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  1. The market is not exponential, but there ae new products coming out each year that are a bit more vital to have than the latest i-pod or plasma TV. When a drug company brings out an improved drug it will add years to a life or improve life considerably. I agree that the NHS is very cost driven, and that it makes a lot of noise about drug budgets, but as I said earlier, the actual amounts it spends on drugs is tiny compared to salaries etc. Drugs are incredibly good value for what you get. But even if the NHS stopped spending money on new drugs, the pharma industry would still be OK because people will always find money for drugs if they have a real proven benefit, they'll just start spending their own money instead, or insurance money.
  2. Pharma sales is very different. I've worked in other areas and I know how sensitive they are to economic movement, but much less so in this area. Likewise when times are good you don't really make that much more. Also in pharma sales direct marketing is quite limited..the man on the ground is everything.
  3. That's the most reassuring thing I've heard on this topic!! If our government is focused on maintaining HPI, then we are guarenteed a crash, they are biggest bunch of incompetent arseholes this country has ever had in power.
  4. Thanks for the replies. It was just a question I was pondering recently. Still looks like a lot of jobs will go to India though, just not the big fish.
  5. This isn't off topic as the City has been the driver of our recent mini-boom in London and since the service sector now accounts for 70% of our economy it is highly relevant to house prices. This is the question I want to ask all the trader types who frequent this forum: Loads of back room jobs and telesales jobs are going East, what is there to stop trading floor jobs being outsourced too? With the web why do you need a broker in London at all, you can trade on any exchange from anywhere in the world. How much of what happens in the square mile and the Wharf could just as easily be done in Mumbai by someone who thinks a 10k bonus is like winning the lottery rather than beer money? If some of the big investment banks woke up to this our economy could really be buggered as we have nothing else propping it up.
  6. I posted this as a devil's advocate type thing as I see it as the only block to an HPC. I kind of agree with you, except during the seventies we had massive immigration and that didn't stop inflation going out of control. We did have the unions then however, and now we don't, so there is nothing to keep wages froma ctually going down if redundancies increase.
  7. You missed my point, computing isn't customer facing. It is true that the NHS is falling apart, and if our economy becomes as sick as those in Africa, then there will be no money to spend on drugs. If that's the case I will go to another part of the world where white anglo-saxon males with excellent sales experience and greater knowledge of six different disease areas than most doctors have, will find work. Otherwise I'll just have to get a job in MacDonalds like everyone else...big deal, as long as I can buy a bit of food and pay for a roof over my head I don't really care.
  8. Doctors nurses accountants etc are rarely the ones who save lives (unless they work in ER), it's the drugs. The proportion of NHS money actually spent on drugs in miniscule compared to Dr salaries, but it is the one part you can actually guarentee will make a difference to a disease. The spending on drugs has never gone down, and it never will. It may have to transfer to the private sector, but if there's a drug that can improve or save your life you will pay for it. Mars bars, 4X4s, Plasma Tvs, meals at the Ivy, holidays, insurance...these are things people stop spending money on in recessions, but if you know there's a drug that will save your eye sight, or preserve your mind or give an extra ten years of life then you will pay for it, even if the government won't. Britain is brilliant at research. Manufacturing etc is going overseas, but for the moment we are still way head of most other countries when it comes to inventing new medicines. That will change as less and less students go into sciences, opting for media studies etc instead, but that won't stop us using drugs made in other countries, and you'll still need sales people to give the Drs the information (believe me, they don't go finding out for themselves, the drug rep. is their only source of information most of the time).
  9. Try making a drug that cures HIV in your kitchen. Maybe you should chose a more appropriate analogy. In the last recession there were no redundancies in my company in sales (head office was different). There isn't a single Eastern European in my entire sales force (and it's huge). In sales you hire people who the buyers will identify with. In places like Bradford companies hire Asians, in South London etc Black people, the rest of the country tends to be white, I have yet to see the NHS overun with Poles at prescriber level. If that happens you may be right, otherwise shut up when you don't don't know wtf you're talking about.
  10. I am a bear, and I think our economy is completely screwed for the same reason as everyone else on this board, but I'm starting to think that an HPC is not going to happen as the government and powers that be would much rather allow hyperinflation than a housing a crash. Inflation they can blame on global factors such as oil, but an HPC is politically disastrous. If they raise interest rates and cause an HPC they will be crucified by the press and the people in debt for causing the crash, so they will continue to manipulate the stats and keep IRs low, and HPI high. This is effectively what happened in the 70s and what I believe will happen now. The only solution I have is to immigrate so you can forget all about this pathetic country and the growing problems that our government are creating for our future.
  11. I'm in pharmaceutical sales. If any industry is recession proof, I'm in it. People get sick, they need medicine, the government pays, or the people pay, one way or another the medicine gets sold and I get paid. My job will never go to a Polish immigrant and can never be outsourced.
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