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  1. Reminds me of the old saying, according to the internet everything has a bad review.. if ye search ye shall find! Allow me to cheer y'all up, here are a couple from the first results out of 100,000 returned by google for "new jobs"! Wahey! Jobs come, jobs go. Creative destruction is a part of any economy. It's the net figures which we need to worry about and last time I looked unemployment figures were on the up but the rate was slowing. Is your glass half empty? Which nicely on to... JD Wetherspoon to create 10000 new jobs Daily News Round-up (press release) - ‎6 hours ago‎ JD Wetherspoon is to open 250 new pubs across the UK, creating 10000 new jobs in the next five years. The company currently has 700 pubs in Britain and ... Hundreds of new jobs could be created in Norwich Norwich Evening News - ‎2 hours ago‎ Norwich has been identified as a location where hundreds of new jobs could be created, with influential experts saying the city has huge potential to pull ... Green sector could create 80000 new jobs RTE.ie - ‎55 minutes ago‎ A blueprint aiming to show how 80000 new jobs could be created in the emerging green economic sector was published today. The new report urges speedy and ... New £7m Aberdeen data centre to create jobs BBC News - ‎15 hours ago‎ A £7m investment in a new data centre in Aberdeen is set to create 10 jobs, it has been announced. The Internet for Business (IFB) centre news was described ... East Leeds: Go-ahead for eco-town – and 27000 new jobs Yorkshire Evening Post - Mark Hookham - ‎9 hours ago‎ The development – one of the largest of its kind in the country – would create 27000 new jobs. The city region, which is made up of 11 different councils, ... 1500 new jobs for becogent Call Centre Helper - ‎1 hour ago‎ In addition, becogent has recently gained a multi-year contract with Sainsbury's Supermarkets, which will result in the creation of 150 new jobs at the ... IBM Makes New Initiative In London Creating 400 New Jobs Gov Monitor - ‎Dec 1, 2009‎ Lord Mandelson added that the creation of 400 new highly-skilled jobs Claims Stonehaven plans could create over 1000 jobs BBC News - ‎4 hours ago‎ The Mill of Forest plan for the south west of Stonehaven includes up to 1500 new houses, shops, a hotel, and business park. Studies say the project could ...
  2. Er... did you take a wrong turn on t'intarweb then?
  3. But the market has dropped out of advertising hence the move to charge for content. They will (so they hope) make more from the few people that are prepared to pay rather than making it free and getting ads. CPM for advertising is pence if you are lucky, get some kind of product up and you can up that to £100 or so. I am still amused by people who have clearly never worked in this space stating that advertising can pay for everything from content to music to software to... there is only a finite amount to go round and that amount has plummeted. Having dabbled in the internet space here and there the reality is many people, including amateurs, make loads of cash from "premium" content sites. The advantage is that your income is much more constant and you are the one in control. For example everyone's fave blogger Darren Rose launched a premium forum a month or two ago and already has thousands of people paying up to $6 each and every month for the privilege of writing posts. Good luck to him I say. He's set up a regular income of many thousand a month and doesn't have a lot to do in return. I wonder how many people here could have done the same instead of posting 10,000 posts up here. You would be able to buy a house! But, on many people's logic, this is impossible given that there are very high quality free forums out there which offer the same thing. Underestimate the power of brand at your peril. Time will tell. As always.
  4. what happened to his job, the radio station shut down?
  5. I've found that head hunters tapping me up via linked in is the biggest problem I have. There are definitely genuine jobs out there that are proving hard to fill - in my IT niche we all tend to know each around London as we all have blogs, go to the same meets, etc, so we generally know who is recruiting where. What I have found is the willingness to offer more money to pull me away from my current position. Unfortunately I love my current position too much lol! Like the housing market, the thing to remember is that the headline figures don't tell the full story. Remember that not every bank went bust, some had proved to be very prudent and didn't see the slightest wobble, job cuts, need for government cash, etc. And in the wider economy not every business is suffering. Just like not every house in the UK was subject to the headline rise and fall. More fool those that didn't look for themselves!
