had of the place was frightening !
  14. Well, give me your phone number and we can discuss ?? I tell you what. We'll speak in Arabic (or Derija to be more precise), the Arabic I learnt whilst I was there. Or if you want French. Why not ?? I mean you expect me to divulge my identity. Erm, yes I am back in the UK thanks. What do you want me to say to that ?? My dire warnings still hold true, if you like shoddy basic build that's your choice (I'll try and find the many pictures I took of a block of appartments which went up in front of where I was staying, look suspictiously similar in quality to Saidia !). Oh yes, btw, I wa
  15. Some of us did try to warn people, however, the ramper called Dogbox was on this site 24hours a day (plus being on several others, ramping Saidia on a full-time basis). I lived in Morocco for 5 years, now back in UK, I've seen the pictures that Euroscooby gave the link to - I've seen it all before for 5 years solid. I know Moroccan build quality, I know what you'll be getting and I know it won't be much........ Me, Catara and a few others tried to warn. There are still those who refuse to budge, even without Dogbox's rhetoric........
  16. Oh, so now Morocco is much cheaper ?? 2.5x what exactly ?? You never stopped wailing about how much villas were going per week for in Morocco - wasn't it $22,000 ?? And Morocco is what ?? Talk about shooting yourself in the foot. 1) You can't compare this because the 3 onsite courses haven't been built yet - your friend's DVD won't show this (it'll just show a building site) 2) You can't compare this because the facilities haven't been built yet - your friend's DVD won't show this (it'll just show a building site) 3) Compared to what ?? Did your friend video the entire Saidia beach
  17. I'm denigrating Dogbox's claims. If NO ONE has been there (as it is still a building site), Dogbox should stop making illogical comparisons with places that do exist. He should also stop this Ramping.
  18. Are you acting at being thick, or does it come naturally ? Seriously. I'm sorry for the insult, but you are insulting me with this awful nonsense about the Moon (people been there, taken pictures, written about it etc), The Great Barrier Reef (people been there, taken pictures, written about it etc) with your Saidia Villa, which doesn't exist, you've never been there - therefore you MUST STOP talking about it as though it DOES. DON'T talk about SAIDIA Marina being the BIGGEST/BEST, as it DOES NOT EXIST (IN FULL) YET (how many boats are moored there at the moment ??). DON'T talk about SAIDI
  19. Truth at last ?? Still trust this Liar/Joker/Ramper ??
  20. My wife is from Morocco, and is actually from that region (Oujda). I have mentioned countless times what is being said on here, and she is NO Neg-head. She knows Moroccan mentality better than anyone on here. I've been to Saidia (taking the kids), would I go there again ?? Not if I didn't have to.
  21. Who cares what you think ? You're just as much a VI as Dogbox, I don't see vested interest behaviour in anything Catara or JoN say/have said. Dogbox compares Sardinia, which he states (thanks to HIS recent experience/visit there) as being like in a 3rd world country, yet; 1) vehemently rejects ANY TRUTHS that anyone else says about the 3rd world country he is ACTUALLY BUYING into (one that he has NEVER been to) and 2) makes a long DUMB comparison list about a place that hasn't even been built yet (and is very far from completion). I think Euroscooby, you are the Dull one.
  22. Wife booked Sardinia, you booked Saidia, you both sound a perfect pair.... Hope she also spells better than you (Their, not Thier).
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