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  1. TTRTR, I agree with you that if a 3% increase were the case, leverage and exit costs would mean that you are better holding than selling. However the trouble is that a potential upside of 3% is not enough to tempt someone to buy, when one considers the potential downside risks, and the extra risks leverage brings.
  2. The fact that I'm called "TellinStories" doesn't mean I actually do "tell stories", in the same way that you being called "Time To Raise The Rents" doesn't mean that you are able to "raise the rents"!
  3. TTRTR you forget that the rest of us don't post under 3 different names to make it seem like there are more of us than there really are.
  4. Wow, you really are getting desperate TTRTR. What's started this off? Is there are problem?
  5. When you make something up, you should at leat try and make it believable :-)
  6. No offence mate, but you're moving into JFK conspiracy theory territory here. Are you suggesting that Labour purposefully caused the worldwide dot.com bubble and crash that precipitated the move to property? The City hasn't ripped off working people for generations - it wasn't til the 80s that working people ever even thought about share ownsership. Furthermore, unless "working people" own more than one property increased property prices do them no good at all.
  7. Yeah, we really want to be on the "scared that I'll soon lose everything, so determined to troll" side of the fence with ya TTRTR!
  8. LOL! Talk about market segmentation! Well, luckily I don't live in London, nor in a one bed flat - that's if you can believe the vested interest tripe anyway. In fact a house four doors down from me, owned by the same landlord as mine has just come on the market. The property is EXACTLY the same as mine and is on for exactly the same as ours, more than six months after we saw ours. So rents are static here, falling in real terms. I put it down to the vast amounts of "city centre apartments" flying up all over the city, all purchased by BTL and all competing with each other to depress ren
  9. 6.4% ... 64%... whatever, it doesn't matter when it halves in value ;-)
  10. The question was what do you think of the BoE net lending figures being disaterously low? You asked for evidence that a crash is likely and there it is. As for it signifying a "slow market" - no, I haven't heard a single person suggesting that's what it will signify. I've heard lots suggest it will signify a crash though.
  11. By the way TTRTR you didn't answer my question r.e. the BoE net lending figures.
  12. Rubbish and you know it. It all depends on whether HPI is positive or negative.
  13. a) Does that mean "please don't point me to anything that could contradict my idea"? That it could be "a big tax handout to the rich" is not the same as it having the potential to prop up the market; the two are not mutually exclusive. c) Altmann may be an advisor to Labour, but that is not the same as being a spokesperson for them, or a member of the party. She may not even agree with the idea, or maybe she does and wants to promote it. Who knows? The point is that there are all sorts of reasons why she may have said it. My point of view: Labour will get in. Then it could go two wa
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