  6. Im not sure if that is serious or not, but the thought crossed my mind when watching an interview this week. A lady said that she had no idea what she was spending and paid no attention to her bank balance and then she went overdrawn. She then had to work hard to pay off the debt and she went on to say that now she is much more careful. Sounds like she was taught a lesson. A lesson that HPC regs have been wanting people to learn for a loooooong time!!!
  7. Could be worse I spose! Do people really think that the VAT cut makes a difference..?? Pre-Christmas sales rise hints at festive cheer for retailers Times Online - Catherine Boyle - ‎15 hours ago‎ Recession is still in the air, job losses are mounting across the country and a rise in VAT is looming, but the nation's retailers remain cautiously ... High street enjoys sales rise as shoppers rush to beat VAT hike guardian.co.uk - ‎19 hours ago‎ Sales on Britain's high streets rose at the fastest pace in two years in November as shoppers rushed to take advantage of the VAT holiday. ... Retail sales gain two-year high, says CBI employers' organisation Telegraph.co.uk - Angela Monaghan - ‎20 hours ago‎ Retail sales rose at the fastest pace in two years in November and the high street is poised for further cheer in the run-up to Christmas, according to the ... Retailers raring to go as sales figures rise sparks optimism on the High Street Daily Mail - ‎22 hours ago‎ By Daily Mail Reporter High street sales grew at their fastest annual rate for two years this month, latest figures reveal. Recent muddled sales data has ... High street sales cheer retailers The Press Association - ‎Nov 26, 2009‎ Retail hopes are mounting for the key Christmas shopping season after figures revealed high street sales grew at their fastest annual rate for two years ... Retailers upbeat on Christmas outlook Financial Times - Norma Cohen - ‎Nov 26, 2009‎ Shoppers have been flocking to Britain's high streets, helping retail sales grow at their fastest pace in two years and underpinning optimism ... Retail Sales Pick Up In November New York Times - Fiona Shaikh, Christina Fincher - ‎Nov 26, 2009‎ By REUTERS LONDON (Reuters) - Retail sales rose at their fastest pace in two years in November and retailers expect a further rise next month, according to ... Retailers increase orders and raise prices Supply Management - Gareth Mytton - ‎3 hours ago‎ UK merchants placed more orders with suppliers in November than they did 12 months ago, the first annual increase in requisitions for ... Retailers celebrate positive sales ahead of festive season CITY A.M. - Julia Kollewe - ‎14 hours ago‎ THE high street is looking forward to a buoyant Christmas, after reporting the fastest sales growth in two years yesterday. Confidence among retailers has ... Surprise surge in High Street Sales Loans4 - ‎14 hours ago‎ A retail industry group has reported a surprise surge in retail sales, which has increased hopes of significant sales levels over the up and coming ...
  8. Sorry to hear about your predicament. As an IT chap I managed to boost my income by building things for myself. There are lots of opportunities out there that require nothing but time and skill - two things you might have right now? If there really are no vacancies to go for then it sounds like you have nothing to lose by giving it a go - beats posting on HPC surely !? Some things to consider: iPhone App Android App Wordpress Plugin Affiliate Marketing Facebook App As a more technical person I had to teach myself to develop from scratch, but there are plenty of resources. If you have a programming background then that's a result. That's the great thing about IT, there is nothing to stop you building something yourself. Plenty of peeps have made careers from it. At least give it a go whilst you are waiting and if you make a billion - I want a cut ! Perhaps the difference between those in and out of work is a "can do" attitude? Anyway, just a thought, best of luck with it all
  9. Bargains have been available for the last 10 years. I bought a place in 2005 (after being told I was mad - yes even back then! !) and got an equal discount. I then sold it for more than the original asking price just this year! Crash? But yeah, the next place was - hmm where's m'calculator - 17% off the asking. Unfortunately a lot of people here don't realise that a lot of the discussion here is with respect to macro economics - things *can* be very diferent on a local scale if you look hard enough - at least that's what I'm glad I found ! Personally I'm glad I never listened to the advice. Some might think Im lucky to have sold for a profit between 2005 and 2009 without doing any work, I'd like to think it was a well chosen buy with a price negotiated in my favour at purchase and at sale. Luck or skill, who knows? But what I do say to people is don't get caught up in the headlines. Crash here, rise there, may or may not be relevant to you and where you live and the type of property you want to buy. If you like it, want it, can afford it, then so what? Who cares if it means we die with 50k less in the bank than someone else. Can't take it with us... Best of luck with the purchase
  10. Madness indeed! My old place (35mins drive away according to google map) which was 3 large bedrooms, large garden, big kitchen diner - and a bathroom not in the living room(!!), and in a nicer area went for 1/4m too earlier in the year! The choices some people make! I don't get it.
  11. I have to say I agree with Buffet. Isn't there a danger that one day someone with more forward thinking and greater influence will point out that gold is, erm, a bit pointless. Sure, like any other metal, it has it's uses and therefore a value. But I don't feel that gold should stand out above these. I always liked Buffet's idea of investing in something that you would be happy to keep even if the bottom fell out of the market. Something that would still be useful to you even if no one else wanted to buy it off you. In that way you could never really lose because either way your money has bought you something you wanted. Now if only there was an obvious example jumping out at us. Something we could put money into and no matter what the market did next you would always need it and value it. I'm sure there must be an example out there. Oh wait, here's a thought. A house? hehe
  12. Since buying my 2nd place this year, Ive watched the area very closely (a S London 'burb) - there have been no drops because there are no houses on the market. Not a single thing has come on that would have sparked the slightest interest. So perhaps there are some coming to market (must be some surely?) but they are being sold before they even hit rightmove (which is now my only source of info!)? I guess, as always, there is a massive variation from place to place that represents local supply and demand. I push a few products using ebay's partner scheme. Again, purely anecdotal, but so far Christmas sales are looking good here. As an aside, if anyone is struggling with a house purchase, give it a go. Some of the people here with 10,000 posts to their name could be gaining lucrative commission by now if they had kept ownership of that content. Wish I had realised how the game works sooner .
  13. Although I share the sentiment, it will be interesting to see, when all is said and done, whether she continues to bring home the bacon. I wonder if people are so infuriated because deep down we suspect she might have actually been successful despite all of the HPC rationality that we could throw at it. It would be nice if someone could do a round up one day of the HPC heroes and villains and look at whether they were really winners or losers. I'm not sure they are really losers if they got to live a millionaire lifestyle for 10 years (even if they end up on civvy street with the rest of us!). And there is still a distinct lack of winners on the HPC front... but we'll see
  14. Is there a lot of pressure to build on flood plains? Whilst looking at the devastation on the news recently I must admit that these places didn't exactly look like "new towns"! That said I know in London there was a plan to build around the Thames estuary but I guess that clearly is a case of the land being available and near to London. Like many have said here before, it would be good to recycle existing areas before building on green field sites any way.
  15. Ah the myth that Estate Agents prefer high prices continues! If working for commission, would you rather have no sale at 200k or 1 sale at 190k. Would you really risk getting nothing, and then lose 1900k or potential income, compared to ramping up the price a couple of grand to get a whopping extra £100! Not sure I'd risk £1900 for the sake of an extra £100?
  16. I think mightytharg's post covers that point. There is a class of worker who will always find something to do. If I lost my job tomorrow and there really were "no jobs" ,which plainly isn't true, I would find something to do. Reminds me of my dear ol' Ma who, a fair distance into the summer holidays, would send me off to "find something to do".
  17. Out of interest why are your maintenance costs so hight? I owned a Victorian 3 bed and more recently an Edwardian 5 bed and have found expenditure to be low. Is it because I ensured the house was in good nick before buying, or do you not bother with insuring against all the little things that go wrong? For example I just had hundreds of pounds worth of heating work done at a whopping price of... ZERO! I get drainage, electricity and gas cover for a few tens of pounds each month. For another tenner you can inusre white goods too - I didn't think that was worth it, but if I was a landlord who needed defined monthly costs then it would seem better. The last time I rented my LL was covered for all that, really paid off as in the one year I was there the fridge broke and the pilot light kept going out. Both probs fixed free for a few hundred in premium. Prob saved them double/triple that but the real benefit is knowing what your costs are and planning around it (imo!). Check it out
  18. Priceless indeed - as if Labour boom and bust is a better class of boom and bust than Tory boom and bust. I've never used the words boom and bust so often. Well, not boom at least.
  19. Have to say, I've never eaten out so often thanks to the onslaught of 2 for 1, or meal + pud + drink for £10 etc offers on at the moment. I know MSE is a bit of a no go area around here, but you should check it out!
  20. As a generation Y kinda guy, born in 70s/80s, this is an interesting idea. First off, I don't believe that my parents, boomers, had it "easy". They both worked long hours in uninspiring jobs all their lives, they saved hard to get a deposit to buy a house. Their first place was tiny and not in a great area, they moved several times and did lots of work on each place. The family home I grew up in was a shell when they bought it, my parents reconfigured it and turned it into a home with me and my bro/sis toddling around at the same time! Their first place didnt have central heating, they didn't go on foreign holidays, they didn't have any of the things we have today. My understanding is that this is not untypical for their generation. Easy? So I went to uni, I worked before and during to fund it. Although I have to say I didn't pay the kinda fees modern students pay, but neither did I receive a grant like previous generations did. I certainly don't feel I had opportunities that weren't open to the vast majority of us. But we all know what it's like at school don't we, some of us - if we were honest- didn't put the effort in did we? We wasted that opportunity. It's tragic really because you don't realise how important it is until it is too late. Finding a job wasn't "easy". I am curious to understand how people think it worked 10 years ago.. do you really think people were banging on my door begging me to come and work for them?!! No, I had to send off CVs, network, put myself out there, get a portfolio going, blah de blah. I worked bloomin hard. So unemployment is a few percentage points out from before (and I don't actually recall it being that rosey when I graduated either) - I find it hard to believe this suddenly means we have a doomed generation! The reality is the majority of people graduating are getting into work, perhaps people should ask why they are in the group that is struggling? Is it bad luck? I believe we make our own luck. And yes, I am a home owner. Nice family home in S. London in an attractive suburban tree lined street with good transport links into town, and crucially out of town! How did I do that? Lottery win? No! I started saving the moment I started work. Sure, it has taken me 10 years to get here, I managed to put aside just a few k each year (not unreasonable on a graduate wage - especially once you get going in your career), and yes, I had to live without the things the boomers never had (an iPhone, Sky, that sun seeking Spanish holiday, etc). So actually, by living in a manner that the boomers did, I actually got the things they did. Doesn't seem like rocket science. And, just like my parents, as I get older, things get easier. My pay goes up a little each year, I overpay my mortgage a bit, I find new ways to earn money. Small increases in income make a big difference to my disposable income and therefore the extras that I can splash out on. I had this conversation with my 22 year old cousin recently. She is in the second or so year of her job and living with mum and dad, moaning about the prospect of never owning a house. Yet she has a car (commutes to work on the train!), an iPhone (£700+ contract?), goes to gigs/festivals (£100+ a time?), goes out drinking (£30?) most weekends, etc, etc, etc. She'll hit 30, no chance of buying a house, no pension, nothing. But hey - at least she had fun for 10 years! Just don't be complaining that I had it easy because I did none of the things you did at that age!! Seriously, someone in that position, cant save a couple of grand a year for five years to get a 20k+ deposit together?? That's a choice. But it's easier to play the victim in today's society. "It wasn't my fault". "I didn't have a chance" . I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Life was never easy, the vast majority never had access to a tiny percentage of the things we have now. The trouble is, we can't afford this "comfy" lifestyle and a house - perhaps *shock* we have to make a choice. I just wonder if each generation is actually just getting softer - they seem to want more for less effort. This, to me, seems like the problem. Note - I am not talking about everyone - my experience relates to educated grads etc who really have had opportunity and choices, yet (imo) wasted those choices. I can't comment on those that didn't have opportunity although I suspect that the quality and access to education has actually improved. You don't have to go back far to see generations that were written off before comprehensive education came along - which prob would have included me. Soz, rant of the day over, best get some lunch in the remainder of my break!
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